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  2. For starters, for all his faults he is my father and I love him very much. He has supported, encouraged, backed me up and been a solid rock for me in some bad times. Why I want to help him is not the question here.
  3. Also until a doctor or therapist turns out to be good, there’s not anything positive to cooperate with—and kaiser already has a bad track record it seems with your son
  4. Testing has been going well. Since the kids are all older now, I don't have to do very much reading out loud this year. Hooray! (I will have to read for the listening tests, of course, but not much else.)
  5. If he will just go with you, he could perhaps sit and sulk while you and the ?psychiatrist? talk. Your Ds barely needs to cooperate to have meds re-evaluated. If he won’t even go, I’d put him in school for care safety and go alone, but maybe he’d go as preferable to school. Then if he goes, and is minimal cooperative, after maybe you could go together to something bribe worthy, Ice cream, meal out...
  6. Ooh, yes- linguistic puzzles. Thank you RootAnn for reminding me. We used these sites: International Linguistics Olympiad: and also this one: My daughter didn't take part in any exams, but she really enjoyed doing the linguistics puzzles.
  7. When can the anxiety therapist see him or at least talk on phone?
  8. I'm so sorry. I don't expect him to change his mind. this has been his sop since he was two. he has rarely cooperated about anything. (and usually with bribes, threats, and cajoling.)
  9. We use ours more for the humidity. We have no basement and have tile floors, so the floor can get wet in the summer. It's gross. And dehumidifiers add heat to the house, so we run A/C off and on all summer, only on humid days and nights. I can deal much better being hot and dry than I can warm and wet. Ugh.
  10. This is my opinion so don’t yell at me. Based on my two and DH’s most recent experiences with PT. I am not impressed with PT beyond a few weeks if they impress me that much. If I were you, I would consider trying the gym now. You know your limits and don’t be afraid to speak up. If you can and want to- look around at trainers who are retired from the PT field. These have been more helpful to us than the regular PT.
  11. I'm so sorry. depression is definitely genetic in my family too. throughout much of my childhood - my older sister threatened to OD, and the police would be called on her. my father OD'd when I was 12. I had my own suicidal thoughts for a few years as an adolescent. only I felt like no one cared, and I really didn't tell anyone anything. I think my mom was very overwhelmed and out of her league. he's mad I told his spec ed teacher, as the district requires a safety check by a qualified provider to have them back in school. (he'd be thrilled to not be allowed back.)
  12. Have you tried Intuniv. It has been very helpful to my child with PDDNOS and ADHD.
  13. How quick is feedback/ turn around on assignments. I've had two IRL friends not like DO for these reasons.
  14. Slache, you do realize that almost nothing at Taco Bell is gluten free? I won't eat there.
  15. My sophomore's scores were disappointing, especially in math. He usually works slowly, so I knew the pace of this test would be a problem for him. I'm glad I had him take it this year because we still have time to study and practice and try to get his scores up. He really wants to go to a military academy (at least they superscore!) and college will be out of reach without some merit aid. The past few weeks have been filled with multiple disappointments and I was hoping for a composite that was several points higher.
  16. Keto lemon poppyseed cake? Y’know you don’t post something like that without a link to the recipe. I’ll wait for it. 😁
  17. For dysgraphia services I showed samples from the past several years, including the teacher comments on the seatwork that indicated that the writing was not legible. Every member of the current team claimed writing was fine at the meeting, but that's not what was on the seatwork (ha ha, I didn't bring that point out). Also showed state ELA test scores and commented that they had declined each year on the writing portion for the past four years, while the reading level was still well above grade level and the student complained that he didn't have enough time to finish the last year. I showed notes copied from the board for past two years, none of which were complete as the kid ran out of time. The OT agreed to measure writing speed vs legibility, and decided kid was 'low normal'...and there was no teacher that allowed enough time for a person with 'low normal' handwriting speed to copy everything legibly from the we compromised. In return for not pressing for an IEP/504 accomodations were offered and I declined the remediation and did it myself. I declined because the school had retired all the teachers who knew how to remediate, so hey, easier for me to remediate. Remediation is just penmanship lessons.....this is very much dysteachia, but for us it was combined with vision...bifocals and no penmanship instruction after grade one dont result in fluent handwriting. Accomodations accepted: alphasmart clone, extra time on seatwork/tests/quizzes, scrap paper for math, oral quiz/portions of tests. Kid already had been taught to keyboard, spelling had been remediated, and kid was doing his homework on PC whenever possible. Use wide rule paper and the pen/pencil that works for the grip ... but do pick ones that are allowed on state exams if possible and your state hasn't moved to all computer testing.
  18. Good guacamole. French fries with ketchup or sour cream. Chocolate cake, the good homemade kind with chocolate frosting.
  19. Oh, and they can use the same thing. That's fine. I just think they're different learners with slightly different needs. But if the same thing is right, that's fine.
  20. So, this is funny. Then I went and looked at Unlock... and I'm still thinking of yet another one. Drat. I don't know why I'm nervous about DO... but for BalletBoy, I think he'd actually do better with an online option. He really needs the immediate feedback. I think it stresses Mushroom out so DO might be perfect. But then again, maybe he could use it. I don't know.
  21. Ok, I'm laughing here. Did you see my other thread on being out of breath? Yes, you did because you're the reason I got b12 testing! Well I'm waiting for the results, tick tock. But yeah, that's why I didn't buy it was something simple like saying I'm fat or out of shape. I'm working out enough that I should not sound like that. At least what I'm doing now with the VCD breathing is WORKING. Doing the VCD breathing, I was able to do the 2 miles with one brief break. I wouldn't have *had* to take that, but I did just as a point of caution. When I finished I was not panting but was on the edge. So the VCD breathing controlled it. Also that's with a b12 tablet in my system (I went ahead and started). I also started the PowerBreathe device, which strengthens inspiratory muscles and has some evidence for improving exercise-induced vocal cord dysfunction. So I'm going to get a bunch of variables at this point and make it hard to sort out, lol. The MIX seems to be working, as my recovery is better, fatigue better, and breathing status overall better. My oxygen and peak flow were always fine. So basically the question has just been what I'm fixing if it's working and whether I'm missing something dreadful. I spent a lot of time yesterday at the gym trying to feel my heart between sets. I really don't think I'm having pain. That's a good sign. And although we know I have interoception issues, I'm just saying I don't *think* I'm having heart pain. I'm really weepy with the b12. I'm concerned either I don't need it or the dose is too high or I'm destabilizing something else. Tick tock on the labs so I can actually have data, mercy. The PowerBreathe device is interesting. It makes my lungs feel very open, like I can really get a breath, and I like it. I'm now up to level 2 on the medium resistance device. I'm going at it in 3X40. They recommend 2X30 (a set of 30 twice a day), but I'm like hey, let's just go for this, lol. So far so good. It doesn't seem to exaccerabate anything or make anything worse. I'm a *little* sort of woozy/funky/lightheaded, but only a little. It passes in like 2 seconds and I don't have to sit down or alter activity. The first day or so I did, but not after that. And that has kind of surprised me, because I thought the PowerBreathe might somehow make it worse.
  22. Okay you have two separate things. One is — services. This means OT I think. This can mean handwriting help, OT exercises, help with typing, and help (or advice/suggestions) for accommodations. Two is — accommodations. This is things like special paper, less writing, oral answers, scribing. You have several things to think about. One, scores. Will you have private OT scores? Can you request an OT eval through school? Two, problems you are aware of from home. Is your child stressed or frustrated. Are you providing massive help at home. Is your child having trouble with assignments. Three, problems the teacher is seeing at school. Do you have any idea if the teacher has been seeing problems? Unfortunately teachers who don’t know as much about things will notice less, because they won’t be thinking “oh this could be because of this.” They will think it more when they have had previous experience with students. I think try to read about qualifying conditions for an IEP. Dysgraphia isn’t listed by name, I don’t know if that means it is an “OHI” or a “SLD.” Can you call the person who gave you the diagnosis and ask this? You can look at a book about IEPs from the library, there will be a section about qualifying for an IEP. However — depending on various things — you may be looking for accommodations more than services. I think this will depend on what OT testing shows.
  23. I hit my step goal before lunch today. I'm only halfway through my to-do list for today. Thank goodness I don't need to walk much tomorrow.
  24. Call the broker. The real estate agent typically works under a broker’s license (unless the agent is also the broker for her own real estate firm). Basically it’s like going up the chain of command We have had to do that on two different occasions. One resulted in the dissolution of the listing agreement. Look carefully at your agreement, it’s possible that the terms of your contract have not been met in some way that gives you some leverage when stating your grievance. You might also want to have your husband get a little stern with the builder. Like really pepper him with questions and demand some firm dates from him, go up his company chain of command if there is one. I know you are a capable person, but I believe that construction is still a man’s world and they ridiculously don’t take always take women seriously - maddening but true, methinks.
  25. That’s true, and certainly having been adopted from China at age 2 brings RAD to mind. However, it isn’t clearly diagnostic that the child acts out more with parents. I think the evaluation is in part to determine if there’s something else (or several) other than RAD. Or in addition. There was an interesting This American Life program about a RAD boy , now grown and with more perspective, who thought mistakenly that the adopting parents were the same parents who had left him in the terrible orphanage.
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