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  2. I would still say something. Especially if the chosen name for my new grandchild rhymed with Poop and I could think of a lot of future unpleasant nicknames the poor kid might have to deal with. 😉 And I was fine when a family member disagreed with my decision to homeschool. I had always respected his opinion on other things and I knew his heart was in the right place, so I had no problem talking it out with him. He wasn’t being a jerk about it; he just had some concerns. The truth was, a few of his concerns were valid and I hadn’t considered them before we talked, so taking the time to listen to my family member ended up being a real benefit to me.
  3. Honestly, I genuinely don't understand how not voicing an option isn't the same as pretending the opinion doesn't exist. I suppose maybe it's kind of like how some families have to make some topics like politics and religion off limits at the Thanksgiving table?
  4. Juliet just jumped up on the counter at Mud Bay Pet Store. Probably 3 1/2 feet high counter. She wanted a treat.
  5. Oh my mom hated the name we chose for DD10. Hated it. And I don't care that she did. We obviously used it anyway. It's over and done with, no grudges, and it's not relevant to anyone today.
  6. I found a long, thin worm slithering out of a fish fillet once. I FREAKED out. A quick google search taught me they are very normal, but that marked the end of my fresh fish preparing days. I’ll take frozen and just not know they’re there, thanks. 🤮
  7. I was wondering why it had flooded out there so bad lately. I lived up that way years ago and it never flooded like I see now, except right at old Hamblin Rd iirc. Now it seems like it’s happening to y’all all the time. New Caney was the sticks back then though. I hadn’t realized it had developed. Hope your house is okay.
  8. Why? It might seem this way if you are accustomed to family expressing an opinion on all of your decisions, but I promise you no pretending is needed. My brother leases a car when I think it's really stupid for him to do so - I don't need to pretend I approve, I simply don't need to comment on it! I can say "wow, nice!" without adding "but I disagree with leasing it" and no pretending is needed. People don't have to say everything that comes into their head, that's why we have thoughts. And why would my brother care if I disagreed? I'm not paying for the car!
  9. I don't think it's pretending so much as recognizing it's not their business or doesn't need comment. I think reading these posts, the best example I could think of is when a grandparent hears what their adult children are going to name their grandkid. They don't have to like it, but they shouldn't be on record as not liking the name. It's a decision the adults get to make and you don't want this history of not liking your grandkid's name out there. Similarly with other big decisions. The relatives that expressed disapproval about us homeschooling? Well, unless they've recanted and expressed different thoughts, I'm not going to share with them about homeschooling and what we're doing. I know in the back of my mind who thinks we're doing it wrong with our kids, so it impacts the relationship. I don't need them to pretend to like it, but their disapproval doesn't need to be expressed about decisions they have no real input on.
  10. If my son ever came home with a tattoo and I didn’t make a disapproving comment about it, he would assume that his real mother had been kidnapped by aliens and replaced with a much nicer exact replica! 😉
  11. 🤣 Every time we go swimming my dad points to one of my tattoos, jokingly growls a bit and says "tat-toos are BAD, m'kay!"
  12. 19 and still under the family umbrella, yeah? I do think that's different than young adults who live away from home. I'd certainly not say that I never give my college kids advice, but I do try to ask if it's wanted first, lol. I try not to ask all the time, because they need space to make their own decisions (and because they can always ask for advice if they want it). And I definitely try to not make a point of disagreeing or disapproving of a decision that's already been made. I mean, that tattoo ain't going anywhere anyway 😂
  13. When you get a moment, I'd like an invite too. My two eldest are 22 and 20.
  14. Interesting. Neither of my doctors (GP nor DO) have mentioned X rays. Is that something I should ask for? It sounds like they might be more reliable than just testing?
  15. I'm not so good at chore habits. I do ask kid/s to do chores with me so they get done with companionship so we don't dread it so much. I'm better at interpersonal habits. I do try to tell each family member daily something I enjoyed with them or just that I enjoyed my time with them that day. I apologize when I mess up.
  16. I don't see it as a much different approach than Rosetta Stone, Lingua Latina or Cambridge, where the grammar is mostly integrated with some small lessons on the side to break it down. And I do mean small. There's a different end goal than say, First Form Latin, where grammar is a highlighted component of the program. For the others, fluency and understanding in context is the main goal. I don't use Duolingo as a main program for any language, but I'm not sure I would say it is entirely ineffective in its own goals. It's just a lot more work for my own kids that way. If I was doing it for myself it would be a different story. I've studied enough in the way of languages that the grammar is mostly automatic in my own studies. I can figure it out a whole lot easier and find the patterns a whole lot quicker than a 9yo can.
  17. My kids *did* struggle with learning to read, and teaching them to read (and spell, and read/write/spell cursive) has been very rewarding, in part *because* of how hard we all had to work. It's been hard and sometimes frustrating, but never boring. Teaching them to read and write has been a very creative act. Ha, it took so. much. work. just to get my kids to where they *could* successfully sound out CVC words that I was too darn thrilled they *were* sounding things out to get bored with it, lol. ~*~ Math's the easiest, most consistent thing I teach. If all else fails, we at least get math done. And I enjoy it. But teaching the kids how to read (and write) is in some way the most rewarding, because it was so hard and required so much of all of us - I'm darn proud of our success there.
  18. Thank you! So much good info. I’ll see if I can get the search to work for me. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  19. To be clear she was coming before my first post. I have no idea what happened to her.
  20. These were one of my first thoughts! Lingering among pastries for a moment, if I could, I'd bribe someone to bring me Eccles cakes. Lovely puff pastry and currents, and completely unavailable on this side of the Atlantic. Look in a bakery/confectioners shop, not in a grocery store. Bounty bars, like Mounds, or Cadbury Fruit and Nut were my favorites. Yes! I'm hungry now. 😋
  21. I know you are trying to say they don't have to pretend.....but it still sound like you want your loved ones to pretend.
  22. I've been trying to keep my mouth shut on this but how in the world is Duolingo going to effectively teach Latin? Latin is not a spoken language and Duolingo is all based upon the spoken language. I love Duolingo. Have one kid doing French and one kid doing Spanish with is but the purpose of studying Latin is to learn the discipline of the grammar and the vocabulary. Ok, I can see Duolingo succeeding at the vocabulary but the grammar? Anyone else have doubts about this approach? I probably should get on and play with it before I judge it . . .
  23. No, they do not at all have to pretend they approve. It's not their place to approve or disapprove. Do I ask for opinions sometimes? Sure. But when I informed family that we would be homeschooling, I wasn't seeking opinions and would not have been happy for someone to say they disapproved. Likewise for other decisions such as how I spend my money, whether I go to church or not, and how I deal with my marriage. Unsolicited opinions are not desired.
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