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  2. Yes, whatever was WORKING continue doing. By calculating, you mean fact speed? Yeah, it's a pit. I'm doing Tang Math right now with ds. I'm not saying it's better or worse or effective for computation, but at least it's kind of fun and makes them think. So we do the Tang Math pages just as kind of a warm-up in addition to the word problem workbook and the conceptual instruction. This is also an age where you can (shhh) keep a calculator around. If her working memory drops and her processing speed bogs down, then sometimes using a calculator is a better way to get to the other side. Just depends on what the point is of what you're doing.
  3. What is the medication? It is likely an anti inflammatory that won't dope him up, and won't hurt to give. And yes, older dogs can take 24-48 hours to fully get rid of the effects of anesthesia. Eating helps.
  4. My very old laptop is sluggish on windows 10. My kids not so old laptops were upgraded to windows 10 when it came out and didn’t have issues. Their new laptops have windows 10 preloaded. Updates do take quite a bit of time and DS13 doesn’t like waiting for updates to be done when he is in the middle of homework. So now he runs updates when he finish his work and is going to play to minimize chances that updates occur when he is doing work.
  5. That's what you get for naming him cat. He has double catness.
  6. Hi, Heather! Welcome back. This was the last day for standardized testing, and Kitty had Had It with our conduct. At 8:30 she demanded to be read to. "But we do the bubble test thing at the school table." No, it's time to Read to Your Kitty, so you sit on the couch like Good Peoples who have had some Proper Training. So I sat in my assigned seat on the couch and picked up a book. She reminded us that DS also has an assigned seat. He joined me, and I read her a passage about genetics and cat breeding. Then we were allowed to go to the school table. #welltrainedpeople We finished the standardized test and mailed it back (along with the please-let-me-out-of-jury-duty letter) and hit the library and now I need to clean the house because company is coming, but hi, internet friends. Also DH texted me to say now he has to work next week. I.e., I get to entertain his parents (and DS, with no school to keep him busy) by myself. Fun times.
  7. Bionicles.. oh the Bionicles... we have the movies on our media server...the song is on my spotify account... my DOG is named after a Bionicle.
  8. Back to the curriculum...🤣 Should I do what I was doing that was working before she started school? I am a little concerned about the calculating, but maybe I can just add in more practice. I don't mind switching, but I don't think she needs something like Ronit at this point. I'm most likely over thinking everything. That's my go-to.
  9. I know we're all on a budget, so I thought this might help others out too! You can receive $25 off your first order of $100 at veritas press. Just make an account here: it should be added to your first order. If you've been considering purchasing something from their bookstore or an online class, this is a good opportunity to save a little.
  10. When I have moments like this, I go to the gym and get an 18 pound ball and do some slam balls. Keep doing them, thinking about this person, till it's all out.
  11. Neko is being a buttcat. He wouldn't eat his freeze-dried chicken because it was a different (cheaper) brand. So I gave it to Juliet. But then he wouldn't let Juliet eat her food. . .
  12. I had a doctor's appointment this morning and wasn't awake enough to post.
  13. Oh dear! Can he practice in a safer place? We have converted rails to trails paths that aren't near roads. That's where we take ds, so he's only in a field or bit of brush if something happens, not in a road. And yeah, he improves with practice. Helmets, definitely. I ride a recumbent. I used to ride a regular bike as a kid, but now I just end the wobble thing for good and use my recumbent.
  14. I almost forgot... Good Morning! Happy Thursday!
  15. There were things I like that are my cousins. I just let my cousins know so that I get first dibs if they want to sell or gift them away. If my kids wanted to sell their stuff which I want to keep, I could offer to buy the stuff off my kids. None of their stuff are collectors items so the likelihood of someone offering a high price is low.
  16. The psych only did the IQ test, everything else, including the diagnosing was done by the SLP. I guess I'm being a baby about it not being "official" and on the report, and I probably need to just get over it and move on. I was looking at Barton, I think she would go through it quickly too.
  17. So now a total curiosity point. Has op tried typing to see what happens? I've got two kids now who've struggled to learn. It's a stinkin low point when you realize the writing is chicken scratch AND the typing isn't going well. Now we have dictation for all, haha, but my ds I'm not sure would be quite intelligible to dictation software. We'll see. I want to get him more speech therapy when our SLP, who is under a non-compete, is available again, sigh. Until then I have zero, nothing. I could drive close to 3 hours for someone unqualified. It's still an issue, yes. Sigh. Foo. At least I don't have a bad attitude about that. I'm pro driving for speech therapy, because it kinda unlocks the world. But apparently I have a bad attitude about driving for OT, lol.
  18. Considering that you know these people well and like them, maybe this is the sort of thing that's worth a heart-to-heart phone call before the visit. "I've been thinking about this penny thing you're doing, and it really makes me uncomfortable. Here are some verses that I think directly contradict this sort of party trick, and here is some physics explaining why it really happens. I would really prefer you not show this around my kids, because I feel the need to be entirely honest with my kids about it and the physical reasons it occurs, and I don't want to offend you or your kids in the meantime."
  19. We met on a bus and he was completely drugged out. His friend thought I was annoying (I wonder why) and intentionally got us separated. Two weeks later he showed up outside my door clean but I wouldn't date him until he stopped smoking. After he gave up drugs and cigarettes for me I had to marry him. I didn't really have a choice.
  20. Fwiw, the dyslexia school near us has the most positive view of disability and tech I've ever seen. They're so chilled. Kinda fits with Prairiemom's comments. It's hard because we both want to do what can be done and need to chill and take a deep breath and accept and use tech at the same time. And it's hard because then I have to stop and evaluate whether my bad attitude is a sign that something needs to change or whether I need to suck it up. Sometimes I ask my professionals (behaviorist, etc.) who know the situation to help sort that out and sometimes I just say you know, listen to your gut, mental health trumps. And sometimes I make mistakes on that, sigh. Hmm. It's sorta like that and sorta not. Probably just varies with the kid. Your kid is a little more interesting, so she takes a little more effort to sort out. Some presentations are more direct. I would tend not to quibble over the label. If the psych used the label, the label sticks. What matters is the intervention, and it's pretty clear from those scores (and what I assume you're seeing that drove you to evals) that your dd cannot perform at the level she needs to do to what she's trying to do. So REALITY has to trump your SLP's spelling tests and fluency tests, kwim? The psych was taking into consideration the larger situation, including probably the level of intervention you had already done. I paid $$$ per level and did Barton with my ds, even though he blew through how many levels in a year, because I wanted to get that off the table as the issue. I don't see a reason NOT to do proper intervention. She'll probably progress nicely and then you'll see what's left. It's only good.
  21. Typing is amazing here. My 8th grader just went out with friends yesterday and his bike-riding was not as good as his friends, when I picked him up his friend commented to me that it took them much longer than it should have and that my son was swerving more than he should (they rode on a wide shoulder along a road). This is the first time in a while there has been something like this, but it used to be all the time. I don’t know what a next step is for us, if this is a problem because I don’t know if he will get invited again for bike riding, or not a big deal if he does other things instead with the same kids. Probably our next step is see what he wants to do (if he wants to try to practice more) and be glad it isn’t a huge obstacle in his life.
  22. Could be allergies, but I don’t usually have that as an issue. I’m just tired and feel like I might puke if I am not not very careful.
  23. I just stuck pennies to every wall I tried...I didn't pray so I guess you can all try sticking things to walls in the name of happi duck because apparently I have coin sticking power all on my own. We attended a church sort of like this some years ago. It was a terrible experience.
  24. I have larygneal and esophageal spasms. Very painful. Can't swallow water even. It has gotten almost all better once I was taken off of gluten (after having the ttg tests).
  25. I do remember the first time I met dh. I wasn't super impressed. It was only later after we were assigned to be Greek Study Buddies that I started to get interested. Then he asked me to walk his golden retriever because he didn't have time but then he kept coming on our walks. . .
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