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  2. I can't tell what happened exactly from your OP. It sounds like maybe your insurance will cover a certain amount of time in therapy, and they reached that time limit? Is there a way for you to pay out of pocket for whatever time it would take to finish the test? It would be frustrating to have a test started but then have a therapist refuse to finish it. That seems odd to me, and I wonder if you can call back and talk to a manager. The therapist may have felt uncomfortable answering your questions, if she did not really know how to explain things to you. The CASL does not test processing speed.
  3. I can cope with a lot, but the no ac thing sends me over the edge. Hugs to you!
  4. DawnM

    Is this weird?

    🙄🤣🙄 Oh yes, the "experts" on Aspies.....and, each Aspie is quite different. I had someone who does have an Aspie child tell me something this weekend and it doesn't apply to my child AT ALL....but it does to hers. Sigh. Yup, true.
  5. That stinks! The air conditioning issue alone would make me miserable.
  6. I know how it goes sometimes, that feeling of "I just have to get through today and it's started out a little iffy and there are still 12 hours left in the day for difficult and/or draining things to happen." Living with your son's girlfriend's anxiety and your DH's anxiety at the same time must be hard. That's a lot of high-stress emotion coming at you all the time, and having two adults to care for/tend to emotionally in addition to your job and your house and all of the rest of it sounds like a lot of mental work. If I were you, and this might not work for you at all because I'm not you, I would want someone to tell me to go take one afternoon or morning for myself, to not deal with anyone's anything, and have a healthy but tasty lunch and read a book in someplace that is air conditioned. I would want someone to say, don't worry about the money (assuming you have it), even if it is a bit of a stretch of the budget, because as you are the quasi-caretaker of many people right now who normally would be able to take care of themselves, you need to take care of yourself a bit just in order to stay functional in your service to others. Probably I'd want someone to say that to me because right now in my life I have what feels like a dozen toddlers running around and screeching and making messes and eating constantly and I could really use an afternoon off. Really they are 1, 2, 4 6, 7, 11, and 14, and there are only 7 of them, and they don't all screech at once, but it sure feels like a dozen toddlers today.
  7. I'm dealing with mine right now. (the person that "tells" people what to do. never "asks". I've seen her lay guilt trips to get people to comply with her wishes.) dh knew this was coming - but I got the phone call today "can you share your drivers with ___" for a 12 HOUR *one way* drive? there and back... actually - we can't. really. I had the joy of shutting that one down. for starters - we don't have as many drivers as she assumes. I've got a struggling aspie in my car. oh, but she's read a book on aspergers (she's never parented, or grandparented, an aspie), and thinks she knows about it. she really doesn't. rant off. THAT says A. LOT! boundaries.
  8. What? I did not know Story of the World 3 and 4 is being revised? When will this happen?
  9. In NY, 'concurrent enrollment' is the official NYSED term for a high school student taking a college course for both high school and college credit. "dual enrollment" is used for a high school student at private high school who also takes classes at public high school. A student who is doing all of 12th grade at the college is an 'early admit', while a part time student at the CC is known as wealthy..just kidding, but not a lot of high school students are part time at CCs due to lowest priority enrolling, no discounted tuition/fee, no financial aid, no transportation...simply easier to be an early admit or to grad high school in three. College credit earned while concurrently enrolled in high school is transferred in to the student's college per that college's transfer policy. In general, regional accreditation is needed. Each course is evaluated by the college to see that it meets the goals set by that college and is equivalent to the course offered by the college it is being transferred to. In some cases, the course won't be sufficient and won't be transferred. In some cases the course isn't needed, and one doesn't need to bother with the paperwork -- for ex College Algebra and Trig arent used to satisfy any requirements of certain majors.
  10. I can see the argument for this, and my ideal schooling situation would be good public schools in a stable society. It's just that I'm not sure we are ever getting back to that, and certainly we don't have it now in most (any?) places I've lived, so I've become pretty individualistic about it.
  11. Not sure how to distract you. Join the reading thread?
  12. I clicked on this thread expecting it to be about Settlers of Catan.
  13. Nothing urgent or critical, just feeling kind of worn down, physically and emotionally. I've been dealing with a variety of relatively minor health issues for a few years (thyroid stuff, insulin resistance, some kind of gluten intolerance, etc.). Most of them are under control with treatment, and I don't go around thinking about them much. I just take my meds, try to eat reasonably well and generally take care of myself and get on with my life. However, about 18 months ago, I became aware of a persistent tingling/numbness/itching in my feet and legs. which, despite a bunch of appointments and testing and increasing doses of medication, is still unexplained and causing me discomfort and sometimes pain. Yesterday, I did have an initial appointment with a new neurologist, who upped my meds and has ordered yet more testing. So, fingers crossed that we make progress on that soon. Meanwhile, though, I often can't find a comfortable position in which to sit or sleep. After I got the thyroid under control (by removing it), I lost about 30 of the 50 or so pounds I had gained in the previous couple of years. However, I've gained back about 10 pounds in the last eight months, despite making no changes in my diet or lifestyle. I had full labs done just in time for my annual endocrinologist appointment a few weeks ago, and all of my numbers are good. The doctor speculates that the weight gain is likely being caused by stress (cortisol). I'm doing my best to stay active and healthy. I walk a decent amount (average between 10,000 and 12,000 steps per day) and keep looking for ways to incorporate more exercise. I hurt my knee doing Zumba a couple of years ago and still have to be careful with anything too high impact. Even swimming is sometimes problematic. Lately, I've been very carefully trying yoga; I like it a lot, but last night's class seems to have taken a worse than usual toll on my joints. My knees, ankles, elbows and wrists are all seriously sore today. Again, none of it's a big deal compared to what some other folks are dealing with, but all combined, it's . . . demoralizing. My employment situation is not ideal. A couple of months ago, I left a job I had originally loved but that had become frustrating and constricting, leapt into a very different job I felt unsure about more or less from the moment I accepted the offer and which has, in fact, turned out to be not a good fit. I'm looking for other opportunities and have interviewed for a job I think might be great. Now I just have to wait and see, which is not something I'm good at doing. I'm submitting other applications and trying not to focus on this one thing, but, again, not my most highly developed skill. I don't even want to get into the whole ongoing estrangement between my kids, but it continues. My husband and son can't be in the same room for more than 10 minutes without tension. (My husband has been dealing with his own health stuff, including high blood pressure, depression and anxiety.) There are legitimate gripes on both sides, but I am at a loss as to how to mediate, and I am exhausted and stressed out being in the middle. My son's girlfriend moved in with us a month or so ago. I love her, and we all get along well. However, she is also being treated for anxiety and depression, is dealing with the emotional fallout of some issues with her relationship with her parents and has a long way to go towards being a functional adult. We had to take her to the ER last week because she was having severe pain in her left side and back and couldn't keep down anything, even water. She had never been treated in a hospital before, never had an IV, etc., and needed the full attention of both my son and myself to keep her calm enough to engage with the doctors and generally cope. It turned out she had a kidney stone. So, again, a minor issue in the grand scheme of things, but she has been really out of it and in need of a higher than usual level of TLC for several days. And yesterday, our A/C quit working. Again. Two or three months ago, when it conked out, our landlord made the decision -- against the advice of the repair guy -- to replace only part of the unit instead of the entire system. Since then, we've had to have the repair guy back three times to check on or adjust things. Today, he determined that replacing only part of the system has likely created a strain, which has caused a leak in the underground line(s). In the end, it's not our problem, in that the landlord will be responsible for the repairs, but that doesn't make it any less hot and uncomfortable or any less inconvenient to have the repair service here over and over. I just feel like cannot ever relax and be content and chill. I move through every day tired and physically uncomfortable and waiting for the next emotional punch. I'm sorry. This turned into more of a whine than anything else. But if anyone has suggestions for how to "put on my own oxygen mask," or fun things to do that might improve my outlook (or distract me long enough to give me space to breathe), I sure would appreciate them.
  14. Pen

    Is this weird?

    IMO Keep away from her.
  15. That's completely weird.
  16. If projects are an integral and productive part of your families homeschooling, then can you give me some insight on how you kept them evolving and productive as the years went by? What does the division of labor look like between you and a 6th-8th grade compared with the division of labor between you and 9th-10th grade, and finally you and your 11th/12th grader? What are some ways you support and scaffold your 6th/7th grader that pay off hugely by the time they're 11th/12th graders. How did you scaffold in support for them from Point A to Point B?
  17. Where do you purchase a Brock microscope? I looked on Amazon and I didn't see it.
  18. Oh, one thing that I forgot to mention. What I described about our requirements is for K-8 at our schools. Once you get to high school, it is a whole different ball game. They have different tracks, depending on whether you are heading to a UC school or not, and like any public school, their graduation requirements do vary. I don't know all the specifics about what they have to do, but I do know that it is more work and the teacher decides the grades -- not the parents. So, there is a drop off of people who find that high school is just too onerous and not worth it. You're not going to find a lot of high schoolers spending their time at Disneyland.
  19. saw these on the news the other day. I though they were a brilliant idea and so visible for emergency workers
  20. I used Road ID when my girls were small. I'm sure there are cheaper options but it worked at the time.
  21. It is life changing!! My longest streak has been six months without setting foot inside a grocery store. I cannot tell you how much money I have saved. Talk about no impulse purchases! I have finally caved this summer and gone in the store because I feared my kids would finally become the unsocialized homeschoolers everyone talks about, what without going to banks, grocery stores, or anything else that couldn't be done in a drive through or pick up slot!
  22. Just in case you are not aware -- All-Star Music value resort does have rooms that sleep six people, called family suites. We've stayed there in the past (we have six in our family). For this last trip, we did stay off site for the first time and saved thousands.
  23. Today
  24. The postponing relationships thing is interesting. Like, I feel like a number families I've known have outlawed any dating before age 18 and strongly discouraged it afterward. Like, on this board sometimes, people post that they don't like that their college age kids are in relationships and that they would like to discourage them. And, yeah, usually there's a reason (bad partner, bad situation, etc.) but often there's also an undercurrent of "college relationships are too young," or "college relationships will distract my kid from their very important goals," or even, "not while my young adult is under my roof!" Okay... but then we look at this and it's like, ooh, what's wrong with youth today? Why aren't they having relationships? Why are they waiting too long to start having kids? Why aren't they getting married? Um... some of this seems to me like it's parenting that's changing the timeline!
  25. That's downright nutty.
  26. We had to get up early every day to ride certain rides. Within an hour of opening, the wait would be 60-120 minutes, and it's impossible to get FastPasses for everything we wanted to do. So you can sleep in, but the cost is spending a lot more time in lines. The same is true for the Harry Potter lands at Universal, by the way. You can walk onto the rides without much wait when the park first opens, but those areas quickly become clogged with people and have long waits very quickly after opening. It's fine to sleep in, as along as you know you understand how the crowds work.
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