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  2. I don't take long showers and I've turned down our excellent water pressure to try to reduce the issue. The radiator is a towel warmer, so I have a warm towel. Drying the towels elsewhere sounds good. Because the room is so small, the shower stall has two curved walls to save space, but I can squeegee the others.
  3. This is our 15th winter here, and there are still some aspects I’d like to tighten up, but we’ve gotten better over time. I’m probably more lax than I should be in the warm months. I still keep a decent stockpile of all the things, but it hasn’t been to the same degree. Outside of winter, I focus more on evacuation plans, and there’s only so much we could take!
  4. I'd stick to 2 pages. 11 point. (Ok, I did a little bit at 10pt). Say less. 🙂
  5. We've had good luck with an IKEA spring mattress.
  6. So, my school profile is now 2 pages, using 12 pt font. And I still have more to write. Will 3 pages be too long? 4 pages? Should I consider a smaller font size?
  7. Thanks for the heads up that I can only upload one document. Will have DH merge the files for me.
  8. Thank you so much! You sent me yours before, and I have it open while working on mine. =)
  9. It's the latter kind and it's pretty much over the shower. The room is tiny though, just space for the toilet, basin and shower stall, no bathtub. It's already specialist bathroom paint. That's what I would like to do, but when I did that in the past, the amount of moisture during the actual shower wrecked the paintwork.
  10. I believe you because my kiddo rolled his eyes at me when he was about 18 months old. I was happily chatting at kiddo about I-dont-know-what. Then he sighed, rolled his eyes, and walked away. I looked at husband and said "Did that baby just roll his eyes at me?!" This is the same kiddo that told me I had "bad form" when I (deliberately) missed the putt when playing golf with him with his little toddler set. Geez.
  11. I assume those are his restrictions? Does the prison have any restrictions? I've heard some doozies, like fantasy books being rejected because they have (fantasy) maps in the front pages. I have some very strong Opinions on this subject that I won't bore you with.
  12. rinse, lather, repeat. . . . ie. same old, same old. still need to find those car keys need to start preparing for a board meeting on Saturday
  13. Today ds’ appointment with the pediatric orthopedic dr got compromised by the weather. We had a tornado watch this morning and stormy weather a chunk of the day. I canceled the dr appointment soon after the tornado siren went off. This dr only comes to Mississippi once a month so now we have to wait til November to see him. An acquaintance told me about the friends and family sale at her husband’s place of employment. He sells beds. We looked but the bed we looked at didn’t qualify for the 50% off price. It was 30%. They sell sleep number beds. Ds was most comfortable on setting 15 which is pretty soft. That’s confusing. Long story short, even with the no interest financing it is out of our budget. There were all these fees... mattress pad with protection coverage (if anything leaked onto the mattress you were covered because you had their pad), delivery fee ($200) and even an extra charge for the remote (you can operate the bed with a tablet or phone instead). Thirty percent off was still over $1000. Meanwhile my car wouldn’t start this week so I suspect battery or alternator. Dh thinks alternator because battery was already updated not that long ago. My friend that does VIPKID on the side of her FT job said classes are declining. Something about less need for teachers during certain time slots. I asked questions to a woman that subs here. She said if she was younger she might hold out but she’s over it and doesn’t plan to continue. It’s only $10/hr. If anyone is wondering, dd has had two checkups with the special OD and will return in Dec. She has to wear painted on binasal occlusions and then 3 hrs a day a “foil” adhesive that makes the strong eye less focused so the two eyes can focus together better. Her prescription was brought down and despite the eye turn (which seems worse) the dr said the vision is improving and her peripheral vision has improved (she had basically none before). I applied to jobs but Indeed said so did a million other people so I don’t have my hopes up. I still don’t feel like I know what kind of bed Ds needs. Or how we’ll pay for it.
  14. Unsinkable, you're so much fun when you drop Occam's razor down the loo, so you can feel accused enough to justify yourself in accusing other people of being monstrous, so you can turn yourself into a victim, I only regret I'm not the type to set you off deliberately.
  15. I *think* that Rosie was saying that people will be more uncomfortable with a mother letting a baby scream from hunger compared to feeding the baby. I understand how you could read it as the noise of a baby screaming vs. the noise of a baby being fed, and how you could take that personally, but I don't think that was what Rosie meant.
  16. I discovered I do have a hobby: being on here!! Yea me!
  17. @maize, I love your posts in this thread.
  18. On no I was saying I had noisy nursers in support of you , not to make you feel bad I am so sorry if I upset you . 😞
  19. Doing Time in the Garden (About prison horticulture...)
  20. Why not simplify and initially push entirely for homebound with a homebound visiting teacher, and a reduced course load? Or mostly homebound and working up to being in school on part of the happier schedule days as she’s able? She probably needs a 504. If it were me, I’d push to get a 504 meeting planned— presumably you have (or soon will have) a diagnosis of depression for her to work with.
  21. Oops, I answered your other question in a way you didn't intend I think. We actually weren't completely full pay so I can't answer where the cut off is. Our EFC was ONLY 20k-30k per year. ROTFL. I guess we are still needy. I think number of dependents and savings affects it also so it isn't as simple as just "income".
  22. I think you're taking posts too personally. No one is subversively or overtly directing replies to shame you. This is honestly sort of bizarre that you are accusing multiple people of this.
  23. My husband and I looked at moving to the South recently to a low cost of living area. We didn't, for one thing we have 6 aging parents and 2 handicapped brothers who will need help in the future among other reasons, but if we did we realized that if we had the exact same income as we do here and lived a similar lifestyle we could put 20% of our income towards a kid's education! We wouldn't be changing vehicles, housing size, entertainment, nothing just moving to a lower cost of living area. There just can't be a fair EFC with such variety in cost of living for one thing. Also, not just the number of kids but how spread out they are. Have 5 kids, one every 4 years and for 20 years you can contribute $0 to your retirement. 20 years is a long time to not contribute to retirement. I think we could pull it off if we lived in the lowest cost of living areas and kept our current EFC and income but anywhere else and it quickly becomes impossible.
  24. You guys have been having too much fun without me. I spent the day as follows: two olders get haircuts at Supercuts, come home and educate, one super long IEP meeting, then a slightly shorter one, numerous phone calls between meetings, drive to a Big City for appt, for little girls, drive home, run through McDonald’s drive through, eat my dinner in the car, drop off dinner for kids, run to bell choir play hard music, get home at almost 9;00, chase cats around to get them out of the house, now I am exhausted.
  25. But I bet $700k gets you 800sf. That’s what it gets you here, so you end up paying most of your income toward the mortgage and still live in squalor.
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