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  2. And this is one reason I wouldn't become a landlord. I have a child with a disability, so I get it to a degree. But landlords have made an investment that they should be allowed to protect.
  3. That school! I wish I could say I was shocked, but I can at least honestly say i'm outraged on your son's behalf.
  4. It is OK to feel sad, and OK to mourn for dreams that have had to be set aside. That grief is real and in no way diminishes or invalidates your love for the son you have. I go through bits of that mourning process sometimes when one of my children is having a particularly rough time or when dh's mental health is particularly bad. Mourning for the optimistic hope and dreams that haven't materialized. Sometimes matched with fear that things will never be better, that today's hard will always be the reality--or worse. I feel like the mourning and acknowledgment of loss can be healthy but that focusing on my fears is not--I have to find ways to hope even if the hopes are modified, and I have to celebrate every good thing that does come.
  5. Thank you both for your thoughts. This would be for my high schooler, in a year or two, perhaps. They were all from a free bin at a used book store, and all in good condition, so I do want to keep one. The reviews are not really helpful because so many are just about the condition of the book, how fast it was received, or about a kindle edition, and other, real reviews are mixed. I am hoping someone actually has a preferred text for intro statistics. If there is another, much better than these, I will keep looking. The Triola has the most recent copyright, but I know that sometimes older math texts have better instruction or problem sets.
  6. I'm not sure what type of geography curriculum you use. This past year I had my 6th grader type up notes (10 facts) about a country he read about for some of his writing assignments. We used Geography I from Memoria Press and Rod and Staff English 5 (which teaches note taking).
  7. I asked in another thread for advice on spending charter funds and this was recommended. After looking it over I think it could be a great fit. I’ve pretty much jumped back and forth between ES and RSO for DS science so far. DD is going into 1st and she will listen as much as she is interested when DS does science but she is not very interested. I’m not very Science minded myself so I really don’t want to do another science on a different topic with her. This looks like something I could get for her from the Focus on series on whatever topic DS is doing. Would this be a good fit for a 1st grader? Are all the Focus Books the same level of difficulty so it doesn’t matter which one I get? I don’t see any kits, are they available? If not, are the materials easy to find?
  8. I wouldn't differentiate by age so much as comfort level of everyone. Really, some families either have no choice or have no cultural problems with it. I shared a bedroom with two brothers for a significant period of time growing up. The household had 7 children, two parents, a grandfather, and a great-aunt all living in the same house. No one gave it a second thought. We changed clothes in the bathroom.
  9. 50% cleaning vinager, a 3/4 orange oil and fill the rest of the sprayer with water. My sprayer is a two gallon.
  10. This! I have a friend who does this locally as a teacher- gets state benefits & retirement (not teachers, but state workers since it’s a state correct final center). She actually works with adults, not juveniles though. It’s strictly a day job only since they can’t carry papers or supplies in/ out of the facility. So there is no grading or lesson planning at night. She loves it. Hours and vacation are great too.
  11. On his kindle google search I did find “can u win Nobel if xplled frum skol” and “Nobel winners homskol” so at least he’s got a plan. 😂
  12. We were very hopeful. We knew the teacher didn’t want him(maybe not personally, but she didn’t want a child of his age and level of needs) but were hoping it would be okay the last few weeks of the placement. Now I find out the SPED team at our school voiced many concerns over this placement but were over ridden by admin who wanted him out of a homebound placement. I am filing the paperwork to legally homeschool in NY. He’s a child who is lonely and I really felt he needs the structure of a classroom, plus with his needs and behaviors we aren’t welcome in our local homeschool groups. He does have a place in a highly regarded school for children with his needs come fall, but it’s under the same umbrella school as this class, so I am hesitant. We may give it a try; he may just be homeschooled long term. We’ll be okay either way. I am just missing the life I had planned. You know, the one where we’re celebrating his 9th birthday with friends and cake and balloons. Instead he’s playing with his new Pokémon cards by himself and can’t stand the Happy Birthday song or balloons because of his sensory issues. It’s my problem, not his, but I am letting myself feel sad.
  13. Hugs, I’m sorry it’s so hard. I’d be furious at the school, as I’m sure you are. There should’ve been a better crisis plan for him! I know you had high hopes for the new placement 😞 Abilify can be great for some kids, I hope it helps.
  14. Yay. Congrats on passing and getting hired. That is awesome. I have heard it isn't easy to get hired there. Ugh about the pay. But from the people I watched on youtube talking about it, it is pretty easy to get the incentives. Ugh about your dh. I think you need to sit down and talk to him about it again. Maybe put forth some numbers. That if you bring in an extra $400 a month how that could impact your debt situation. Sorry but he needs to give up his Saturday nights. He can game at home on the computer and still be in charge of getting the kids to bed while you work. He can give up going out with friends a lot, since he spends a bunch of cash that way. Maybe every couple of months. Can you work an hour before the kids get up? An hour after they go to bed? Friday nights? I am so proud of you for going for it!!
  15. I do want to point out though, that the students needs to keep ALL work, including homework, tests, syllabus, etc. My kids have had to produce work for state school to private school, state school to same state school, state school to out of state school, master's work from state school to out of state doctoral school, and doctoral work from state school to out of state doctoral school! It saved a YEAR for dd's doctoral program to not have to retake a music bibliography class. She'd taken it from the woman who wrote the standard textbook, and didn't want to retake it (of course). She'd lost her syllabus in the Boulder flood, but fortunately, had all her essays, etc. on her computer. Her violist had a copy of the syllabus. Whew, as the course was only offered every other year. And for music majors, keep ALL programs! Dd had to produce them for her doctoral auditions clear back to undergrad days. Fortunately, I always kept at least 2 copies. They were not returned. Mines gave us 12 hours to produce all homework, tests, etc. for math and science. At least they returned them!
  16. Oh, I am so sorry. I know how badly you wanted and needed this school placement to work.
  17. Good morning! Again, not quite sure what is going on today. Dh and ds3 went to downtown- dh to sing and ds3 to hang out with his friends. More graduation festivities for dd2 today (I believe she hit 8 parties yesterday with her friends). I have some things I would like to do- but I am a little at the mercy of this crowded house. ds2 works today. coffee/paper some things in the garden write read try to keep kitchen clean laundry handwork? Have a great day!
  18. I know. My dd has issues that aren’t as bad as your child’s , but I’ve had the same thoughts with regards to her coming of age.
  19. How does this work, then? Do you run their writing past a separate live person to check for correctness and all the subtle details like word choice, idioms, subjunctive? Sorry if you've explained elsewhere. I feel like my dc's language learning trends to stall out when they reach my level, except one who had a better memory than i do, so she stalks it just far enough above me to constantly correct me and fool me with self-doubt. Ha! I agree with @Monica_in_Switzerland that reading, reading, reading seems like the best way to increase vocabulary once you are in the quagmire of intermediacy. If we read a book together i occasionally try to add some of the vocabulary to our anki decks along with a context sentence. I should get more consistent about this. I have seen for myself with early chapter books that if I make up a gloss for us, the word count for each chapter is shorter by the end of the book. Small, anecdotal confirmation that authors also use limited vocabularies.
  20. One of the reasons I was so annoyed at the woman who went off on me is that I DO understand the need for trained service animals. We raised Guide Dogs for the Blind puppies for years. I KNOW how much work goes into a trained animal--it's a 24/7 commitment for years. I've seen the "trained" animal that she produced. Um, not the same thing. Plus, I clearly stated that we DO allow pets, but after our many experiences, we really should have our heads examined... I thought, maybe I'm off base here, and wanted others' opinions. Thank you all.
  21. My oldest turns 9 today. My Facebook memories actually made me cry, chronicling pictures of him through the years. He has ASD and has just been diagnosed with anxiety and “irritableness related to autism.” I didn’t even know that existed, but apparently it does. This neuropsych is amazing and felt the old diagnosis of impulse control disorder is wrong. She started him on Abilify, even though I’ve always been strongly against meds for kids, he’s been miserable and I’m finally willing to try. Then the next day he had a meltdown at his new school and his dad went to get him. I told them it would be an hour before someone could get there, but I didn’t know where DH was and he was able to be there in fifteen minutes. So they weren’t expecting us—and DH found DS locked in the small bathroom by staff. Apparently this has been a frequent occurrence and probably why his behavior at school as been atrocious. I cried(and called a lawyer). It’s been such a fight to get any services here in our area plus his adaptive scores are so good, but he’s so impaired in ways they don’t measure. He can sit and chat with a psychologist like a little adult for hours, who then gives him high communication scores. You push him out of his comfort zone or watch him with unfamiliar peers, and it’s a totally different story. We live in a school district that is systematically cutting their SPED programs and he cannot be mainstreamed, but everything is full inclusion now. He won’t be going back to school, but it still shouldn’t be this much of a fight. Plus our insurance won’t cover anything, so we pay out of pocket for evaluations and therapy. I am just sad looking at these baby pictures. I had no idea what was ahead for us. I miss my naïveté and optimism for the future. I want to just go back 9 years and cuddle that baby in the hospital room. I want to have no idea what is coming. please don’t judge. I’m having a hellacious week and really struggling today.
  22. One of our neighbors, who dh has known and been friendly with for 20 years, died yesterday. He was a general contractor before he retired, was up on his roof taking care of a tree that fell on his roof our last storm, fell and broke his neck. His wife found him when she came home. 😢 Just really makes you think how quickly things can happen. He was always walking around the neighborhood with his dog, very friendly guy. I didn't know him as well as dh, but I'm having trouble not thinking about him. Dh is about the same age and regularly goes up on our roof to fix the satellite dish and plans to fix our roof (with some help) this summer. Our roof is much lower (barely 10 feet at the peak) and not nearly as steep but still. I was worried about it before.
  23. I was not aware of that issue with the change of address. Thank you for mentioning it. As far as I know, hers is the only name on the bank account, but, again, good advice. Thanks!
  24. Interesting concept! Thank you. I'll research this. Can you point to any of the studies?
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  26. I don't know if she's followed that thread in particular, but she has been reading up on relationships with difficult parents.
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