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  2. Citations please, for straight kids being turned gay by gay porn. Or gay men having sex with women under the influence of straight porn. Orientation isn't identity. I don't think identity comes into it - there is orientation, and there is behaviour. Just out of interest, what trauma do you hypothesis a young lesbian has been through to have her innate straightness undergo twisted brain mapping ?
  3. TechWife

    Egress Window worth the expense?

    This! Of course, that's only if the basement finish process was permitted. If the area isn't permitted, then it can't be sold as livable square footage. That's what happened to my parent's house - my dad finished off the basement - a rec room, bedroom, laundry room, full bath and left a storage room, but he did not get any permits so I couldn't sell it as livable square footage.
  4. We are looking for classes as well. Here are a few potential options I have come across. Live online ( This series may be to introductory but it is my understanding he will be posting a more advanced option in the next week or two) Recorded Classes
  5. I like the plain old crystal that you run water over and rub it on your skin. It worked for me. If I could've just quit dropping the darn thing!
  6. We know for a fact that porn (especially from a young age) can cause deviation in sexuality. Deviation in the sense that a straight man might have sex with another man. Or a gay man might have sex with a woman. A woman who has been raped might start looking for S&M. You are confusing the sexual act with sexual identity. It’s not about “turning” anyone into anything. It’s about trauma manipulating sexuality in young people to the point that they have no idea where their inherent identity differs from twisted brain mapping due to porn. This is very complex and distructive to relationships. It’s not as simple as you might think. Maybe 50 years ago it was far more straight forward (pun not intended) but there’s building evidence that’s no longer the case.
  7. For those feeling distraught, just share the links to Gail Dine's resources. They are really good. That's something small you can do to change the culture. Mother to mother, share resources for understanding, discussing and reacting to porn culture.
  8. Amanda Pugliese

    Losing another sister...(updated)

    I am so sorry for your loss.
  9. In Towards a Philosophy of Education Charlotte Mason writes: "For the mind is capable of dealing with only one kind of food; it lives, grows and is nourished upon ideas only; mere information is to it as a meal of sawdust to the body; there are no organs for the assimilation of the one more than of the other. What is an idea? we ask, and find ourselves plunged beyond our depth. A live thing of the mind, seems to be the conclusion of our greatest thinkers from Plato to Bacon, from Bacon to Coleridge. We all know how an idea 'strikes,' 'seizes,' 'catches hold of,' 'impresses' us and at last, if it be big enough, 'possesses' us; in a word, behaves like an entity. If we enquire into any person's habits of life, mental preoccupation, devotion to a cause or pursuit, he will usually tell us that such and such an idea struck him. This potency of an idea is matter of common recognition. No phrase is more common and more promising than, 'I have an idea'; we rise to such an opening as trout to a well-chosen fly. There is but one sphere in which the word idea never occurs, in which the conception of an idea is curiously absent, and that sphere is education! Look at any publisher's list of school books and you shall find that the books recommended are carefully dessicated, drained of the least suspicion of an idea, reduced to the driest statements of fact." So in the teaching of children she advocates nourishing their minds with ideas, not just facts or information. Susan in TX
  10. That's a much discussed hypothesis that will get me shouted at, lol, so I won't get into it, but yeah, it's not only conservatives who are looking at that. Sexual behaviours can only fall into one of three orientations, no matter what someone's gender identity is. Considering yourself to be homosexual is not the same thing as being homosexual. I know there are 'how to please a lesbian with a penis' articles out there, but honestly, if you are female, and you're pleasing a penis, you are not engaging in homosexual activity. Nobody @ me please.
  11. prairiewindmomma

    What to do about the bare spot

    You're moving in 5 weeks, right? This would not be on my list of things I would be worrying about if you rent.
  12. myblessings4

    Not good news...

  13. lllllll

    how many of your toddlers were climbers?

    All of them. I thought all toddlers climbed. And ran and threw things and ransacked the house and ... lol I guess my kids were kind of wild though. They did much better outside than inside, that's for sure. 😉
  14. I’m tempted to do Killgallon with my fifth grader next year, but I also want to do a fair amount of outlining and writing across the curriculum. 🤔 How many lessons are in the sentence composing book? And would you use Elementary or Middle School level for a fifth grader who likes to write but hasn’t had formal instruction beyond narrating?
  15. wendyroo

    how many of your toddlers were climbers?

    1 out of 4, but I nipped it in the bud pretty quickly. None of the boys were particularly prone to climbing, but from the time Audrey was first able to pull herself up on a chair, she has been on a quest to climb, climb, climb. Actually, she is just on a quest to be big like "her boys", and climbing was just one way of achieving that goal. Ain't nobody allowed to climb on my tables, so I cracked down on inappropriate climbing right from the start and redirected her to more appropriate climbing options; we have a climber with a slide, rope ladder and rock wall in the basement for goodness sake - climb those!! I haven't had to pull her off a table in about a year now, but today at the park my heart stopped a few times as she scaled up the really tall ladders right along with her brothers. Wendy
  16. Thank you for articulating this. I was too overwhelmed and distraught to even find the words! I knew this situation was bad, but this video painted a more vivid and horrifying picture of the situation for me. My 18 yo dd just told me last week that she is interested in dating now. Not that she has someone in particular in mind, but she's hoping the right person will come into her life. She simply hasn't had any interest up to this point. How do I protect her??? The thought of her dating someone whose perception of sexuality has been warped by porn absolutely terrifies me. She is modest and shy by nature. She's never even been kissed. And the dating world that she's about to enter is . . . well, this hell that we've created. It truly makes me want to weep. Other mothers of daughters*, please tell me, how can we help our daughters protect themselves? * and please know I'm not ignoring or denying the very real need to protect sons too. It's just that I only have a daughter, so that's my focus right now.
  17. There’s the rub- no one here has said young marriage is “some evil thing”. You’ve worked yourself up over a non-factual statement.
  18. Hmm, that's interesting, I don't know if I've heard of it here. Do they have the same attitude to gay men and hetereosexuals? But it does touch on what I was thinking around gender identity and this question of porn imprinting certain sexual loops and such, which is how do changes in people's sense of their identity related to whether they consider themselves a lesbian or gay or something else. Particularly in terms of kinds who think of themselves as non-binary which seems to be a sort of catch all that could potentially include almost anyone. Do you really consider yourself bi-sexual if you think you are non-binary and sex isn't an important category? Or those who think of themselves as pansexual? How does that affect number? And I'd be really interested in any link between things like extreme gender norms in porn and alternate gender identity along with how that might correlate to sexual behaviour.
  19. Good grief, did you even read the rest of her post? You’re making a mountain out of a molehill and acting like she’s personally insulting you. She said she’d be disappointed but it wouldn’t be the worst thing, she wouldn’t try to stop it, and would only discuss it with her child as saying it’s not optimal in her opinion. Really, your condescension is way more appalling than anything she wrote. And since you say parents opinions are so important to children, don’t you think a parent owes it to their child to be honest? I highly doubt she’s yelling at the kid and saying their lives will be ruined, lol. I think you and AM are feeling defensive and way too harsh when she’s repeatedly explained her Own Parenting Opinion.
  20. Ausmumof3


    I think this is what I'm trying to identify? When I look at families with diagnosed learning disorders I don't see it as being on that level but then in the bubble I live in people aren't likely to seek diagnosis unless it's severe. academically I can't totally figure out what the issue is. It looks like lack of focus but I'm not sure if that's it or it's actually hard for her and that's why she's struggling with focus. The actual issues are when she's reading aloud she misses a lot of words and the lack of retention in math. Also inconsistent results. One day she can do amazingly well and another day she will miss half the problems. With the reading it's not affecting comprehension of broadbrush stuff but it's affecting science and math reading where one or two words change the meaning completely. Spelling has been all over the place but is starting to look more like traditional spelling now. We actually worked through level 1 of apples and pears for a bit but after doing all the work she still didn't pass the tests. Once she started reading for pleasure spelling started improving although it's still pretty haphazard. when she listens to reading aloud and audible her comprehension level is pretty high. Her ability to create stories and poetry is pretty amazing aside from the spelling! in other aspects of life, there are definitely some sensory issues which are improving with age. We spent months falling apart over what shoes to wear to church when she was 7 until I found some sparkly sneakers that looked dressier than gumboots but were apparently comfy! Some sensory avoidance with clothes but also sensory seeking in gross motor stuff (hugs too hard, plays really hard in football etc, likes heavy physical work). Definitely better overall when she had lots of outdoor play time. Gross Motor skills are somewhat of an issue though not major. Fine motor is more of a weakness but she's going through a loom band and finger knitting phase which I'm hoping will help. I guess what I'm trying to figure out is whether this is stuff that can be helped by different teaching methods, whether it's more or less serious than what I'm looking at. Homeschooling makes it hard to compare with other same age kids and the friends she has are gifted/advanced learners so I'm not getting a good comparison point for what's normal for her age. Also because stuff she does is stuff I struggled with and stuff dh struggled with in different areas, maybe we're not recognising it. off to google praxis now.
  21. Date Film Notes Time 1492 1492:The Conquest of Paradise (1992) Ridley Scott Christopher Columbus, looks great, slow in parts 145 m 1526 Anne of a Thousand Days (1969) Charles Jarrott Political conniving, England, Henry VIII with wife trouble, girls like this one 145 m 1534 A Man For All Seasons (1966) Fred Zinnemann More English backstabbing politics, academy award winner 120 m 1550 Queen Margot (1994) Patrice Chereau Complex bloody French politics -- know the history 1st; NC-1 7 romance; subtitles 143 m 1558 Elizabeth (1998) Shekhar Kapur Cate Blanchett is great as the 'Virgin' Queen 124 m 1588 The Seahawk (1940) Michael Curtiz Swashbuckling classic, accurate view of privateers and Spanish/English tension; fun 127 m 1640 The Last Valley (1971) James Clavell Life during the Thirty Years' War; Michael Caine & Omar Shariff good; slow in parts 128 m 1660 Restoration (1994) Michael Hoffman Good look at English society in 1600s; Robert Downey excellent 118 m 1670 Girl with the Pearl Earring (2003) Peter Weber Good look at Dutch society in the 1600s; and at great art. Firth & Johansson romantic 100 m 1690 Rob Roy (1995) Michael Caton-]ones Scottish highlander battles for honor; Tim Roth a great bad guy 139 m 1700 Amadeus (1994) Milos Foreman Bio of Mozart, composer; a wild partyer, great music, great movie 158 m 1740 The Bounty (1994) Roger Donaldson Accurate tale of the famous mutiny, Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins 130 m 1760 Dangerous Liaisions (1988) Stephen Frears Decadant pre-Revolution France; Glenn Close & John Malkovic are evil; Michelle Phifer 119 m 1787 A Tale of Two Cities (1935) Jack Conway b&w; Dickens tale of the French Revolution, a true classic (get this version) 128 m 1790 Danton (1983) Andrzej Wajda foreign - subtitles, French Revolution intrigue; theatre-style 136 m 1789 The Madness of King George (1994) Nicholas Hytner Great period detail about British Monarch during American Revolution 107 m 1800 The Duelists (1977) Ridley Scott Period detail of Napoleonic era excellent; film is very arty and slow 101 m 1813 Sharpe's Company (1995) Tom Clegg Sean Bean as intense British officer in Spanish campaign; BBC-TV; best of 10 in the series 110 m 1815 Vanity Fair (2005) Mira Nair Reese Witherspoon is social climber in rigid British society 141 m 1815 Waterloo (1971) Sergei Bondarchuk Major battle scenes, slow start cool finish 123 m 1832 Les Miserables (1998) Bille August Hard times in Paris; Liam Neeson, Geoffrey Rush 134 m 1835 Oliver Twist (2005) Roman Polanski Hard life for the poor in London -- not the fun musical version 130 m 1858 The Mountains of the Moon (1990) Bob Rafelson English exploration of Africa, cool Victorian England stuff 135 m 1879 Zulu (1964) Cy Endfield Amazing battle between colonial Brits and Zulu warriors; accurate, Michael Caine cool 138 m 1905 Doctor Zhivago (1965) David Lean Sprawling epic covers three Russian Revolutions, WM, Civil War, and a grand romance 197 m 1915 Nicholas& Alexandra (1971) Franklin J. Schaffner Russian imperial family tale, 1905-17, solid but long 183 m 1915 Gallipoli (1981) Peter Weir WM; Mel Gibson; good, short, depressing - be sure you know the history 1st 110 m 1916 Paths of Glory (1957) Stanley Kubrick b&w; Kirk Douglas is cool; anti-war, short 86 m 1918 All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) Lewis Milestone b&w; from the book; old but pretty cool film - the 1979 remake is good too 133 m 1922 Michael Collins (1996) Neil Jordan Irish revolutionaries, questionable history but interesting period detail 132 m 1932 Indochine (1992) Regis Wargnier French colonial Vietnam; essentially a romance 155 m 1936 Burnt by the Sun (1994) Nikita Mikhalkov Russian life during Stalin's purges, foreign with subtitles 135 m 1940 The Battle of Britain (1969) Guy Hamilton WWII, air combat excellent, slow in parts 132 m 1940 Hope & Glory (1987) John Boorman Kid's life in London during the Blitz, excellent 113 m 1942 Das Boot (1981) Wolfgang Peterson German; U-Boats in WWII; excellent; avoid the directors cut 145 m 1942 The Diary of Anne Frank (1959) George Stevens b&w; Holocaust; from the book, well-loved film 170 m 1942 Schindler's List (1994) Steven Spielberg Holocaust, very intense, great movie but long 195 m 1943 Enemy at the Gates (2001) lean-Jaques Annaud Battle of Stalingrad, cool fighting, lame romance 131 m 1943 The Great Escape (1963) John Sturges Prison camp breakout, super film, long, Steve McQueen is the coolest guy ever 168 m 1944 The Longest Day (1962) Marten, Annakin, Wicki D-Day; John Wayne & cast of thousands, very accurate but long - for history buffs 180 m 1944 Saving Private Ryan (1998) Steven Spielberg D-Day and more. Caution: intense and realistic violence. Movie making genius 168 m 1944 The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) David Lean A classic movie, semi-accurate, slow in parts, Alec Guinness is great 161 m 1945 Downfall (2004) Oliver Hirschbiegel The final days inside Hitler's Berlin bunker complex 156 m 1951 The Quiet American (2002) Philip Noyce French Indochina War; collapsing colonialism; Michael Caine won an Oscar 101 m 1956 Battle of Algiers (1967) Gillo Pontecorvo b&w, subtitled, Documentary-style film of Algerian colonial revolt; quality history & film-making 125 m 1960 Dr. Strangelove, or… (1960) Stanley Kubrick Black comedy about cold war & brinkmanship, complex, know the 1950s 1st 93 m 1961 K-19 the Widowmaker (2002) Kathryn Bigelow Cold War submarine film; Soviet problems, Ford & Neeson with Russian accents (?) 138 m 1972 Bloody Sunday (2002) Paul Greengrass British & Irish clash in "the Troubles"; heavy accents might require subtitles 110 m 1995 Welcome to Sarajevo (1997) Michael Winterbottom Journalists trying to cover the Bosnian Crisis 103 m
  22. heartlikealion

    Does a college degree expire?

    Ok well I really never heard of it requiring special schooling. Never thought about it. Like I said my friend didn’t do that. She did have a little experience in a vet office or something but that was it I think. And she loves animals. I think she started grooming dogs before owning one! She has had cats but only recently a dog. You may be able to do it without schooling. Seriously. Maybe you could get experience in a place that does it. I don’t know if you want your own business or not. She applied for an LLC, got some stuff set up in her garage, advertised in/around her neighborhood & made business cards. At one point she drove to clients but now I think requires them to come to her? I don’t know if you can get that kind of experience at an animal shelter but maybe certain doggie hotels or pet shops that offer that service?
  23. Thank you so much for the advice. You gave me lots to mull over this summer. I also have a high schooler with learning disabilities that I feel I have failed. There are so many what ifs and shouldas. She will have no trouble of accomplishing her dream job and even has two other strong options that were placed in her lap in the last year in spite of her being only 16. She has never wanted to attend college but I fear that my lack of ability to figure out what worked best for her for so many years hindered the possibility of college in her eyes. She has learned to cope well with her disabilities but sadly is still behind and would have to attend community college unlike her friends. I know she could make it work if she put her mind to it but fear that I have held her back from even wanting to. With my other kids I don’t want to look back a few years from now and think if only I did this or that, they would be so much further ahead. I definitely don’t want them behind which they aren’t yet. I want to continue homeschooling and this was our most successful year but it was also nearly unbearable at times. Basically I would start the day teaching one child followed by giving him assigned pages in that subject, grab another kid to start teaching and assigning, then another. Usually I could get to assignment on second child before first needed attention or new subject but not all the way through the third child. Basically I just folded them in and out for hours hoping nothing interrupted the flow or else I would have to start the pattern again with someone waiting on me. By the end of the day I had tons to grade and prepare for the next. Many times my teen would need help thus causing the flow to be even more difficult. It felt like a never ending loop of “here is how to do” and “do this” without stopping or else it would be so difficult to get it all done in a day. There was definitely very little joy. Many times we worked straight through lunch, choosing to eat later, just so we could not break the pattern. Anyway I know it isn’t supposed to be all easy and fun but I don’t want it overly tiresome either. The most fun we had were the times at the beginning of the year when I always started the day with a read aloud, a couple of LOF chapters, a riddle or two, and a Mad Lib. We also loved the science experiments and games which became fewer and farther between as we got “behind”. I love that even my 2nd grader knows more of the periodic table than I did as a graduating senior thanks to a game we played at the beginning of the year. Yet As the year flew past I wanted to push through the “textbook type work” trying to catch up rather than allowing time for the extras. All are above grade level readers but at the beginning of the year I sat with each child and read great classics with them. Depending on the child, they would either read to me, me to them, or tag team read followed by discussions. The last few months of school was more me assigning the pages to be read followed by narration while I helped someone else. While this is still an accomplishment, the kids loved that one on one time and discussion with me that wasn’t available when I had not read the book. I can tell those moments along with the other moments were their happy school times. I want to somehow find a balance. I am not sure I can ever feel assurance that CM or a literature approach works entirely. Even though I would love to trust it, I fear I will have a high schooler that while well read, will be behind their peers and not having enough traditional schooling to accomplish whatever future goals they have. I think the issue is I believe in classical schooling methods but fall short or if I accomplish it, it becomes drudgery. I love Charlotte Mason method in theory and find it most enjoyable and a great fit for us but doubt it’s long term abilities or should I say my ability to make sure it works and not miss something. I need a balance between the two that allows a little freedom and fun but still boxes to check to ensure goals are met. Sorry i I know this was long. It helped me to type and think things through somewhat. If you made it this far, know I appreciate your time and effort to help.
  24. Jean in Newcastle

    Ignore this thread!

    I am having tummy problems. So I ate grapes. Not a good choice. But grapes.
  25. desertflower

    Prodigy Math Group Buy - anyone interested?

    I'm sorry, but we can't join right now. Thanks for doing this.
  26. chiguirre

    Biology - High School

    Check out the used books on Amazon. They have the student edition for about $30 and the teacher edition for $10.
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