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  2. arctic_bunny

    An important day in Saudi Arabia

    I think it’s pretty exciting! Thanks for the reminder. I knew it was coming, but hadn’t taken note of the date!
  3. From Stephen Shore's profile found in Temple Grandin's book Different... Not Less.
  4. Jean in Newcastle

    Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

    teach at church help finish moving FIL out of assisted living pay those pesky bills
  5. Today
  6. Arcadia

    Another AoPS question

    My kids started AoPS online classes in 6th and 5th grade. DS13 finished AoPS Calculus online class in 7th grade. Copied below from my homeschooling expenses spreadsheet. DS13 AoPS Intro to Geometry $460 June 5th - Nov 20th, 2015 AoPS Intermediate Algebra $460 June 3rd - Nov 11, 2015, AOPS Precalculus $445 December 1st, 2015 - May 10th, 2016 AoPS Introduction to Programming with Python $340 February 29th - May 16th, 2015 AoPS Intermediate Programming with Python $355 Jun 10 - Aug 26, 2016 AoPS Calculus $575 Sep 30, 2016 - Apr 7, 2017 WOOT September 11th, 2017 $745 Intermediate Number Theory July 18th, 2017 $295 DS12 AoPS Intro to Geometry $460 June 11th, 2015 AoPS Intro to Algebra B $330 June 3rd, 2015 AoPS Intermediate Algebra $480 Oct 5, 2016 - Apr 5, 2017 WTMA Precalculus AoPS version (didn’t work out for this kid so DS13 taught him most of the stuff) Calculus (probably pay DS13 to tutor him)
  7. Frances

    Getting boys to effectively clean up pee

    Never a problem here, even when we used to basically sleepwalk our preschool age son to the bathroom for a final pee before we went to bed, after he had already been asleep for several hours. I honestly don’t ever recall wiping up pee, although I suppose it happened occasionally.
  8. I know! They get us when we are most vunlerable and it is difficult to think of appropriate responses sometimes. I had that happen with the neuropsych. She was pretty pushy on the meds, trying to tell me it was me she was thinking about. She brought me to tears. I don't cry often so that didn't help with me coming up with an appropriate response. But, at the end of the day it was my decision. After careful consideration I decided to keep going the way we were. One of the stories that has inspired me is that of Stephen Shore and how the support from his famiy brought him to where he is today. I won't even mention Temple Grandin and her mom! My collection of her books speaks for itself 🙂 By the way, the link from the US National Library of Medicine mentions Attwood's research but I have not had the chance to read it yet and I assumed that was the one. Here's the one from Attwood's website: Modifications to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to Accommodate the Cognitive Profile I have to reread Attwood's (it's been a while) and the one from Beck's website to see the connections between them. I'll try to get back to this tomorrow.
  9. Jean in Newcastle

    Ignore this thread!

    Day 156 steps. Day 27 hips
  10. I did see the new link, thanks so much. It has to be either some level of ignorance in their field/about autism and/or lack of care doesn't it? In my case, with the therapist, I was just flabbergasted. I wish I had had, in that moment, presence of mind to respond differently. It wouldn't have helped my son, that door was clearly closed, but maybe it would have helped someone in the future.
  11. Tanaqui

    Getting boys to effectively clean up pee

    Okaaaaaay, but then what you're really requiring is good hygiene. If they stood but it all got in the bowl (or if they wiped it up - I don't like to admit this, but I'm a cisgender woman and I have had pee accidents, generally when tired and/or rushed, where I sat in a funny way and it ended up in my pants instead of the bowl) then you wouldn't know.
  12. Arctic Mama

    When a group is dying

    If it makes you feel better, Christmas parties tend to be bigger. With our special needs mom group, the Christmas party and ornament exchange has about forty people. On the other hand, the monthly brunch has maybe five and the dinner ranges from 7-12, usually.
  13. Garga

    When a group is dying

    I wouldn’t rock the boat. I wouldn’t talk about it to the group. I think it’ll cause drama. I hate hosting things, so I’d do as Rosie suggested—wait until everyone got there and then order pizza. I’d probably make a fun dessert because I can handle that. Or potluck. Pizza or potluck would be my style, depending on how many people are in your group and how much money I have to spend. If your group has 20 (when they all show), then potluck. If your group is 8, then pizza. I’d keep things going, even if only a few can come to every meeting. I’m in a group that sounds similar to yours (though there have only ever been 7 of us.). Sometimes, all 7 of us get together. Sometimes it’s just 2 or 3. Doesn’t matter. We keep meeting and people keep coming when they can. Life changes and so the group will wax and wane as time progresses. But we keep having our get-togethers even if we can’t all be there. I’ve been part of this group for 15 years and one of our members is about to become the first grandma of our group. When I started with the group, her oldest was 6 and she was the young mama of 4 littles. Now she’ll be grandma. Exciting stuff! Stuff like that is worth keeping groups like yours, even if only a few come at a time. But certainly, make your hosting simple and keep it about the socializing and not the food/activities.
  14. You saw I fixed the second link in the post, right? It was the wrong link. I posted about it in a later post and added the correct one to the first post as well 🙂 I wonder if some therapists just don't keep up with the times and changes in their therapies? I wonder if this is one of the reasons why we are being told that they do not do CBT with kids a certain age or kids with ASD!
  15. gardenmom5

    the wall is finally done!

    yeah- and dh and I are getting too old/ill to do it. at least now we can afford to pay someone else to do it. I contacted a dozen landscapers who do retaining walls "no project is too small" (yeah, right). one called and came out for a bid - one emailed a couple times, but never set up a time. fortunately - it only takes one. my yard is nothing but slope . . . retaining walls required if anything is to be flat.
  16. LucyStoner

    Where can I find 27x31 boy jeans in store?

    My son now needs a 29x36, having outgrown 28X34. So we just settled for the 30X36s in a slim fit with a belt. We have also told him that if he gets any taller, it needs to be torso and not legs. His legs have maxed out. There is no such thing as a skinny and tall store. The unhemmed suit pants are only 38s. I don't recall ever seeing 27 waists when I was looking for 28 waists. It was always 26 or 28. I do see 29s and 31s but not 27s. American Eagle has been a good brand for us on this front and their sales usually make them cheaper than the Levis at discount stores that exclude Levis from the sales. Also, my son attends a uniform type school so we needed more slacks and khakis than jeans. I checked Sears, JCPenneys, Target etc to no avail. We ended up getting most of last year's school clothing from AE, Lands End and H&M.
  17. Whisper to me your location. My suitcases are out and ready. 🙀😂😍 you are lucky. We have nothing of the sort where we are living. I don’t even think there is a LAC anywhere near us.
  18. Arctic Mama

    the wall is finally done!

    It looks great! Those projects are a deceptive amount of work, aren’t they?
  19. Carol in Cal.

    When a group is dying

    Potlucks with a theme and maybe a prize might reenergize folks. But I still think inviting a few others in would be best.
  20. Thank you for those links Moved On.
  21. Am I the only one that lives in an area where several liberal arts colleges offer free or almost free college classes to some high school students? My son was able to take two courses per semester at the local LAC for $200 each and audit up to two more per term for $50 each. This was at a time when tuition there was around $40k per year. Admission was restricted and required a full application, but it was far cheaper, more rigorous, and more convenient than taking classes at the local CC. I know of at least four other LACs within an hour that offer something similar. The state health university also offered an amazing free class for high school students and most of the students went on to do summer research there. It was an amazing experience for my son. Again, admission was restricted and competetitive, but well worth the effort and the commute. One interesting thing though is that most of these programs are not advertised or on the college website. They are usually handled through high school guidance counselors and word of mouth. We knew about the local one because my husband used to teach there. My son was recommended for another one when he took a community science lab class with a retired college professor. And I found out about the health university one when poking around on the web.
  22. Tibbie Dunbar

    When a group is dying

    You seem to be saying some contradictory things, and also what was the one googled idea that's been a winner for seven years now? Sorry for not understanding your post.
  23. historymatters

    Suggestions for World History

    How about James Stobaugh W. History combined with Great Courses, some bios, and primary documents? Thats my plan, anyway. I thought it seemed the most balanced. Great Courses options: Foundations of Western Civilization I & II; Utopia and Terror in the 20th cen.; Music as a Mirror of History; individual lectures from a variety of other courses. I have GCPlus, so I can pick and choose
  24. On a personal note, I was very distraught over enrolling my kids in school, after having homeschooled them from the beginning. But things had reached a state where change was needed, and we needed to give school a try. I thought that DS would have a really hard time learning. That he would tune out and not absorb the material. That he would fall behind. That he would have trouble participating. (These things are not just because of the low processing speed; he is a complex kid). I was worried that he would not learn as well in school as he did while homeschooling. And, you know what? School has turned out to be a very good environment for him, overall. We have had to advocate for him to get certain types of help. He does have some of the problems that we feared, but he has also grown and has adapted, and he enjoys being at school. Does he like the work? No. But the daily structure and the social environment have been very good for him. So I know you may be nervous about your son entering school in the fall, but it may end up being a great experience for him. For you, it may sometimes be frustrating and nerve racking, as you advocate for him. Honestly, just expect that, so you won't be taken by surprise. I hope it turns out well for all of you!
  25. Amira

    An important day in Saudi Arabia

    Here’s a video of women driving for the first time at midnight on Sunday morning. It’s nearly 8am in Saudi right now so more women should be getting on the road.
  26. To be very, very honest, the most important help that DS is receiving is that we have just moved to a different school district, because we researched and discovered one that we thought would meet his needs much better than the district where we lived before. He especially needs small classes and individualized attention, and the public school district we were in before was huge and impersonal. He needs so much help that it was worth it to move. By the way, he was homeschooled through fourth grade and attended fifth through 7th at a private school. We could only send him there, because they had an intervention program (most private schools around here do not have intervention at all, or only offer minor assistance). The principal only agreed to admit him and his sister (with dyslexia) if we agreed to have them evaluated for IEPs. Yes, yes, yes, we wanted that!! (Some private schools will not work with the public school to write an IEP). We submitted our written request immediately. So we were shocked, absolutely shocked and furious when the case manager then told us that our kids had to be in school for a period of time to get teacher input concerning whether they suspected learning disabilities. We sat there at that meeting, with piles of documents from private neuropsychs and diagnoses of LDs on paper stacked on the table and in the hands of the case manager, and were still told we could not proceed with evaluations right away. We had to wait for a quarter to pass. The case manager told me that she normally made homeschoolers wait out a whole semester, but she would only make us do a quarter, because we had diagnoses already. Did I mention that we were furious? I think we could have appealed that to our state board of education. However, we decided not to, because we thought DS would end up with a better IEP if his teachers had the time to get to know him. We decided that since there was a positive aspect to waiting, it wasn't worth the fight, in our situation. So, yes, I'm not surprised that your school told you something like that. If you feel up to challenging it, you can contact your state board of education and see if it is legal there for a school to make homeschoolers wait before being evaluated for IEPs. There is a kind of loophole in the federal regulations, so it's worth seeing what your state rules are. In any case, if you have not yet, you should put your request in writing, if you have not yet. They can tell you anything verbally, but once your request is in writing, they must respond properly and legally, using official forms. The time line is important, so getting things in writing is important.
  27. SKL

    When a group is dying

    How about this idea: change it to a bimonthly or quarterly get-together, and do it as teams. That way the never-hosters get to do some of the work, and it is likely that more people will show up at the B-list gatherings. You might also ask the A-listers what they need in order to be able to attend the other people's get-togethers. Maybe there is some workable adjustment that could be made. Or maybe the A-listers would realize they aren't treating others the way they want to be treated. Either way, if they would start attending more, perhaps others would as well. Whatever you decide, try not to compare. Enjoy the fabulous parties put on by the A-listers and let it go.
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