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  2. Crimson Wife

    another struggling with being "done" thread

    Considering that up until recently I thought it was "jipped" because that's the spelling I've seen most, I don't think that 99% of the people using the word realize its origins in negative stereotypes of Gypsies/Romany.
  3. We’ve lost a man of tremendous character and intellect. May he rest eternally.
  4. AngieW in Texas

    breast reduction for EDS

    My 20yo with EDS really needs breast reduction. Do any of y'all know what the best method would be (we are thinking the lollipop method would be best)? From reading on various forums, it seems like NOT having drains is better for those with EDS. Anybody have actual first-hand experience?
  5. I have seen kids do much better socially after starting ADHD medication. We also had an incident where my daughter got very upset about how a girl treated her when we saw her at the park on a Saturday when she wasn’t taking medication. She was rude to my daughter and anybody can have a bad day, but I did think it was from not thinking about how she acted without the medication. I do know other kids where the medication didn’t seem to make any difference with them socially. But for the kids where it does make a difference I have had a good impression just as another parent seeing kids my kids are around. I also have known a few where medication was tried and just didn’t do much. That happens sometimes with autism. I think this is a reason not to think you can put up with things until high school and then medication will take care of it. That’s just my opinion. Medication has not been recommended for my sons, so..... we don’t have it as an option for better or worse. But really I think anything that needs to be dealt with, try to figure out how to deal with it. Don’t just think it will all be solved later with medication. Yes it really helps some kids and maybe that’s your situation, but maybe not. And then some kids do a lot better with age. That’s another risky one to count too much on, though it works out great for many people.
  6. IfIOnly

    DNA, The Truth Will Always Come Out!

    A situation that likely wouldn't happen presently due to DNA testing availability, but one that did in the past and was discovered through mail in DNA tests:
  7. Selkie

    Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

    Jen, congrats!!
  8. MysteryJen

    Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

    Back at the hotel- celebrating a win and a new jr national cut! These moments are few and far between for dd2, so we are making the most of it.
  9. mama25angels

    Ignore this thread!

    A mixed drink!
  10. BusyMom5

    Cloth diapers and Soft Structured Carriers

    I have a new baby after 6 years. For cloth diapers I had a hard time finding any small diapers, most people just get the one size. I don't like the way the fit untIL 10 to 12 poinds. I found 6 small Bottom Bumpers and I used those the first 3 months. I need to sell them now. After trying a few things my current one size favorite are Lalabye diapers. My baby is 8 months and they got great# I have some Rumparoos, which I think are great for swim diapers but I don't like the git as well. I have some NickI diapers, too. They are okay, cheaper and do the job. I have not found a good carrier bc my baby does not like baby wearing. I have a few old carriers and slings that I do use, and I'd planned to get a Tula or Lillie baby but she just does not like them. A few other nifty things, the pacifier thermometer! Love it! And I am using a backpack instead of a diaper bag. I searched and searched but could not find a good diaper bag. The backpack is easier to carry. And I love the big muslin blankets. Very versatile!
  11. Paradox5

    CLE Lang Arts or Hake/SWO?

    I went with CLE for them. That way, I can stop agonizing over what to do.
  12. How many subjects per term and how many classes per day? If possible try for a transition year where he has relatively light load as he adjusts. And try to have only one class other than math and English with significant homework demands if the school gives home work. I’d suggest having a class or two that might tend to be good for meeting and interacting with other students—art for example. Drama if it would not be a time drain to memorize lines. And PE perhaps could be gotten out of the way You can ask for reduced number of math (etc) problems—but if he needs those problems to learn how to do them, it won’t be a real gain in his life to do so. Going over some math over summer or starting on the book they’ll use so he goes in ahead might be helpful. A great deal deal depends on what he is willing to do. For example, My ds (who just finished 9th in ps ) would rather get an F than stand out as “different” with accommodations. Emotional and peer relationships can be difficult at this age. For technology, a cell phone that can photograph notes on board could be very helpful. Especially for math, a laptop won’t help much unless he is a wiz at typing numbers and symbols if algebra and even harder if he has geometry with drawings. Also a good cell phone may have decent speech to text function that could help with writing papers, and a sound recorder. Audio books could help for English and classes with book reading if he is a good auditory learner How is his executive functioning? Ability to keep track of things?
  13. DD took Crime Scene Investigation last year. She loved it. It was outsourced through Big River Academy. Her teacher was great and he is in the field doing what he teaches. He brings real experience. He also teaches a criminal justice and homeland security class.
  14. I feel like Aops has spoiled us, so that no other curriculum matches up. Everything else is a disappointment. With respect to Physics, how/where can we do algebra based physics with interesting/challenging problems? Or would it be better to just wait until we can do Calculus based (Which will be one more year)? DS has started Derek Owens (2 chapters in, so certainly not into the meat of the class yet), but it just feels like the videos he has to watch move so slow. Like we got the point hours ago, let’s move on. (DS has also never been a fan of Khan Academy for the same reason-the pace of someone writing out what they are saying on the chalkboard and explaining simple steps just isn’t what he needs.) I’m sure physics will pick up, but even as it does so the pacing might not be right for a PG kid who clicks with math very quickly. What is your experience with this Derek Owens class? Is there any other class out there that will hit the mark like Aops does. I know people on here say Aops moves fast (the online classes) but really that style of pacing is just what we need. We need to approach the big interesting/problem solving style problems and not be given a bunch of the rote work. Really wish Aops would come up with a physics curriculum. Seems like it would fit right alongside their current format.
  15. Ack! Rough spot to be in. ((((hugs))))
  16. Paradox5

    Help me pick a science for this year!

    What about like Memoria Press or BJU online? Neither requires experiments. k12 as an independent is another simple to do option. You can skip the experiments. NOEO might be too involved. Buy the entire set of Magic Schoolbus series from Amazon and watch them repeatedly. It covers all your elementary school science needs and is fun. Really, "experiments" at this level are not needed at all. They are just fun demonstrations.
  17. heartlikealion

    Did they discontinue Go Gurt Protein?

    Ok I don’t buy this stuff, but I was wondering if any Go Gurt was a good (or decent) source of protein. I was looking into easy options at a party. I came across a product called Go Gurt Protein. I can’t actually find it for sale or in the official website. The regular Go Gurt isn’t supposed to have much protein. I know someone bringing a meat/cheese tray. I thought about Slim Jims or deviled eggs but I dunno because of the hassle. I already signed up for a dessert but thought of bringing something else, too. What are your favorite protein items? Last party I attended I brought hummus.
  18. Paradox5

    Settle this debate...

    3 or 4... my kids would use them as a ladder.
  19. nwahomeschoolmom

    Couple of questions ADHD/mild ASD related

    Tried it today and it worked...hopefully it keeps working! Instead of mixing in it a cup, I put it in big spoon and put chocolate almond milk on top of it for flavor. He didn't love it, but he took it. This books looks perfect! I am definitely going to get it. Awww..I'm happy for your wonderful day! Your post does give me hope..thanks : ) I never knew the meds could specifically target impulsive behavior like that...we will definitely give it a try...I'm trying to wait for high school because of side effects. Its hard because he is doing great academically so I can't justify meds right now...I'm also afraid of him changing. Its funny that despite how difficult he can be the idea of him changing makes me sad and scares me! What if he loses his spark, etc. Two people in my family take ADHD meds and they are doing great and it doesn't change them at all, except in positive ways, so I'm not sure why I'm worried.
  20. We have a new baby due in the next few weeks, so no. Also, if he can get out of his crib/bed, I have to sit with him for an hour at bedtime every day and 20-30 mins at naptime so he'll stay in bed and fall asleep. I've been doing that for the past month with him, and have spent literally years doing that between his 3 older brothers. I'm done. If he can't get out of his crib, he generally falls asleep in about 20 mins at bedtime and less at naptime, which means he gets more sleep and throws fewer tantrums.
  21. Today
  22. I send the kids to camp for 1-2 weeks. That way I can have truly focused time to wrap my head around it. I make a full -year chart of assignments (by day) for each child. I assume three 12 week terms, so 36 weeks in all. I assume a 4 day week (we do a history / PE coop once a week). I make a similar chart for myself called "mom's master." For DD, she's pretty independent and can triage her own work well. I just list the assignments. Many are "do the next thing." A sample day's list might include: math, piano, chinese, composition (with mom), history reading (then written narration), literature reading (verbal narration), copywork, free reading. For the history reading, I'd list the specific chapter and also specific output that I am expecting (timeline entry, written narration, map, etc). For literature, I list the specific chapter out of the book. For DS, he mostly needs to work alongside me. But having the daily chart keeps me on track and hopefully is providing scaffolding for him to be able to slowly transition to taking charge of things himself. My Master chart has more details about any readalouds, science planning, books to put on hold, etc.
  23. Paradox5

    Cloth diapers and Soft Structured Carriers

    I tried them all and settled on the LilleBaby. No extra insert needed, No straps to have to reach around and tie. Captain still loves it! I bought the Airflow one as I live in Texas. Skip the cloth. Go with Huggies Little Snugglers. Really, there is about zero cost difference when you factor in energy to clean, extra loads, water, accessories, and "special" soap. MAJOR difference in headache of using.
  24. Ok. I’ll start tomorrow. I have the prompts written out. June 22–glamorous June 23–tangled June 24–window June 25–pattern June 26–smallest to largest June 27–collection June 28–disorganized June 29–chores June 30–silhouette Remember, there is no wrong way to do this. The point is to enjoy yourself. Some people make better pictures. Some people have a more artistic eye. Enjoy your pictures, enjoy looking at other people’s pictures. Interpret the prompt in whatever way you wish. Feel free to add a caption to explain a little more. Theres only one rule: Do not allow comparison to take the fun out of the it. I’ll post on this thread tomorrow and each of the following days. I’ll start a new thread when I put up the prompts for July. Anyone is welcome to join at any time in the future. Don’t feel bad and quit because you missed a day or a week or whatever.
  25. Thanks for sharing these resources! I've tried to look online, but can't figure out what time period Our Human Story covers. From the beginning to ...? Thanks!
  26. AimeeM

    Curriculum recs for ASD child

    Two of our kiddos are ASD. DS6 is mixed levels 2 & 3 (so more severe on the spectrum) and DS9 is level 2 (more moderate, but with other medical and learning differences). Both boys only turned their respective ages within the past month. DS6 has done really, really well this year with ASDReading (a sister company to Reading Kingdom, if I recall). Actually, both boys have done well with it (DS9 is, besides being ASD, also dyslexic). Caveat: ASDReading is specifically geared toward ASD kiddos -- it is highly visual with no verbal output required from the child, and as little verbal explanation as is possible. And it's whole word, not phonics. After trying the OG / phonics way with DS9 for years (and only having a frustrated child who hated reading to show for it), we gave this a try. And DS6 has severe receptive language disorders/delays, and his rigidity is what characterizes him as more severe on the spectrum... so the "rules that are only rules until they aren't" were making phonics instruction a hot mess for him. I finally pulled up the ASDReading in a moment of desperation, because now BOTH boys hated reading (and these are boys who knew their letters and letter sounds before age 2, and were obsessed with letters and books prior to "learning to read"). ASDReading has been, hands-down, the best curricula decision we've made. DS9 does do a phonics-based spelling program, still (which is OG-based), and I will add the same for DS6 in a year or two. I have no recommendations for writing, because writing for DS9 has been very difficult, physically. He has very low muscle tone due to some other medical issues, so it's almost all copywork at this point. DS6 loves writing, but only does so informally at this point. For math, we have used Miquon for a couple years now. DS9 has always enjoyed it and retained it. DS6 started with it recently and enjoys it, too. Both boys are naturally more maths inclined. For content subjects we have, to this point, used MP's enrichment and read alouds. I am adding in Science in the Ancient World next year, alongside read alouds, and I am planning on Ancients, but haven't yet found a core for Ancients. I'll probably just go with Greek Myths, since they are interested in that, and I have what I need to teach it.
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