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  2. where is the roll on the floor laughing smiley that we use to have when we need it Mine just interrupts with what he thinks are interesting bits of general information
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  4. So far they have found 36 fires started by the lightning last night in our area. None of them are close to me. the firefighters are on to them so quickly. They have bulldozers and firefighters out with hoes making mineral breaks around them and aerial support. good thing today is so much cooler with no wind. really helps to get the fires contained quickly before they get big. definition - mineral break = bare earth
  5. I don't have a husband but I am having a hard time understanding why so many of them are behaving in the ways described. Surely an adult male understands that if he is home during school time he needs to either help with school, do housework or make himself scarce?
  6. I own both, Equipped is the one to buy if you are just buying one, it has a ton of practical exercises in it besides a bit of explanation. Phonemic Awareness exercises AND nonsense word exercises!
  7. That looks really interesting! I have several students who it seems like it would be a good fit for, several of them are using Abecedarian.
  8. We live in an apartment so there really isn't space to not be distracting to dh and ds. This year we are paying a small monthly fee to have dh rent a work place. So so so much easier to get school and chores done now, and dh is getting work done easier too. We just can't all work in the same small place at the same time.
  9. I know what I would love: zwieblerostbraten (aka: Viennese roast beef) it's a german roast with onions. I had it twice in Austria - and I'd love it again. I dont' know why it's hideously expensive at the german restaurants around here (if they even make it.) the ingredients aren't expensive. dh tried once or twice - but it didn't turn out right. time to try a new recipe. I'm not that impressed with his Austrian cookbook. eta: ah, to do it properly, you need to let it marinate for a few days. but it was *really* good!
  10. standing rib roast (it was fun to do Christmas "crackers" with it). we've done that several times lobster/scampi lamb and after Christmas - dh and I are going out to our local medieval village restaurant for their Christmas feast. (weekends only.) we've done that a couple times - very different.
  11. We don't do turkey or ham, but prime rib and Yorkshire pudding! We also usually have a leg of lamb, and this year, dd will have to chose between antelope, bear, venison, or elk. She likes to have a game meat. I make the pies the day before. The prime rib comes out for about 30 minutes to do the Yorkshire, so it continues to rise in temp--has to come out a bit low because of that. The trick to good Yorkshire is have the fat smoking hot, and to whip up the flour batter and then let sit for an hour, and then beat up again until bubbles rise. Here's the science of it, though I don't agree with all his results!
  12. especially if you have trouble makers in your family who wish they would separate.
  13. The ones that don't say on the outside, show when you redeem them. We've never had a problem with them, either. Some do say the amount, or the people who send them can put a note wishing you "merry Christmas, have fun spending this $25," you can write a gift message if you order and send directly from Amazon.
  14. my grandmother was from the Midwest. she loved to stick her nose in other people's business, and tell them how to run their lives. very much a salacious gossip. I heard lots of how she didn't' like my brother's first wife . . . for years. . . . I reminded her, she said horrible things about my husband too (it started in full when she accused him of cheating A WEEK after we were married. - incidentally, we've been married 37 years, and he's never cheated.). at least it shut her up. (she also said horrible things about my dad, to the point I wasn't allowed to grieve his death in her presence. I was 12.)
  15. If you get an inverter for your car you can keep a crock pot on low. I have a crock pot that travels well, it has a giant rubber band and a cover, newer ones have lockable lids that do the same function: Sometimes I use bungee cords/old ties or belts for our crock pots that don't have rubber bands or locking lids. If you're not going far, you can just cover with towels instead of using an inverter to keep warm. You could bring 3 different warm sides with this thing: Cheaper but you might have to use some rope/bungee cords to keep lids secured:
  16. I stay out of it. (even when I saw it coming). I assume it's a painful subject, and the last thing people involved need is a family member prying. If they want to talk about it, they will.
  17. We have been happy with them.
  18. We do Coq au Vin for Christmas. It tastes special, we never make it otherwise, and I prepare it the day before, so it's easy.
  19. Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - second edition
  20. Um, screw the curriculum. Go to the library and get out books. Worked for us up to 8th grade. Ruth in NZ
  21. A key attribute of ME/CFS is called PEM (post-exertional malaise), which is another way of saying patients with this condition tend to crash very badly if they push beyond their limits. So having "limits" and not pressing beyond what you can do is important to avoid triggering bad crashes. Cutting out people and activities one enjoyed previously is really hard. My sympathies. Pace yourself. Bill
  22. appointment school laundry pay bills
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