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  2. Having worked in various breed and mutt rescues, I think lack of a safe fence will be a no-go. To abide by the rules, I have had to reject applicants who probably would have been good pet parents. Not sure what part of country you are in, but adopting dogs from rescue can be a daunting task. My middle daughter was turned down by a sheltie rescue in Pacific Northwest because her securely fenced back yard was not large enough even though their rescue site had no lot size requirements listed. She is a jogger and runner, so the dog would have ample exercise opportunities. Instead, she turned to a breeder for a sheltie. She now has a gorgeous fluffy sheltie who is quite fond of his cat housemates.
  3. OOps! It should've read savings instead of not savings, but I assume people picked up that it was an editing fail based on the context.
  4. Not to mention hawks, owls, and coyotes, depending on the area.
  5. These reflections are very interesting. Keep them coming! One thing I've been thinking about recently is how my motivation for homeschooling has changed. Early on in DH's career, we moved around and traveled a lot. It was great to just pack up a box of books and go live in another state for a few weeks or months. We spent three months in Israel, time in Germany, visited the Netherlands, etc. We moved a lot for training and it didn't disrupt the children's schooling. But now, with two big kids in high school (and doing exceptionally well; the older one is #1 in his class in a 2000-person gifted high school), we can't just travel the world or spend time here there and everyone. My husband's job is steady and in one place; we're not going to move for a year-long post-doc again. Hubby muses about spending a year somewhere else on a sabbatical, but I don't think it is likely to happen as the cost to the highschoolers would be too much. This has taken a lot of wind out of my homeschooling-sails. Also, our neighborhood has really gentrified. When we moved into our house, we were surrounded by liberal arts and humanities people who were awesome, nerdy, and thrifty. Now we're surrounded by economists, management consultants, and finance people. They get their laundry picked up to be done by others, for goodness sake. I'm glad we own our house, but it doesn't change the neighborhood norms. When we all were thrifty, it was easier. 🙂 Emily
  6. That would be a wonderful place for a cat litter! Love.that.idea.
  7. We've been through this a few times already. I'm curious whether you were also throwing hissy fits about hospitals that required measles vaccinations or chest x-rays. You know that's routine, right? I remember having to be tested for TB every year for my job. It was that test where they injected something in your arm that made a bubble. It is immoral to coerce someone into a medical procedure. I agree. However, it is not immoral for employers to require certain conditions to work.
  8. Agreed. I think clean air and water are basic human rights. The fall out of actually providing that would leave a certain element of the population SEETHING! It is a crazy maker out there folks. Be careful to whom you say, "How's it going?" Cuz, YOWZA!
  9. Can you provide a safe place for the dog to exercise and potty? If you can't then perhaps a dog is not a good choice for you right now. A safe place is most often a fenced yard even for smaller dogs because not only does it keep the dog from running away, ,it protects the dogs from other predators and bigger dogs.
  10. You know I think I could get on board a clean that a child has a constitutional right to breath clean air. I'd add to that a constitutional right to drink clean water. That lady is really not going to like what the ramifications from that one. Be careful what you wish for...
  11. Does asking women to wear a shirt also violate the constitution? There's much less justification for such a rule, as breasts do not spread contagion.
  12. It sounds wonderful. I hope you get it!
  13. Oooh boy, this work/two classes/still dealing with physical and mental health stuff/trying to stay active and eat well thing is kicking my butt. Yesterday, I once again fell short of my step goal, despite going out for a decent walk in the evening. And today I have work + an online meeting with the team for a class project + a ton of homework to finish before tomorrow night's class. Honestly, I think I have overdone it this semester. That said, I did take a decent walk this morning, 3.4K, and then did 25 minutes of strength and stretching and a few minutes of jogging on the mini-trampoline. I scarfed a breakfast protein bar along with fruit and coffee for breakfast, and managed a small salad and some hummus and chips for lunch (in two shifts with a meeting in between). No clue yet what dinner will look like. My husband has volunteered to drive our bonus YA to work this afternoon so that I can wrap up work on time and be ready for my school meeting. After that, my plan is to take another walk and then use whatever time I have before my brain melts down to do homework. Fall Frenzy Challenge Update: 88.3 of 500K Daily Walking Streak: 206 Days South Lake Trail ?: 0 of 13 miles
  14. If you haven't submitted the application yet then I'd very pro-actively address the (lack of) fence issue in it if you can. State that you realize the rescue group would prefer that but unfortunately you don't have one but you're fully prepared to [and then give some detail about how you're prepared to handle it]. They're more likely to consider it if you let them know you've thought it out and have a plan.
  15. Toy poodles are not dogs that should be left alone in any yard! ETA: We had a toy and a miniature poodle growing up. They were inside dogs that went outside (on leash) ONLY to go potty. Or ride in someone's pocket. Before them we had a peki-poo that ran out the front door when our grandparents were there and got scooped up and we never saw again. Little dogs are BIG theft risks.
  16. I'd likely wet myself too! 8 ft of folding space???? DH did say he'd put shelves/cabinets to hold say, tablecloths, extra blankets, cleaning supplies, etc. Oh, and there is a closet under the stairs for a vacuum, mop, etc. I thought maybe I'd have DH put a little cat door into it through the wall, and put a litter box in there 🙂
  17. My mom is dying. (Hospice says hours or days, though no one knows for sure.) We are writing her obituary.
  18. Well, a real-life example would be when a governor mandated masks to be worn whenever anyone in the state was indoors in any non-residential building, regardless of whether or not there was another person anywhere else in the building. I do think superintendents should have a right to mandate masks in their schools. I don't know for sure whether or not every state's laws support this. I'm sure the laws were not written with Covid in mind. What did the caller say when you asked what article(s) of the Constitution they believed to be infringed?
  19. Well I guess I will try. I mean there is leash training to get a dog to go on a walk- which she doesn't need to do and leash using where she can go where she wants. I don't have a back yard- my back yard is a series of porches and a pool. Dogs use my front yard and that is separated by a front porch, sidewalk, very short wall (maybe five inches or so, drainage channel which is also paved, and then front yard and side yard. I am not counting on anything. Just trying. She is not fully toilet trained indoors only so I would either have her wear diapers or use pee pads. Poodles are usually super easy to train.
  20. I'm trying to avoid taking Tylenol again, because I don't want to lose whatever I developed naturally to fight headaches when I was younger. I'm not exactly dying, but who wants to be uncomfortable? (It also doesn't help that I am stuck in a chair that bothers my back and tailbone issues.) I could go upstairs and get more comfortable, but I want to stick it out on pup duty until I leave to pick up my kids. That way my housemate hopefully won't be resentful to be on dog duty for most of the later hours (as my kids & I are busy with sports / driving and homework/client work).
  21. QFT. 100,000 dead in the US alone due to the willful spread of misinformation and lies. I don’t understand what people are getting out of this that it’s just a *shrug* to them as they continue on spreading the lies.
  22. Legally speaking, what would be an example? The caller was calling about schools.
  23. Why... why do we even HAVE profile pages, except to be looked at? I've definitely hit into them accidentally, usually when aiming too-carelessly at the "like" button and inadvertently hitting onto the name of someone who's already "liked." But I've also definitely gone looking into them, trying to find a prior thread I kinda-sorta remember the poster having once started, or if someone's just joined a social group and I want to modulate my own tone/response to how the poster presents, or if another poster has sparked my curiosity by nosing around in mine. Why... why do we HAVE them, or put content into them, if not to be seen? (Missing something obvious evidently...) Concur with pp about using words that have a particular meaning loosely/rhetorically -- it's both painful to those holding lived experience of the real thing, and also robs the language of its power and meaning. (I feel the same way about choosing the term "rape" to refer to deforestation or hard business negotiation; or the term "lynching" to refer to pointed Congressional questioning. Just... dial it back. Manners.)
  24. Good luck! I hope the letter works. It sounds so perfect for your family!
  25. Purdue added a civics requirement for their students. There are podcasts with questions and resources available here: https://cla.purdue.edu/academic/communication/cspan/ccse/civics-literacy-initiative/
  26. For me it is about the same as trying to talk with flat earthers. 😯😜 I just can't make heads nor tails of it, and in my head I begin to hear, "Jibber jabber jibber jabber". Our county health department director was harassed into quitting because she supported masks. The new flap is th county commissioners are trying to hire someone for the job with zero experience or degrees related to public health. She doesn't meet any of the requirements outlined by the state so they want to sue the state for the right to put an unqualified human in the driver's seat for public health policy during a pandemic. This.is.not.going to.end.well.
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