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  2. Oh, also, no water bottles. If it hadn't done it both with & without kids in the car, I'd wonder if it wasn't random kid noise. It's not. I did also check if there was anything in the glove box, etc., that could be rolling around; nothing there, either, that I could find. If it does turn out to be the bumper or something, I wonder how that works.....all of that was paid by my insurance (the wreck was my fault; we paid the deductible) and the work was done at the dealership and it's less than 6 months ago......I really don't want to have to pay to fix something that should have been fixed correctly when they did all of that.......
  3. I read this a couple years ago and had the same reaction! Sue was annoying and the plot just about beat the reader over the head with its obviousness. For some reason I gave it 3 and a half stars on Goodreads? I really should change my rating as I scowl every time I think of that book.
  4. We did get down and look the first time it made the noise; cannot see anything underneath that is loose, and I had the whole front bumper "unit" (more than just the bumper, down to the area behind the radiator) replaced in....I think October-ish? November-ish?, when I had a wreck. So.....unless they did a very bad job (conceivable, I suppose), that would be odd, right? For something to be loose? But we did look underneath, because it did at first sound like something knocking against the underneath of the frame. We cannot see anything, and they cannot see anything that might be causing it. (we have it at the dealership....) Also, it just had the 90K mile tune up/check up within the last few months, so it's either something not on that checklist, or something that changed drastically since. Tire wear seems.....I don't know. DH didn't seem concerned; tires are exactly 1 yr old/18K miles old more or less. The guy today said "we will need to look at your tires, they are getting close...." but didn't seem to think they need replaced *today* or anything. And dealership "getting close" is different than normal person "getting close," in our experience. I have suggested to DH that if I stay on the feeder instead of the highway, &/or take the back way everywhere, and thus just don't drive 70mph, problem solved. He has suggested that perhaps the problem will still be there, we just won't hear it, so does not find that a viable option. Hmph. (I am actually not keen to have to avoid the highway; we live "down the highway" from everything, so this is not especially feasible w/o adding a LOT of time to our various drives places). No steering wheel shake, alignment is not off, no pulling, no excess vibrating, etc. Nothing strange except the noise. It took me a few weeks of it happening to connect the dots as to speed being a factor (and at that point I then noted down as many details as possible: running about 2K RPMs, about half-way on the temp gauge, and once it begins, if you slow down, it stops, if you speed up, it usually comes back, but the longer it does it, the slower you have to slow down in order for it to stop; it does not always come back, though, once you get it to stop). Read about wheel bearings and steering towards/away from the sound to see if that triggers it; it does not seem to trigger it. No idea what a tie rod is, LOL! I am so very not a car person. I'll put that on the list to ask the guy. The ass't manager called me back to ask if we can be available to come drive him around in it until it makes the noise, because a tech drove it, no luck; he drove it himself, for 20 miles, no luck. He wants us to come drive it in the morning and see if we can get it to happen and point it out to him when it does so they can get to the bottom of it. I am beyond impressed that he's willing to do that (I had joked to DH, "I really want to just tell them, get in the car, when it makes the noise, I'll let you know..." because I didn't want them saying they couldn't find it and giving I'm really pleased the guy asked that, himself, rather than give up). I think they maybe don't want the liability of driving a customer car at 70 mph on the highway, for 10+ minutes or so until it starts making noise. Works for me.
  5. When we were looking at cabins, there was one that had a wine closet. It was very long and narrow, and had wine racks from floor to ceiling. It was on the ground floor and had no outside walls, so the climate control system was never really stressed.
  6. I would get a standard laptop, not a chromebook for college. Chromebooks are great for other uses.
  7. MCT Grammar Island and Sentence Island are really great for seeing the "big picture" of grammar and sentence construction. It might help your kids see why they have been memorizing all those definitions. It's a bit expensive if you buy the whole curriculum, but you can just get the teacher's manual of GI and SI to test it out. There are also free samples on the website. I modified some of the activities by printing out some Montessori symbols for the parts of speech and having my son label the exercise sentences with the symbols instead of writing it all out. I suppose that is a bit like the Winston approach, although, I haven't used Winston myself.
  8. There wasn't an option for multiple choices, so I buy DVDs, Blu-rays, Amazon digital, Redbox that never get returned so I buying them, and VHS from the thrift store because yes, we still have a vcr and I rent movies from Amazon and Netflix.
  9. Wildcat


    I despise wallpaper. As a child of the 70s and 80s, I grew up with it on nearly every wall. In the 90s, I hung it in my own house. Since I had helped my mother remove tons and tons of it over the years, I made sure to prime the walls well. It didn't work. When I took that paper down several years later, it peeled off in four layers: the design, the paper, the glue, and the top layer (and then some!) of wallboard with my primer. The walls were horrible with chunks coming off. It was the stuff of nightmares. I will never be convinced that the newfangled easy-to-remove paper will be any better years down the road when people are ready to peel it off. I will not buy a house with wallpaper in it if it's in more than a small powder room. Sadly, several homes I've recently seen online have it in all the rooms (from the 90s and 2000s) and they are asking top dollar, so it's not like they are acknowledging it might be a turn off. I don't even know how much it would cost to pay to have it removed so I just close the tabs and move on to the next house. I'm not going to get started on negotiations over wallpaper removal. Ugh. I can honestly say that reading this thread has brought up feelings I thought had been long buried!! Wallpaper is one of the "three never again" items for me. The other two are bell-bottom jeans and perms.
  10. My state was considering ending 3rd grade reading retention. 40% are struggling readers. While 27% had low enough scores to be held back, half of that group were ESL or a student with disabilities. The program is fairly new and they haven’t had much time to fully see results, but an independent audit said 87% of schools have seen better reading scores. This article also says 90% (!!) of high school dropouts struggled in reading in 3rd grade yet at the same time retained students have a “significantly increased” chance to dropout. The NV plan sounds pretty good. Too bad we don’t have the teachers and specialists to support it
  11. Didn't she say that it isn't a phrase she hears in her regional dialect except for these few times? That makes it seem less likely that it is a colloquialism used to make everyone comfortable. We have frequent messages for our one in school that surprise me. "He needs more juices. We teached the alphabets today." There is a strong regional dialect here, but my son is an ESL student and we don't plan to live here forever. I would rather he learn English without the distinct dialect. It is definitely also educational level here though. We think our son's para might be illiterate. It's nothing about anyone's worth as a person, but it does influence whether or not the kids learn what they need to.
  12. Ugh. Choosing paint colors is awful. I'm so over it. I'd choose something that compliments both the color of the travertine and hardwood. Are you wanting one color throughout your house or different colors? And I don't like either dark green or gray! LOL. I also prefer warmer colors, but I also think certain colors do better in certain areas. For instance, the love affair with all things gray. Florida houses near the beach with gray walls, gray counters, and gray backsplashes just look odd. And depressing. + 1 on the colors look different in different rooms. I have one color in my current home and each room looks different depending on the time of day and even the season. I would suggest a color swatch on *each wall* in each room and view it on sunny days, cloudy days, at night with lights on, etc. Yes. I like your description in another post about which shade, too, especially for a home in the PNW. Something that isn't drab but isn't bright. I also don't like bright colors in houses. Maybe 'muted' is the word I'm looking for.
  13. DD14 suffered from almost birth from this. Always a low level of never ending sinus struggles then massive flare ups in spring and fall. Finally became untenable because it flared up and persisted for so long. I finally relented and had her allergy tested. I cried in the office. I can’t believe what I had put her through all those years. Poor thing. I had resisted all her life regular allergy/sinus medications. I just didn’t want her on regular drugs if any kind. She’s pretty severely allergic to everything. Ugh. We opted for daily sublingual drops in stead of weekly allergy shots. Absolute heaven! She no longer has to carry Kleenex with her and have a constant red, irritated nose. She isn’t miserable anymore! Happily it has helped her overall immune system since her body is no longer “fighting” all.the.time. The allergy meds aren’t steroids, etc. I highly, highly recommend allergy testing. At least you would have the information to move forward.
  14. Mold or chance of mold. If I walk into the house and my nose runs, and the house feels stuffy, that would be an absolute no. Heating. Central heating preferred though we don’t use ours. No baseboard heating because my kids stuff too many matchbox cars in there when we rented so we consider that a safety hazard from childproofing point of view. Fireplace. We don’t use ours but if a home we look at has a fireplace, we would be thinking about maintenance costs of an older (more than 30 years) fireplace. My neighbor just sold her house and they recarpeted to the cheapest berber carpet before staging. We would have to do that too as our carpet is as worn out by kids as hers is.
  15. To me it really doesn't matter. I want to see progress. If that means a student in third grade begins the year at 2.2 and ends up at 3.2, I'm happy - that's a good year of gain. With 18 months or more variation in age, plus significant numbers of parents who don't converse or read to the dc, the task of catching everyone up to 3.10 by end of grade three isn't realistic.
  16. Depends on the price and the market. I bought a house knowing it would need a roof, hot water heater, flooring, and paint. House was 20 years old but structurally great. I offered full price immediately as the house fit my needs perfectly and it was priced very low compared to it's worth. If the house was priced higher I might have asked for some allowances, etc.
  17. tie rod end? what does the tire look like in terms of wear? Steering wheel shake too? Alignment noticeably off? What did you see underneath?
  18. My vet appt. got rescheduled, just as I suspected it might. Of course, that was after I had gotten up early to clean stalls and catch and halter all the horses so we were ready to go. Sigh. Just as well, because we got walloped with rain and thunderstorms all morning. More to come tonight. I only got little bit of work done today. I laid in bed for an hour, something I rarely ever do during the day, because I felt cruddy from lack of sleep and the monthly visitor. Blah. Ds20 and dd went off to get grain and look at a toolbox for ds' truck. I think I will surprise them by getting all the evening horse chores done before they get back.🙂
  19. is free and saves your progress. DS likes it. No way could somebody finish it in a really short time like that.
  20. I'm not talking about things an inspection would uncover, but other things. I'm thinking things like the condition of the carpet, age of appliances, paint color, grassless patches in the yard, etc. What things would either turn you off from making an offer or would make you offer less or ask for allowances? What would you let slide and just chalk up to "well, we are buying a used house, so we won't/can't ask for a discount/price decrease and just change it to our liking?" Do you/would you require that all nail holes be filled? Walls freshly painted even if it's a color you wouln't have chosen? Do you want the hardwood floors to be refinished or would you rather have an allowance so you can choose the color/gloss level? Do you want new carpet or an allowance so you can choose your own? Or, if everything is "good enough", like lived in, but not bad at all do you just let that stuff slide and now try to negotiate on those things? Anything at all. Assume the floorplan is ideal for you and you are just deciding on an offer. Also assume the house is vacant/staged so the owners have moved out, meaning "what you see is it"... no more updates, retouches were planned in order to sell. I've only ever bought two houses. The first we had no clue what we were doing and paid full asking price & repainted and carpeted once we were in there, and the second was new construction so this is all new to me. I'm just wondering what most people look for/how most people negotiate, and over what things?
  21. You are a brave and beautiful woman, Kelly. I wish with all my heart I had a magical fairy wand and could erase this diagnosis. It just should not be.
  22. Today
  23. I remember when we didn't have smog here. I could see the logging roads in the Olympics from my house. I haven't seen them in years. that avatar pic was taken at patti's when susan came out. roflol.
  24. Actually, if you look at my state, 1 in 4 kids failing the reading test sounds pretty good. In Colorado, less than half the students are at grade level in reading and 1 out of 3 are at grade level in math. When my daughter went to the very highly spoken of neighborhood charter school, I finally understood why our country is falling behind so many other countries in education. The math was a really bad common core that from what I could see, confused students more than gave them actual skills. And this highly spoken of charter school where every parent I have met (expect the one former homeschooler) has spoken of how wonderful it is has only 1 out of 3 kids proficient in math per their grade level. This school has most of the population of kids from two parents solidly middle class families with no ESL students. I don't understand. We didn't stay with that school. I couldn't figure out why so many parents raved about it. The academics were horrible. I couldn't figure out why the parents didn't ban together and insist on changes because it was a charter school and they could make changes. I think they were satisfied.
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