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  2. My favorites to SING: Silent Night and Joy to the World. And I don't think it's just because I know the alto part by heart. They just give me deep satisfaction and joy to sing in harmony with others or in harmony with a recording. Others that stir deep memories of contentment: Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (the organist in the church I grew up in played this during most every communion. I didn't know it had words until I was an adult because we didn't sing that one). Still, Still, Still (heard a great choir arrangement of this when I attended my husband's parents' church for
  3. I love most of it. Cleaning products give me a headache, so it's wonderful to be able to clean with only water. I have a bit of everything. Their laundry detergent is amazing. I use that diluted in a spray bottle to clean up pet accidents. Our elderly cat peed directly on our mattress (mad because I was washing her bed I guess) and the laundry detergent took out the stain and the smell. We use almost all of the different cloths. I have one of the doormats at our doggie door and it does a fantastic job of soaking up wet and mud. The cleaning paste is amazing at getting out glass top stove clean
  4. I don’t. IME the prices fluctuate wildly and it’s much easier to simply search for & order the product again.
  5. Italian sausage soup Brown sausage in dutch oven, remove. Saute onion, celery, and red bell pepper in drippings. Then add minced garlic. Add meat back in. Then beef stock and chopped cabbage. Simmer 20 minutes and season to taste. Add carrots, diced small, with the onions, if you can have them. They add color, sweetness, fiber, and nutrients. A can of diced tomatoes is good too. If serving to non-LC eaters, add 2 can of small white beans, drained and rinsed.
  6. Tomorrow is the First Sunday in Advent. Willy Nilly!! I am not prepared. It’s like the Christmas season kind of jumped the gun this year, but now it’s really Advent and I am not prepared.
  7. What are the advantages and disadvantages? I thought about trying it out because I'm staying out of stores. What have been your experiences?
  8. This thread reminded me of this video where Mary responds:
  9. a good deal on stainless steel set. Tools of the Trade 13-Piece Cookware Set Just $29.99 Shipped on Macys.com (Regularly $120) - Hip2Save Don't forget about cash back
  10. The colour chip link you sent has some photos of how this wall colour looks with white furniture and dark brown furniture. It also has coordinating colour suggestions. Depending on what furniture you own, and how bright or dark your preferences are, you could have lots of white and some darker colours, or the other way around. Judging by the 3 photos, I'm guessing that leaning more toward white looks the best. I think the idea is that it is like nature, with light blue and white "sky" and a variety of darker colours on the ground. Looking out my window right now, I can see that, an
  11. Thank you for the photo and the link to the bedding. I think our walls are a bit deeper/richer/brighter (or something), but it's definitely close, and our floors aren't quite as dark. The previous owners also left the curtains and they are a deep teal, almost navy. I really like them!
  12. As I'm obtaining Christmas presents & cleaning so we have room for new items, I wonder if it is worth keeping all these instruction manuals. We've usually kept them in file folders but hardly ever refer to them there. The (newish) microwave one is near the micro if we want to check it. I'm just wanting to pitch them as I open boxes. But then I think I'll regret it because what if I want to see how to do the recommended cleaning? Or troubleshoot something or refer to the parts page? Then I remember how many manuals are online now. Pitch or keep? What says the Hive?
  13. That would certainly make it a lot easier to decorate!
  14. I had never thought of putting red or coral in there.... something more to think about.
  15. I am hiding at my computer while dh and the girls assemble the Christmas tree. (Using the word "assemble" with "Christmas tree" seems wrong, but that is in fact what they are doing.)
  16. I like that King and Country version of Little Drummer Boy. Also, I dig the Dickensonian costuming. Here's a version of Mary Did You Know that I think is lovely. This is one of my favorite versions of Oh Holy Night.
  17. Chx tortilla soup. Saute onion and bell peppers in oil. I like avocado or EVOO. Add minced garlic for just a minute. Add equal parts chx stock and veggie cocktail. You can use V8 or find a better version at your Farmers' Market. Many farmers here can their own and sell it in cases of 12 qt jars. Add cooked chx, a can of fire-roasted tomatoes, chipotle chile powder and salt to taste. Simmer for a few minutes and taste. Adjust seasonings. Reserve some for LC eaters, then add black beans and some frozen corn. Serve with avocados, cilantro, and a small dollop of sour cream. T
  18. Another vote for traditional hymns. I think my favorite is Angels We Have Heard On High because it's fun to sing in a group. Otherwise, I prefer the really good instrumentals, such as those by Mannheim Steamroller & Trans Siberian Orchestra and the Charlie Brown Christmas. Or maybe Ave Maria? Yeah, I think it's Ave Maria.
  19. I'm playing doubles tennis this evening with my indoor competitive league! I'm excited to play tennis again, and happy to team up with friends. I'll also get outside for a walk at some point. I really need to dig in and get working on my final statistics assignment, though, so I'll be stuck to the computer for a while over the next week. Then I'll be free!!!
  20. Yeah, I didn't take that away from Metaxis's book on Bonhoeffer either.
  21. I Second Fields and Pastures New and Evidence Not Seen. They're very good.
  22. Also, don't feel obligated to donate money to "make up" the difference. You may need it. I truly pray for you a quick recovery, but I'd put any extra $$ aside, just in case. For medical bills or anything you might later need.
  23. This is very good, and I also love the Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. Also, I read The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains by Nicholas Carr The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer
  24. This is the bedding https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07837L7NS?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share ETA: nevermind. It's not on this listing anymore.
  25. Soup! Soup! Soup! Fast, flexible and delicious. Homemade stock is super easy, fabulously healthy and GI tract healing, and cheap! I make it in my crock pot. In the morning, put in chx/turkey carcass or beef bones. Bones should have been cooked! I roast whole chx or use rotisserie. My 9lb turkey yeilded enough bones for two batches. Beef bones are inexpensive at most Farmers' Markets or direct from grassfed/pastured animal farmers. I get beef bones for free from our CSA. I roast them on 425 until browned before making stock. Add veggies. I use celery, onion, carrots, garlic. Fo
  26. this isn't the best photo but gives you an idea. Obviously there is lots of white. And the navy is a softer, dustier navy.
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