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    "Creativity is Intelligence having Fun." by Albert Einstein He is one of my favorite people. He was a genius with a funny side. I'm starting this club to discuss art in the homeschool environment. What are your thoughts? Is visual art really that important to the homeschool curriculum? Is homeschool art just about making crafts? I hope that we can discuss these questions with each other.
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    A place to gather links to the recipe and food related threads from the Chat Board
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    We are focused on reaching or maintaining our weight & fitness goals.

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    Entering a child in public or private school after homeschooling is a journey many homeschool families make, but there's less guidance/support than there is for when we entered homeschooling. I want this to be a safe place where those who have homeschooled and then had a child try public school to talk about their experience, ask advice, etc. If you have homeschooled, and have any children who are now in public or private school, or are considering sending one of your children back to traditional school, or have always had a mix of homeschooled and public/private schooled children, then you are welcome to join this club.

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    An ecumenical group for those who want to dive a bit deeper into the discussions surrounding theological/religious reads mentioned on the BaW threads or elsewhere on the forums.

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    A place for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to gather together. Others welcome, please be respectful of our faith if you join.

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    This club hasn't provided a description.

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    For anyone doing Nanowrimo this year - support, encourage, keep accountable, share ideas, whatever you fancy!

  • Closed Club  ·  8 members  ·  Last active

    For homeschooling parents of future NCAA Student-Athletes to navigate the process.

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    I'm going to start this off as closed but will move it to private if that is needed.

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    A place to chat with others to determine if you should purchase a new curriculum or if you’re just tempted by the “new and shiny”. A great place for “grass is greener” folks!

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    A group for SAHMs to find encouragement and to discuss all the challenges of returning to school and or the work force as their home schooling years come to an end.

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    Roman Catholic Home School Group-The form of any society ultimately depends upon its philosophy, upon its way of looking at the universe, upon its judgment of moral values: that is, in the concrete, upon its religion. The popular press and fiction hide from the men of today this elementary truth, that upon religion all turns, and that every main political problem, every main economic one, is finally a function of the philosophy which is at work beneath all.

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    This club is for parents of middle and high school students who prefer more privacy in their discussions as they raise and educate their kiddos with developmental and cognitive challenges.

  • Closed Club  ·  164 members  ·  Last active

    The new, private version of the WTM politics group. Send a request to join if you want to discuss or read about politics from any part of the world.

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    Chat and support group for secular homeschoolers who also happen to be libertarian or conservative.
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    A place to discuss all things related to plant-based eating:  recipes, nutrition, health, ethics, environment, and more.
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    <p>Support group for parents of children with known or suspected PANS/PANDAS.</p>
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    <p>A group for people with mental illness (depression, anxiety, bipolar, OCD, you name it) who homeschool their children. </p>
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    <p>This is a place for health anxiety sufferers who need more support than they are finding in real life.  Feel free to vent here; type out your worries for listening ears, without fear!!  Anyone can join, but please try to observe the following rules:</p> <p> </p> <p>- No judgement... even if a fear seems totally irrational or involving what you consider a minor issue</p> <p>- No negative anecdotes [My husband's cousin twice-removed had something like that, didn't get it treated in time, and died]</p> <p>- No "helpful" online diagnosing [it could be x (horrible), y (terrible), or z (you don't even want to know)]</p> <p>- No consulting the Google and reporting back here</p> <p>- Limited recommendations of specific medical tests or remedies, whether OTC or prescription or "natural".  Please recognize that these recommendations may worsen a person's health anxiety.</p> <p> </p> <p>Also -- there is no such thing as TMI (too much information) here.  You can talk about topics you consider embarrassing, gross, anything.  Only group members can see posts.</p>
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    A place for wide-ranging readers who want to discuss reading in a (mostly) uncensored environment. As a social group, the guidelines are freer than on the general boards. Please remember & respect the fact that members bring varying perspectives & ideas, some of which may not mesh with your own. Current rules include: -- Follow the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would wish to be treated. Extend grace. Interact civilly. -- No ad hominem attacks. No gossip. -- Respect confidentiality. As this is (currently) a semi-private group, please do not share posts, quotes, or information from members without getting prior approval from that person. -- You don't have to read posts that offend or bother you. Do feel free to post your own thoughts & points of view. This is not meant to be an echo chamber & not everyone has to agree. -- Posters who do not engender thoughtful discussion may be removed from the group.
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    Defunct version of the club. Please do not post in this one.
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    <p>We are in the process of planning to full-time again. Would love to hear how others have done this. Organizational, money saving, boondocking, & everything else. Share your favorite places, places to avoid, difficult roads, & etc.</p>
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