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<p>Small Business Owners - any and all welcome! Share your struggles, your successes, and most of all - your accounting tips! ;)</p>
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  2. Hi I was wondering if this club is still open. I have a small business of 1. I am a certified art teacher in a public school that now also teacher art online to homeschool students. Here is a little bit about my business. Smart Art Club is online art classes for homeschool students. Ages range from 5 to 14 years old. Classes are taught by a Certified Art Teacher. Classes are educational and are not crafts or Pinterest projects. Classes are broken up into age groups and skill levels. Students will learn about art history, art terminology, techniques, artists and art skills. Classes incorporate other subjects into each class. Some subjects are reading, science, history and math. Classes are online and are taught through videos. Finished artwork can be uploaded to Smart Art Club Community, where other members can view and comment about their work. Visit me at www.cutlersmartart.com
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