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A place to discuss politics from any political viewpoint from any part of the world. Please remember that we don't all come into this with the same perspective. Here are the current rules: -Treat each respectfully. -No ad hominem attacks of other group members. -Do not tell other people how to vote. We are here to discuss politics, not the voting decisions of group members. -Don't bother SWB. -You don't have to read any thread that offends you, but feel free to present your point of view. -Posters whose comments do not engender thoughtful discussion may be removed from the group.

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  2. This exactly. I think this is a bad idea for both parties.
  3. No, really, there is a skit from 2000 with Rudy in drag and DJT hitting on him at the perfume counter. Literally and seriously. (You might need brain bleach.)
  4. You know how Trump liked to be his own PR guy, John Barron? A reporter for Forbes found some old tape with a phone call of "Barron" trying to BS him into listing him on the Forbes 400 list of the richest people. The article has the audio and a long explanation of Trump's machinations to get himself on the list. It's a shame that the news cycle is so crowded this probably won't pop. But it should. It's a doozy!
  5. I think Nunes expected Rosenstein to refuse to turn them over, thereby giving a rationale for firing Rosenstein. And Rosenstein called the bluff. Aside from the near-verification that in addition to Page's and Manafort's there was also a FISA warrant out on Flynn (and it was a DOJ choice, not to redact that), there's not much new there. So now the scramble is to find sound bytes that can be lifted out of context to smear Comey, or DT (who almost certainly did not read anything that long) can simply claim, preposterously, that they "prove" NO COLLUSION.
  6. Okay, so first there was the Nunes memo, remember that? It was going to blow up Bob Mueller and shut the whole Russian thing down. It was a completely stupid, 3-pager with gaping holes that any rational observer could drive a truck through. It didn't help Trump's case at all. Now, the Congressional Republicans threatened to impeach Rod Rosenstein to get their hot little hands on the Comey memos to blow up the Mueller investigation and embarrass Jim Comey on his book tour. Then, they leaked them in less than 3 seconds. I know that was the point, but seriously, these are supposed to be essential to an ongoing investigation and the Congress is supposed to be a serious deliberative body. But, the dumb memos don't really have any new information except the embarrassing hooker conversation with Vladimir Putin which, thank goodness, almost certainly didn't happen. It turns out that DJT just has a hard time remembering if he heard something live or on Fox News. There's probably a diagnosis in the DSM V for that...
  7. Just making sure everyone sees the link to the new group.
  8. Just making sure everyone sees the link to the new group.
  9. Here’s the link to the new, closed group. All posts will be private and I’ll have to approve any members. Lurkers are more than welcome, but I might send a pm if I’m not sure who you are (or just to get to know you better). I will keep this group open and we’ll decide later what we should do with it. Come join the new group!
  10. Okay, I’m going to create a new, closed group here. I know it’s not ideal, and I know that thus group might get back to normal, but after nearly a month of this group either being down or completely open, I don’t want to keep waiting. I know this is just more switching around which is a hassle, but we have so many people not posting here now because of the privacy settings. I’ll create the new group now and post the link in a new thread here and in the google group. The new group will be closed which means it will be visible in the clubs listing, but the posts will be private. You will be able to request to join and I can approve you.
  11. MAGA Making Attorneys Get Attorneys (Not original, I’ve seen that various places on Twitter)
  12. My only preference is not going back to the google group. It worked in a pinch, but the format here is better. Other than that I don’t care.
  13. I'm having a hard time getting used to the new format. Doesn't feel like home...
  14. That photo is super cute. Yay for infants in the houses of government! (Real infants, that is, not the grown up kind).
  15. maize, you are back! I've been looking out for you since the new boards went up and haven't seen you. Glad you are here.
  16. I'm thinking Giuliani wants access to the evidence the various teams have on Trump so as to see how closely it's pointing in his direction.
  17. If anyone deserves a client who puts their license to practice in jeopardy while stiffing them on their legal fees, it's Rudy.
  18. I haven't been participating much, so probably don't really have a say, but I won't be participating much in future, I think, without the group owner having some control over membership - not so much re lurking - I do a lot of that myself - more on the rare occasion there is an obvious, ongoing and disruptive problem with a member.
  19. I vote wait a bit longer. I think migrating would lose a ton of people. There's no way to make this group private right now? That option still isn't available, huh? That seems to be the only hangup to continuing here. I vote to wait a bit longer in hopes of making it work. Maybe another week.
  20. I mostly lurk, but am grateful this group exists. My preference would be to create a new group where you have full access to all the tools to manage the settings. I would also hope that a new group would be less susceptible to the vagaries the existing ones are experiencing as the tech folks fiddle with things. Since we have active group members who aren't posting here while the group is public, I would really like to see an option which enables them to fully participate again. ...but I would happily defer to the consensus of the community, whatever that ends up being! :)
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