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<p>Are you taking freshman classes or studying for your PhD and need some support? This group is open to adults who are starting or returning to college. Whether you are attending online, on campus, full-time, part-time, or something in between we welcome you. This group's privacy settings are public and membership is open, meaning automatic for anyone wishing to join. </p>
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  2. @dirty ethel rackham Thanks for the wonderful update! What a roller coaster of emotions and experiences you've been having! My own update is much more tame in comparison. I had one of those weird thoughts one gets at 1 am; mine is that I'd REALLY like to continue with grad studies and pursue my PhD. I simply love research and being associated with an academic institute, with the flexibility to work within the community as well. I think I've discovered the perfect fit within my current university that combines my 2 interests. Before I could second guess myself, I e-mailed a prof in the pro
  3. Nice to see the updates. Here's mine: I started back in clinicals at the beginning of August. I'm at the hospital 4 days a week. I was switched to a hospital in an urban area that is a hot spot for COVID. Fortunately, they have adequate PPE and our department is fully supportive of taking precautions. We are allowed one N95 mask a week and we wear a procedure mask over that and a face shield. We also wear an isolation gown (the more cloth-like ones, not the plastic ones.) Since we are in close contact with a patient for a good 30 - 40 minutes at a time and there is significant comm
  4. Congratulations on getting a second job. All the best with teaching this fall. I hope it goes really well!
  5. I'm taking a graduate course in statistics this fall toward my graduate degree in program evaluation. It will be on-line, though there is supposed to be a live class each week, which I'm happy about. I've been doing a lot of review this summer so I'll be up to speed with stats. I haven't taken a stats class in about 25 years. The review is going really well. I'm feeling pretty confident about the course. I'm also volunteering to complete a program evaluation for a brain injury services agency. It's going very well. I'm just about ready for the data collection phase, my favourite part!
  6. Nope. I'm in California. Half of the hospitals (maybe more than half?) aren't letting students in this fall. It's all very tenuous.
  7. I reached the halfway mark in my math master's degree this summer! Technically, I have one more paper to write and then I'm there. I just have one class in Orton Gillingham instruction and my internship left for my Special Ed. program and am hoping to finish by January. Everything moved online in the spring and will be online for fall as well. I feel like my brain is still recovering from my summer classes. My next classes start the weekend of 9/25 so I have over a month. In-service starts on 8/24 for my district, so I basically have one week off before getting fully back into the swing of th
  8. How is the fall looking for you all? My nursing education is moving forward. I'm about to start semester 2 out of 4. We just got our clinical assignments yesterday and I'm thrilled that we actually have clinicals to go to. Hoping and praying that the hospitals stay open all semester. I'm currently working on finishing my clinical hours for the spring semester. We just had our skills check-off yesterday. My first time on campus since March. It was so great to see my classmates in person. I feel like I've processed all the stages of grief about losing the nursing school experience tha
  9. Since I posted this I added a second job. I will now be teaching 6 hours at the local state U in addition to 7 hours at the CC. Both schools offered me another class beyond that, but I had already committed to both, and teaching 19 hours sounded crazy, so I just held on to my original 13 hour commitment. All my classes are still officially seated, but for all but one, they are either supposed to be hybrid or I have permission to make them hybrid, reducing the number of students in the classroom at a time and replacing some class meetings with Zoom meetings.
  10. They are scheduled for in-person in the fall. Having experienced taking classes online in an emergency last semester, I will design them to be easy to move online at any point. I would be surprised if it doesn't happen at some point in the semester. All it would take is one person in the class testing positive an the whole class would be quarantined. 🤷‍♀️
  11. Congratulations! That's phenomenal. Enjoy the teaching. Will your classes be in-person or on-line? It's so inspiring to hear about these success stories. Thanks for sharing!
  12. I finished my MA in English Lit in May. I just got hired to teach classes at the local community college for fall which was my goal when I went back to school. Good luck to everyone who is still in progress!
  13. Not yet. The class ahead of us is just starting back at clinicals this week. There are several sites that are not yet taking students so they have had to scramble to get those students into other clinical sites. They hope to get us back in August. However, we just got permission to go back to the lab to practice scanning on each other again.
  14. Congratulations!!! That's wonderful. Are you able to complete your clinical hours through the Covid closures?
  15. I passed the Sonographic Principles and Instrumentation board exam today (ultrasound physics)! One down. 3 more to go, but I can't take those until next year. So, 3 more semesters of academic classes and close to 1800 clinical hours to go. They moved most of our fall classes to this summer to be done online so we will have more time in the fall to make up clinical hours that we are not doing this summer. They hope that we can go back into hospitals later this summer. How are your studies going?
  16. I am sorry to hear about this! I hope they can come up with something so it doesn't really mess up your programs.
  17. Our clinicals have been suspended as well. For me, which I can feel my skills deteriorating each day, I am in the beginning of my program, so I'll have more time to make them up, if and when they resume. I feel bad for those who are closer to graduation.
  18. I have no idea what this means for my degree. We just found out from our clinical instructor and haven’t heard from the school of nursing yet. Clinical hours are a mandatory part of licensing so I’m a little more than concerned about what this means for graduating on time. Blah.
  19. Good luck everyone! I am finally back in the fray. I have replaced the two committee members I am losing and and thrilled with them. These two are taking over my major and minor areas, which this late in the program is a big step. The major area/chair prof is my Native American lit professor, who I have worked with a lot. The new minor area is a wonderful professor I've known since I started grad school. Both are very enthusiastic and very hands on/involved, especially since I'll be prepping for comps to be taken in the fall. I'm majorly relived and actually excited about things again. I
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