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<p>Are you taking freshman classes or studying for your PhD and need some support? This group is open to adults who are starting or returning to college. Whether you are attending online, on campus, full-time, part-time, or something in between we welcome you. This group's privacy settings are public and membership is open, meaning automatic for anyone wishing to join. </p>

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  2. Yes, the end is in sight for me, too. I have only one class this semester, the last one I need to complete the graduate certificate. It has been completely uninspiring but also undemanding. Which, given the medical stuff and my inability to bounce back emotionally from said medical stuff, may be a good thing. Barring any disaster in the next couple of weeks, I'll end up with an A. I'll be super glad to see the back of this one. I had hoped to roll right into a master's program, but, I'm having second thoughts. (See comments above regarding medical and emotional stuff, and add in the stack of unpaid bills from said medical stuff.) So, we'll see.
  3. How is everyone doing? End of semester in sight? This semester was really tough. Who knew that this associates was going to be harder than my BS in math? I'm doing great in all my academic classes and will likely get A's in all of those. However, my scan lab grades are kind of all over the place. I think I'll get at least a B in one with the more helpful instructors. But, I'll probably end up with a C in the other one. ("C's get degrees" I keep telling myself.) I feel like every time I ask for help, they ding me even more on something. And any time I open my mouth to ask a question, it is seen as arguing ... I'm not ... I just want to learn and understand. Then, the other day, one of the instructors had the nerve to say "I don't know why you don't have more confidence ... you are doing fine." If that is the case, then why does she frequently give me 6's out of 10 in several categories of the weekly grade. I bombed their scan mid-term. I thought I did Ok, only to see my images and wonder who the hell took those? I ended up with a low C. But others are getting fantastic grades and I don't think their images are better. Any way. 2 1/2 more weeks and I'll be done for the semester. Then I'll have a 5 week break and start clinicals (24 hours a week) along with 14 credit hours of classes. My assignment is a suburban hospital 30 minutes away (one of the closer ones.) Most of my class will be at hospitals in various parts of the city with commutes up to 2 hours on the way home. I'll likely get one of those in the summer/fall rotation. Looking forward to my break, time with dd before she heads to Spain for a semester, and time with ds who will be coming in for the holidays. It's doubtful I'll see K, but there has been some contact.
  4. I start nursing school in January! I’m so, so ready to move on to actual nursing education. I’ve been clicking away at prerequisites since 2016.
  5. Wow, those page requirements are dumb. It turns out that she really ended up liking my writing so I’m sailing through the course with a 98% and on my last essay. I’m ready to be done.
  6. Ugh... I feel your pain. That sounds very challenging. I hope you've been able to get into a groove with her now that we're almost at the end. My online prof this semester also had an odd calendar - she started the "week" on Friday and we had to post on the chapter within the first 2 days of the "week" (Fri/Sat) then a chapter quiz on Thursday, then start a new week the next day fully prepped. Fortunately, she hasn't been a micro-manager but it took several weeks for me to settle into this odd schedule. My son's EN 101 teacher also has precise page amounts and gives an F if they don't comply. A 3-page essay must be 3 full pages.. not 2.5 or 2.75.
  7. There are limited presentations at workshops at this particular one-day conference. There will be an area set up with large poster displays of research, program evaluations, and other work in the field. Everyone who wants to present sends in an abstract of their work and the conference organizers invite those abstracts that fit best with their theme, attendees, and overall areas of interest in the field. We'll have up to 6' x 3' of poster area to cover. We don't have to stay by the poster all day as there are designated times when people are encouraged to look and talk with the researchers. I've done a couple presentations in the past, both oral and poster. The poster is less stressful, but you don't reach as large an audience, I don't think. I'm really hoping that there will be a lot of people who come and talk to me.
  8. Congratulations! What does it mean to present a poster? Is there a display area or is it in some kind of session? Getting it all paid for makes it even sweeter! I presented a paper at a conference last year and I'm waiting to hear if I'll get to do it again. It was a great experience, and I really can't recommend it highly enough. I hope your conference is equally beneficial to you!
  9. I just received notice of being accepted to do a poster presentation at a big conference! I will be working with my student partner on creating and presenting the poster, and the two of us will go to the conference in Toronto. The agency we did the the program evaluation for will pay for everything (hotel, travel, conference registration, cost to print poster). It's a really sweet deal for poor students! I'm so excited! The program and speakers will be amazing. It's only one day, but we'll travel the day before. The nice thing about a poster is that we don't have to get up and talk in front of the audience, rather we can engage with individuals actually interested in our work.
  10. Hope you can find something to preoccupy your mind while you wait and hoping it’s good news!
  11. I applied to a nursing program last month. I am now waiting for an interview invitation, which would be the first hoop to get through. From what I’ve heard, those are usually sent out by email in mid October. So now I find myself checking my email excessively. What if the invites go out earlier? What if it goes into my junk mail? Will I even make it to this step or will I spend all of October obsessing for nothing. Blah.
  12. I SO dislike those precise word limits. In an intro art history course once, the TA marked a paper down from an A to a B because I ran over like 20 words. I wanted to start throwing desks.
  13. There will always be other classes. You did the best thing. Take care of yourself and wishing you the best!
  14. I wish there was a hug button. You made the right decision, but I know it's not one that you wanted to be forced to make. (((HUGS)))
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