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<p>Are you taking freshman classes or studying for your PhD and need some support? This group is open to adults who are starting or returning to college. Whether you are attending online, on campus, full-time, part-time, or something in between we welcome you. This group's privacy settings are public and membership is open, meaning automatic for anyone wishing to join. </p>

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  2. Our clinicals have been suspended as well. For me, which I can feel my skills deteriorating each day, I am in the beginning of my program, so I'll have more time to make them up, if and when they resume. I feel bad for those who are closer to graduation.
  3. I have no idea what this means for my degree. We just found out from our clinical instructor and haven’t heard from the school of nursing yet. Clinical hours are a mandatory part of licensing so I’m a little more than concerned about what this means for graduating on time. Blah.
  4. Good luck everyone! I am finally back in the fray. I have replaced the two committee members I am losing and and thrilled with them. These two are taking over my major and minor areas, which this late in the program is a big step. The major area/chair prof is my Native American lit professor, who I have worked with a lot. The new minor area is a wonderful professor I've known since I started grad school. Both are very enthusiastic and very hands on/involved, especially since I'll be prepping for comps to be taken in the fall. I'm majorly relived and actually excited about things again. I am doing two classes this semester and they are my last two classes! I have one more Native American lit class and an architecture history class that is focused on American homes from the colonies to now.
  5. I'm so happy for you! This is such a tough thing to do and I'm super excited that you got in and are on your way!
  6. One program starts this Friday and the other starts 2/1. I'm taking Number Theory for my math masters program and Emotional/Behavioral issues in special ed for my special ed program. One of the dates for the programs conflicts with the other program, so I am going to have to tell my Special Ed professor that I need to miss a day. Not looking forward to that, but I need to do it.
  7. My semester starts next Tuesday. I have 14 credit hours and 24 hours of clinicals. Haven't figured out when I will have time to study. I'm super excited and also terrified. I feel like I got really rusty on this 5-week break.
  8. I start my nursing program on the 27th. I’m nervous/excited! Four semesters to my BSN!
  9. My semester begins Monday. What about everyone else? What are you taking? Are you excited? stressed? This will be my last semester. I'm taking YA Literature and Middle English. I'm teaching Introduction to College Writing and Writing 1 (online). I'm super excited about the semester! Who else?
  10. I finished my semester as a student. I'm still finishing grading; hopefully I'll have grades posted tomorrow for both the classes I teach. My semester was really good. It wasn't overly stressful in general, although I did complete my thesis and comprehensive exams in addition to my classes and teaching. Other good things that happened: I got accepted to speak at the Nineteenth Century Studies Association conference again this year; I had 2 professors offer me opportunities to collaborate with them on research projects, both should lead to publication and one will lead to another conference presentation (I'm probably not going to take that one though - more work than I'm up for and a bit outside my time period); my first reader on my thesis wants me to submit it for publication as well. All these opportunities make me feel like a "real" scholar. It has been very encouraging. Two more classes to take and two more to teach in the spring, then I'll graduate with my MA English Literature!
  11. And ... I'm done. The semester is finished and I am mentally spent. I had 6 classes and 6 finals. 2 were take home finals and 2 were practical scanning finals. It looks like I will get 4 A's in my academic classes and 2 B's in my scanning labs. From what the older classes tell us, B's are to be celebrated. Almost nobody gets As in those. Gotta keep us humble as we head out into clinicals, I guess.
  12. Nooooo 😞 Mine's 36 months including the last semester's unpaid full time preceptorship. I will graduate Aug 21. By end of next Feb I'll be past the half way point though so that will be exciting! yours will go by so fast!!
  13. I'm finishing up my semester of box-checking classes (humanities, check. critical thinking, check. US gov, check.). I just turned in my last english paper. Polysci final is tomorrow. I'm sooooo not into taking this test, but since I got into a program, I'm no longer dedicated to getting A's in all my classes. As long as I pass, I'm fine. I also have a dance history final. That class has been the biggest snoozefest. I'm looking forward to the break.
  14. It's a two year BSN. You should be approaching the finish line in your program, no?
  15. end is in sight! last weekend of school is the *perfect* time to catch up on the boards, right? 😁 My procrastination side is kicking in hard lol I'm just so done... except I'm not really done.... this term's clinical is already finished (surgical rotation this semester) & I passed with flying colors & a great write up from the instructor. Two As in theory classes already, two more final exams to go next week & then Term 4 out of 9 really will be done! Jenny, sorry to hear about your health problems and the resultant fallout der - your program sounds tough!!! I'm sure it will all come together. Glad to hear you have a nice break to look forward to and there's been contact with K.
  16. Yes, the end is in sight for me, too. I have only one class this semester, the last one I need to complete the graduate certificate. It has been completely uninspiring but also undemanding. Which, given the medical stuff and my inability to bounce back emotionally from said medical stuff, may be a good thing. Barring any disaster in the next couple of weeks, I'll end up with an A. I'll be super glad to see the back of this one. I had hoped to roll right into a master's program, but, I'm having second thoughts. (See comments above regarding medical and emotional stuff, and add in the stack of unpaid bills from said medical stuff.) So, we'll see.
  17. How is everyone doing? End of semester in sight? This semester was really tough. Who knew that this associates was going to be harder than my BS in math? I'm doing great in all my academic classes and will likely get A's in all of those. However, my scan lab grades are kind of all over the place. I think I'll get at least a B in one with the more helpful instructors. But, I'll probably end up with a C in the other one. ("C's get degrees" I keep telling myself.) I feel like every time I ask for help, they ding me even more on something. And any time I open my mouth to ask a question, it is seen as arguing ... I'm not ... I just want to learn and understand. Then, the other day, one of the instructors had the nerve to say "I don't know why you don't have more confidence ... you are doing fine." If that is the case, then why does she frequently give me 6's out of 10 in several categories of the weekly grade. I bombed their scan mid-term. I thought I did Ok, only to see my images and wonder who the hell took those? I ended up with a low C. But others are getting fantastic grades and I don't think their images are better. Any way. 2 1/2 more weeks and I'll be done for the semester. Then I'll have a 5 week break and start clinicals (24 hours a week) along with 14 credit hours of classes. My assignment is a suburban hospital 30 minutes away (one of the closer ones.) Most of my class will be at hospitals in various parts of the city with commutes up to 2 hours on the way home. I'll likely get one of those in the summer/fall rotation. Looking forward to my break, time with dd before she heads to Spain for a semester, and time with ds who will be coming in for the holidays. It's doubtful I'll see K, but there has been some contact.
  18. I start nursing school in January! I’m so, so ready to move on to actual nursing education. I’ve been clicking away at prerequisites since 2016.
  19. Wow, those page requirements are dumb. It turns out that she really ended up liking my writing so I’m sailing through the course with a 98% and on my last essay. I’m ready to be done.
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