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<p>Are you taking freshman classes or studying for your PhD and need some support? This group is open to adults who are starting or returning to college. Whether you are attending online, on campus, full-time, part-time, or something in between we welcome you. This group's privacy settings are public and membership is open, meaning automatic for anyone wishing to join. </p>

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  2. My university break was a different week than homeschool and public school break, so I was pretty much "working" during both breaks. I only have 2 more classes left of my course and one big assignment to finish, though, so I'll get a nice long spring/summer break very soon. I'm really enjoying my course and wish it could go on longer, or that I could have this same prof for another course.
  3. Mine isn't until the 26th. Dd is home for hers right now and it has been a joy to have her here. I'm gonna cry when she leaves. I don't have any specific plans for Spring Break. I like the idea of meeting people for lunch or something. I still have to pick up a few shifts at my volunteer job (and I was hoping to grab more, but most are taken.) I might drive a couple of hours to go meet up with a friend if she has the time. I do know I need to do taxes and do some major filing. Maybe I'll invite someone over so I'll be forced to do some decluttering.
  4. Technically, my university's spring break was this week. However, work marches on, and there are assignments due in both of my classes this weekend or shortly thereafter. Next week is the spring break for our local public schools, and we have a full slate of classes and camps for kids happening at the library where I work. So, spring break is not really a thing for me this year. You'll have to enjoy yours for both of us!
  5. I'm so ready for next week. Any plans for your spring break? I am getting lunch with a friend, studying for our first lab practicum...
  6. Micro might be my very favorite class of all time. The professor is excellent. She’s clear, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about her field. A true joy to learn from. My other class is Stats. That professor seems a bit lost. It’s his first semester teaching stats and it really shows. Overall, my work load is much lighter this semester, which is exactly what I need during baseball season!
  7. It's a light week for assignments. I have been in touch with my teams for both classes and have scheduled check-ins with both tomorrow, but there are no deliverables due in either class and no individual assignments. I have a couple of small tasks to take care of before tomorrow's check-ins, but I have been rather enjoying a low-stress week.
  8. My semester is going great. I have two relatively easy classes, Patient Care Skills for Sonography and Pathophysiology for Sonography. These are the last two prereqs for applying to the program. The Patient Care Skills class has a service learning component, so I am volunteering at a transitional care home for children with complex medical needs - a place they go to from the hospital before going home while their families get trained on how to care for them. This has been so rewarding. It takes like a second to look past the trach and vent tubes to see their personalities. I think I have all my letters of recommendation worked out. I am also taking a gentle yoga class at the college (for credit to make sure I go) and have added an online physical fitness goals class that starts the 2nd 8 weeks.) I took the PSB-Health Occupations Aptitude Exam and it was WAY easier than any of the prep materials insinuated. I am above a the 98th percentile in all the categories that are rated for the application. This was such a relief. I'm still looking for a job that works around my school and volunteer schedule. Hoping to find something soon.
  9. I am 23 days into my first term (of five 6-month terms), and thus far I have completed Biochem, Nutrition, Org Systems, and am almost finished with Leadership and Med Dosage Calculations. I should have those two done in the next week or so. That will only leave me with my Nursing Fundamentals course. So, I am killing it. I asked my mentor to let me bump up one of the term two non-clinical classes, and she agreed, so that would add one more 3-unit class to finish by August 1st. I will have my first labs for Fundamentals in May, and that will be it for my first term. Term two starts August 1st and my first clinicals (Med-Surg) start right after Labor Day in September. That will be the real test for me. So, my goal is to get all of my didactic courses done as quickly as possible, so I can relax and work out over the summer while the boys are in camp. I am down 70 lbs since my bypass, but I need to firm up to get ready for the 12-hours shifts of clinicals. I feel like I have lost a lot of muscle mass along with the fat, and my energy levels just seem low. I am definitely nervous about whether this old body can hang with the young spring chickens! 😉
  10. How is everyone's semester going? I'm taking 2 classes. One is all day. It's and art (which I need) and a 200 level class (I need 5 to grad). Fortunately for me it's weaving. I'm enjoying getting back behind a loom and trying new things. Get to play with yarn all day on Fridays. I do have a write a paper, which shouldn't be an issue. But, I'm having the hardest time coming up with an idea for a paper. I'm also taking another 200 class in Short Stories online. I'm remembering why I don't like lit classes. I hate picking things apart and also having to read other people's "discussion" online. I just don't think that lit classes are well served online. But, oh well, I'll keep with it because they don't offer it any other way. I like that I get to read a lot of different author's in a short period of time. Lots of interesting reading. There's another lady in the class older than me and the prof as put us together for the "group" project. I'm so thankful for that.
  11. So, how's it going this week? This past week I was in one of those 'I don't feel like doing much' moods regarding class, which is rare for me.
  12. Between work and school and the ongoing personal stuff, I'm having one of those weeks when I feel a little bit like I'm drowning. I actually took off a day last week to try and catch up on school, which made me feel better briefly, but I've gotten increasingly panicky with each passing day since, knowing that I had big assignments due tonight and feeling like I just wasn't on track to get them done, let alone done well. And I'm not out of the woods just yet; there is still the big group project that has to be submitted by midnight and for which we are still waiting for the final contribution from one group member to arrive and get folded in before I do one more editorial pass. However, I have checked off the individual assignment for the other class (for which I hadn't even done the reading when I rolled out of bed this morning) and completed my share of the work on the aforementioned group project and submitted my copy of the teamwork evaluation for that. I also helped my team for the other class nail down an issue we've been struggling with for almost two weeks. And, as a nice bonus, that team just got back our grade on the most recent submission, which was high enough to bump me back up over 90%, partially recovering from the disastrous grade we received on the previous assignment. I keep swearing I'm not going to let myself end up in this mess every week, the one in which I have to spend all day on Sunday with my butt in my office chair frantically trying to finish all of my assignments for the week before the midnight deadline . . . But for now, I'm just glad I will live to fight another day.
  13. Bummer. I don't have access to Apple. The company is very vague about their test. And I can't find any study materials from the test maker other than a sample test that is pretty short and generic. And they make a point of saying that they make no claims to the accuracy and benefit of materials created by other companies. That said, I did find an ebook from my library that seems to have more information that the book I wasted money on. I will also talk to the librarian at the community college to see what she recommends. I may also be able to use a prep book for the CLEP Natural Sciences exam. I'd like to take the test in March so that I have time to take a 2nd time in April before the application packet is due
  14. I was looking over my sylabus today and discovered that my stats class is at a completely different campus than my usual! Thank goodness I noticed before Wednesday. It's not a huge deal because the other campus isn't that much further and being in the opposite direction, it'll be a reverse commute. I also noticed that the instructor has a completely different textbook listed than what the bookstore had listed for the section. Fortunately, I'm still in the window to return my rental, but the correct textbook won't get here until after the first class. Whew. I hope that's the last of the surprises.
  15. Yes, on apple. The app is basically the name of the exam. Does the company that makes the test sell study material?
  16. What app is that? Is it for Apple? I only have android. I'm having trouble finding anything useful for my particular exam.
  17. Thanks for the suggestion. I saw some online resources for this. The scope of the science section does not appear to be the same, but it looks like it may help with the Chemistry knowledge of the test, an area of weakness for me.
  18. I haven't heard of this particular test but for the TEAS, which is a nursing program entrance exam, I joined a FB group that was very helpful. There was a lot of info about what specifically to study for the science section. I also used an app for practice questions, which helped a ton. The science section for the TEAS definitely covered the largest breadth of information and took the most dedicated study time.
  19. Had my first class yesterday, and the prof is excellent! I also have people in my actual program taking this course, so I'm really excited. Last course I was with people from an entirely different program. They were great, and the prof was as well, but it will be really nice to get to know people who doing the same thing as me.
  20. We have spring/summer term as well from May to June or August, and our winters in Canada easily extend right into April. So winter term is definitely most appropriate! 😉
  21. Does anyone here have any experience with this exam? I need to take it for admissions to the diagnostic imaging sonography program. And I need to do very well on it. I took a practice test and did great on all the sections except Natural Science. There seems to be a ton of information they could test on. And I last looked at many of those subjects over 30 years ago. I have a study guide book, but the Natural Sciences section is really lame. I found a video online by the same company, but it is poke-my-eyes-out boring ... just a woman with a white board with tiny. messy writing. I was surprised at how detailed it was. There were very specific questions that I only knew from my recent Anatomy & Physiology and Physics classes. Any suggestions on how to study for this portion of the test? here are a smattering of topics I noted from just one practice exam that I need to either brush up on or learn outright. Characteristics of types of cells (prokaryotic, eukaryotic, etc.), Krebs cycle, brain structure and functions, endocrine system (organs, hormones, functions), dissection procedures oxidation states, nomenclature, common compounds, common elements and their atomic numbers (needed the atomic number of a compound with no periodic table available), electron orbitals, bonds, especially in organic molecules, moles and grams in moles. measurement, scale, conversions, scientific notation simple machines, angular motion, thermodynamics, wave motion, Ohm's Law, Bernoulli's principle, electricity, triboelectric series, magnetism.
  22. I am enrolled in two classes that are the last pre-reqs for the DMIS program. Patient Care skills for Sonography and Pathophysiology for Sonography. They are only 2 credit hours each, but I want a student job and need a minimum of 6 credit hours to qualify, so I am thinking of adding Ceramics just for fun (and there won't be homework since you can't take a wheel home with you.) I have my volunteer training for a respite house for medically fragile children, which will get me the hours I need to apply to the program. Applications are due May 15 and I should know by the end of May if I get in. I'm looking at the Physical Therapy Assistant program as a back up in case I don't get in, but I haven't figured out how to get their volunteer requirement done (40 hours with a PT, split between hospital and outpatient clinics.) That one isn't as selective, but it also doesn't pay as well.
  23. In the US most schools just call the terms fall and spring. Fall term starts in the fall and ends in the winter. Spring term starts in the winter and ends in the spring. I'm not sure how they got named - it certainly isn't consistent, but there you have it.
  24. Last semester I had 2 night classes and I was really excited not to have any this semester, then I realized that I have no time to get work/studying done during the day and all my evenings will be filled anyway. I'm not sure which I prefer. It doesn't really matter. I already know 2 of the classes I'll take in the fall are night classes again anyway. I'll just roll with it. It'll be over soon 🙂
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