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<p>Are you taking freshman classes or studying for your PhD and need some support? This group is open to adults who are starting or returning to college. Whether you are attending online, on campus, full-time, part-time, or something in between we welcome you. This group's privacy settings are public and membership is open, meaning automatic for anyone wishing to join. </p>

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  2. Had my first class yesterday, and the prof is excellent! I also have people in my actual program taking this course, so I'm really excited. Last course I was with people from an entirely different program. They were great, and the prof was as well, but it will be really nice to get to know people who doing the same thing as me.
  3. We have spring/summer term as well from May to June or August, and our winters in Canada easily extend right into April. So winter term is definitely most appropriate! 😉
  4. Does anyone here have any experience with this exam? I need to take it for admissions to the diagnostic imaging sonography program. And I need to do very well on it. I took a practice test and did great on all the sections except Natural Science. There seems to be a ton of information they could test on. And I last looked at many of those subjects over 30 years ago. I have a study guide book, but the Natural Sciences section is really lame. I found a video online by the same company, but it is poke-my-eyes-out boring ... just a woman with a white board with tiny. messy writing. I was surprised at how detailed it was. There were very specific questions that I only knew from my recent Anatomy & Physiology and Physics classes. Any suggestions on how to study for this portion of the test? here are a smattering of topics I noted from just one practice exam that I need to either brush up on or learn outright. Characteristics of types of cells (prokaryotic, eukaryotic, etc.), Krebs cycle, brain structure and functions, endocrine system (organs, hormones, functions), dissection procedures oxidation states, nomenclature, common compounds, common elements and their atomic numbers (needed the atomic number of a compound with no periodic table available), electron orbitals, bonds, especially in organic molecules, moles and grams in moles. measurement, scale, conversions, scientific notation simple machines, angular motion, thermodynamics, wave motion, Ohm's Law, Bernoulli's principle, electricity, triboelectric series, magnetism.
  5. I am enrolled in two classes that are the last pre-reqs for the DMIS program. Patient Care skills for Sonography and Pathophysiology for Sonography. They are only 2 credit hours each, but I want a student job and need a minimum of 6 credit hours to qualify, so I am thinking of adding Ceramics just for fun (and there won't be homework since you can't take a wheel home with you.) I have my volunteer training for a respite house for medically fragile children, which will get me the hours I need to apply to the program. Applications are due May 15 and I should know by the end of May if I get in. I'm looking at the Physical Therapy Assistant program as a back up in case I don't get in, but I haven't figured out how to get their volunteer requirement done (40 hours with a PT, split between hospital and outpatient clinics.) That one isn't as selective, but it also doesn't pay as well.
  6. In the US most schools just call the terms fall and spring. Fall term starts in the fall and ends in the winter. Spring term starts in the winter and ends in the spring. I'm not sure how they got named - it certainly isn't consistent, but there you have it.
  7. Last semester I had 2 night classes and I was really excited not to have any this semester, then I realized that I have no time to get work/studying done during the day and all my evenings will be filled anyway. I'm not sure which I prefer. It doesn't really matter. I already know 2 of the classes I'll take in the fall are night classes again anyway. I'll just roll with it. It'll be over soon 🙂
  8. The thread (spring term )title doesn't quite work for my country, as this is the winter term. I can see why this term wouldn't work for southern states, though. 😉 It works perfectly for Canada, though. I'm taking one grad course, which is a practical course and a continuation of my last course. I'm really looking forward to it. It's an evening course, which will be perfect for homeschooling my youngest. This term should be a lot smoother for the whole family than last one.
  9. According to her profile, it's showing her as a member, so she should be able to post. The board redo seemed to eliminate all the admin files. I'll PM her.
  10. It's set to public, so there shouldn't be anything she needs to do. Let me see what I can do.
  11. I'm taking 3 graduate courses and TAing for two sections of early American history (same as fall). One class is part two of our historiography class, the second is one medieval women and children, and the last is ancient and antiquity colloquium. I'm not so patiently waiting for the professors to post the syllabus so I can get a head start on the reading. I'm working on my section syllabus and adding in some writing review each week. My graduate classes are all night classes, not thrilled about that, but I will like that they're 2 1/2 hours all at once. I'll get back in the habit of afternoon naps I guess as my TA job is only MWF.
  12. SDSU is nearly just as bad. They told me that their "average" admit had a 4.0 in science pre-reqs, a 3.91 overall, and a 99th %tile on the TEAS. The anatomy class I took over the summer at SDSU was the hardest class I've taken in my life. That includes studying for the California Bar. I sat next to a guy from Cornell. He took one look at the first exam and walked out. Said he didn't want to take the hit to his gpa. Cheating was rampant, and half the class didn't pass. It was made way more difficult than it needed to be. Total weeder class. I've never seen anything like it. Suffice to say, I felt fortunate that I got a B+, but that wasn't going to cut it for their nursing school. Thankfully, WGU uses a more holistic admissions process vs. just straight points. So, while I got a 94.7 on my TEAS, they also took into consideration my essay, letters of rec, resume, grad degree, etc. I got into a solid CC ADN program here, but it just wasn't going to work with homeschooling, so I gave up my seat. I hope you get into your Cal State. They are a fabulous deal. 🙂
  13. Congrats SeaConquest! That's huge! Welcome back 🙂
  14. Amazing!!! I have heard about the competitiveness of their SoCal program. They’re on my shortlist for the RN-BSN bridge if I don’t go to a Cal state.
  15. Yes! The cohorts in So Cal are ridiculous. I literally had a better chance of getting into Harvard Med School. I applied in February. First, the April cohort was cancelled, so all the people from April got rolled over to August (which is why I was rejected). And then Cedars Sinai decided that they were only going to hire their own people for the October cohort (which is why I was rejected again). I had basically given up, but a cohort opened up in OC and they called me. So, they are only admitting around 10 people per cohort, but getting 350 applications each time. And the applications just roll over, so if you are not at the tippy top of the list, forget about getting in. It's crazy.
  16. Congrats Sea!!! That's awesome 🤸‍♀️ ✨ I will have two Native American Studies classes - one on films and another literature class. I've already read all the books but two for the lit class, so that helps.
  17. I have to apologize. I haven't posted in forever. I was rejected twice for the only nursing program that was going to allow me to continue homeschooling (the August and October cohorts), so I had basically written off nursing school and had been depressed for months. I couldn't bring myself to post about it. But, I received a surprise phone call this month that a new cohort opened up in February, and I was top of the list for California. So, I am in and going, even though I am scared to death! I start my orientation on January 15th. The first six month are all didactic courses (online) with a few labs on the weekends. The clinicals won't start until September, which will be the real test for me -- 12 hour shifts! Like I said, scared to death! But, I've lost 63 lbs since my gastric bypass, which will (hopefully) at least give my body a fighting chance to make it. Anyway, all of that to say: I'm back! 🙂
  18. ...but says there is some password preventing her. Does anyone know how to help her to get access?
  19. I have two classes: Instructional Development and Evaluation plus Planned Change in Instructional Technology. They are classes three and four of the five-course graduate certificate. So, assuming all goes well, that leaves one class for summer. Doing the two classes on top of working was a lot last semester, but I really liked the challenge once I found my groove. So I'm looking forward to the start of this semester. I'm also starting to ponder the question of what to take on next. I could, in theory, continue to a master's, but I'm not sure I want to go that way.
  20. I may have lost my mind, but I’m registered for four grad classes and I’m really excited about it! I’m taking Seminar in Children’s Literature which is focusing on classic children’s lit from the 19th and early 20th Centuries; Seminar in Basic Writing which is about teaching remedial writing in the college setting; Teaching Writing Online which is what I most want to do when I finish my degree; and Practicum in Teaching Writing which is required for all graduate assistants their first two semester of teaching (this will be my second). I’ll be teaching two sections of Eng110 (College Writing) which I taught last semester, so I’m hoping to have far less prep time this semester! The only major difference is that last semester I taught T/Th and this semester I teach MWF so I have to revise my syllabus a bit for that. This will be a very heavy load and I expect to spend the semester buried and in survival mode, but I’m doing it to give myself a lighter load next year. Hopefully in the fall I’ll be teaching different classes, maybe even two different classes and so prep time will go up and maybe way up. Also my degree requires taking comprehensive exams and I plan to do that in the Fall (November), and I’ll need time to study. I’m just planning to take Shakespeare and Limguistics during that semester which should allow me to focus more energy on teaching. As I said, I’m excited, but nervous that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. I’m intent on keeping my 4.0! I’m finishing my Blackboard sites and syllabus this week, prepping a paper that Im presenting at a conference and starting on my reading for the semester next week, and I should be ready to hit the ground running when school starts the 14th!
  21. What's everyone registered for? I'm wrapping up my science prerequisites with microbiology. I'm really looking forward to the course content. I'm also taking stats. That will complete my Natural Science AA, the biggest benefit being 10 points added onto my nursing school application. I decided to just take 2 classes in the spring because it's a busier season for my kids and I will have a 2 light semesters before starting the actual nursing program. No need to overload myself.
  22. Congratulations to you, also! I'm taking Planned Change in Instructional Technology and Instructional Development and Evaluation. What about you?
  23. YAY! Congrats! What are you taking next semester? My grads are in and A's in both.
  24. So, no surprises. Final grades posted a few days ago, and I got the A and A- I expected. Not going to lie that I would have preferred the straight-up A in both classes, but I feel pretty good about where I ended up. This is especially true considering that the class in which I got the A- was the one that was based entirely on group projects. In other news: As of this evening, I have paid my tuition for next semester and ordered my textbooks. The new semester starts on January 7.
  25. Final grades have been posted. I did get As in both of my classes. But, I did bomb my Physics final ... 69/100. I have no idea why I did that badly. There were 3 problems (out of 42) that I didn't know how to do. The other ones weren't that difficult and I worked slowly and methodically, double-checking my work. That means that I missed 8 more. My pride is stinging. I put so much effort into that class. It's a good thing that I had a lot of cushion going into that final!! And I am relieved that I am still in the running for the program I want to apply to. (They only take 18 out of the hundred or so applicants they get every year, which means I need a near perfect application to be considered.) In other news, I was accepted to a volunteer program for a respite house for critically ill children. Another requirement of the program is a certain number of volunteer hours with challenging populations. This program looked interesting to me.
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