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3:1 Pitch Spirals For Your Proclick

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I went crazy and bought the lots of 100 of 10 different sizes of spiral coils that have the correct spacing to be used with Proclick punches.


These are the sizes and colors and number of pages each can hold (remember if you're rebinding a book that it's half the # of pages the book is, as most books are double sided!):



6 - pumpkin, clear 30 pages

8 - leaf green 52 pages

10 - purple - 75 pages

12 - ruby red - 92 pages

14 - teal - 115 pages

16 - golden rod - 135 pages

18 - forest green - 155 pages


22 - burgundy - 190 pages


25 - clear - 220 pages

28 - electric blue - 250 pages



I will send them to you in a flat rate box, they should be showing up later this week. If you're interested reply or send me a note and I can give you an exact price (I'm just charging what I paid plus shipping, I just want to defray my cost on this not make anything!!!).



Recommended Questions

To clarify, how many coils is this for? Are the numbers before the color names the number of coils, or is it the color ID number?



Sorry, I can see how I wasn't clear.

The numbers before the color names are the coil size in mm. I also then provided the number of pages after the color name to make it a bit easier. :)

100 coils, 10 of each size, would come to $24.30. Plus $13 for shipping.

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