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Cle, Some Sonlight, Alpha Omega, Etc.

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*What Your Third Grader needs to know, E. D. Hirsch, Jr., 2001, hardcover, $8ppd

*What Your 4th Grader Needs to Know, E. D. Hirsch, Jr., 1994, paperback, $8ppd

*What Your 6th Grader Needs to Know, E. D. Hirsch, Jr., 1995, paperback, $8ppd



*Winning with Writing, Level 3, First Semester, Tamela Davis, Student book and teacher’s key, Excellent condition $10ppd

*Sequential Spelling 1, very good condition $7ppd

*Wordsmith Craftsman, some teacher notes written in pencil, good condition $7ppd

*Megawords 7 student workbook and teacher guide & answer key, grade 7, 1993 edition, good condition $7ppd

*CLE Reading 3 Doors to Discovery Sunrise Teacher’s Guidebook with answers 2008, excellent condition $8ppd

*CLE 3 Doors to Discoery Reader, 2006, usable condition; several pages are separated from spine but are included $6ppd

*CLE 4 Bridges Beyond Reader, 2001, good condition, spine torn at the top $8ppd SOLD

*CLE 4 Reading Answer Key 401-405, Sunrise, 2000, excellent condition $3ppd SOLD

*CLE 5 Open Windows Reader, 2010, like new condition $8ppd

*CLE 5 Reading Answer Key 501-505, Sunrise, 2008, excellent condition $3ppd

*CLE 6 Calls to Courage Reader, 2010, like new condition $8ppd SOLD

*CLE 6 Reading Answer Key 601-605, Sunrise, 2010, excellent condition $3ppd SOLD

*CLE 7 The Road Less Traveled Reader, 2004, great condition $8ppd

*CLE 7 Reading Answer Key 701-705, Sunrise, 2006, excellent condition $3ppd

*CLE 7 Reading Teacher’s Guidebook Sunrise, 2007, excellent condition $5ppd

*CLE 8 Where Roads Diverge Reader, 2005, good condition, some marks inside $8ppd

*CLE 8 Reading Answer Key 801-805 Sunrise, 2008, excellent condition $3ppd

*CLE Language Arts 300 Sunrise Teacher’s Guidebook with answers 2000, great condition $8ppd

*CLE Perspectives of Life in Literature 1996, hardcover, spine missing, still usable—inside in great condition $16ppd

CLE Literature I Answer Key (for LightUnits 1-5) 2011, excellent condition (free with purchase of Perspectives of Life in Literature)

CLE Literature I Student Guide & Answer Key for LightUnits 1-10 Sunrise (1st student book written in to page 17), Older Edition (free

with purchase of Perspectives of Life in Literature)

*CLE Perspectives of Truth in Literature 2001, hardcover, excellent condition $20ppd

CLE Literature II Student Guide & Answer Keys with Teacher’s Notes for LightUnits 1-10 Sunrise, Older Edition (free with purchase of

Perspectives of Truth in Literature)



*CLE Mathematics 3 Sunrise Teacher’s Guidebook with answers 2009, great condition, some pencil marks $10ppd




*Masterpieces in Art, Christian Liberty Press, 1992, good condition $6ppd

*The Usborne Story of Painting, cover starting to tear at binding; could be easily taped $3ppd

*CLE Music Teacher’s Manual for Books One to Eight, excellent condition $4ppd

*CLE Music 1 student lightunit (spine removed) and answer key, very good condition $6ppd

*CLE Music 4 Student lightunit (spine removed) and answer key, excellent condition $6 ppd

*Melody Lane set of 6 VHS tapes and Guidebook, very good condition $12ppd



*Abeka Health grade 8, Let’s Be Healthy Student Text, Student Reviews & Tests, Answer Key, Student Reviews & Tests Teacher Key, Student

Quizzes Teacher Key, good condition $12ppd

*BJU Health student text, teacher’s edition, test answer key, some highlighting $17ppd

*Alpha Omega Lifepac High School Health Teacher’s Guide, excellent condition 2011 $10ppd



*From Sea to Shining Sea Children’s Activity Book, 4 pages done, $3ppd

*BJU Heritage Studies 3 Student Text 2nd Edition, name written in front, small rips on spine and cover $5ppd

*Material World, Peter Menzel, excellent condition, $12ppd

*AnswerAtlas, RandMcNally, good condition $7ppd

*Twin Sisters States & Capitals book and cassette tape, good condition, $6ppd

*Alpha Omega Lifepac Teacher’s Guide History & Geography Grade 9 $8ppd

*Alpha Omega Lifepac History & Geography Grade 9 Unit 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 $3ppd each

*Alpha Omega Lifepac Teacher’s Guide History & Geography Grade 7 $8ppd

*Alpha Omega Lifepac History & Geography Grade 7 Unit 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 $3ppd each




*The Truth About Santa Claus, Alan Barrington, 1997, paperback, good condition, crease on cover, $3ppd

*CLE Bible 3 LightUnit Sunrise 304 & 305 Unused, 2010. Spines removed and comb bound $3ppd each



*International Children’s Bible Handbook, Lawrence Richards 1989 pb, old Sonlight Bible, good condition $5ppd

*Awesome Book of Bible Facts, Sandy Silverthorne, hard cover, great condition $7ppd

*Usborne Book of World History, starting to tear and come apart at spine, $8ppd

*Daring to Live on the Edge, Loren Cunningham, Sonlight 7 Bible, good condition $6ppd

*Usborne Children’s Encyclopedia, very good condition $6ppd

*Usborne Mysteries and Marvels of Plant Life, very good condition, $4ppd

*Usborne Living World Encyclopedia, good condition, $4ppd

*The Flames of Rome by Paul L. Maier, very good condition, hardcover, name inside front, $5ppd

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