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Science Library Clean-Out List 3

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Science Library Clean-Out List 3

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Knowledge Masters Weather by Dick File 32pp like new hardback $3

Usborne Science and Experiments Weather and Climate by Fiona Watt and Francis Wilson 48 pp like new $3

The Weather Tracker’s Handbook: Explore the Changing Forces of Nature by Gregory Aaron 80pp. very good condition $2.50

Weather Mini Unit Grades 2-5, 16pp. like new $2

Hurricanes and Tornadoes by Neil Morris 32pp like new $2

Good Apple Activity Book Tornadoes & Hurricanes by Ruth Deery, Grades 4-8, 34pp, very good condition (small wear on front where sticker torn off) $2.50

The Kids’ Book Of Clouds And Sky by Frank Staub 80 pp like new paperback $4

The Kids’ Book of Clouds and Sky by Frank Staub 80pp like new hardback $6

Wind and Weather by Scholastic Voyages of Discovery 45pp like new hardback $3

Human Body

The Human Body: 100 Reproducible Activities Grades 5-8 128 pp. excellent condition, fantastic reproducibles and activities related to the human body.  I love this series! $4

Lyrical Life Science: Volume 3 – The Human Body Workbook by Dorry and Doug Eldon – this is a brand new clean workbook. $4

Gray’s Anatomy: A Fact Filled Coloring Book : Excellent book to learn about the human body (used with a 4th and 5th grader) – we read the book together, but I photocopied the coloring pages (except the first illustration, which is colored in – that leaves 59 for your child!. $4

The Visual Dictionary of Human Anatomy 64 pp, oversized hardback book in very good condition $4

Build Your Own Human Skeleton: A Complete Easy to Assemble Model with lessons about bones and the skeleton – Skeleton looks to be about 4 ft. tall when assembled (you must cut the tan bones out of the stiff, shiny pages of the book – like cardstock. A few minor cover bends, but brand new inside. Never used, oversized paperback $4

Brain Surgery for Beginners and Other Major Operations for Minors by Steve Parker. 60pp., paperback, good condition $3

DK Inside Guides: Human Body, 44pp. Like new. Hardback $4

The History News: Medicine – by Phil Gates, 32pp, oversized book, very good condition $3

Human Body: A Comprehensive Guide to the Wonders of the Body – 224pp. This is good for 7/8 grades or high school. Like new. Includes poster. $5

DK Action Pack Human Body – Model, poster, activity cards, circulation, respiration, skeleton, muscle tab cards to see how things work, ancient and modern documents, guidebook, body organ model – brand new in plastic wrap (although the wrap is coming off a bit) $8

DK Action Pack Human Body – Model, poster, activity cards, circulation, respiration, skeleton, muscle tab cards to see how things work, ancient and modern documents, guidebook, body organ model – excellent condition $7

The Human Anatomy Coloring Book by Joe Ziemian 43 pp. excellent condition $3

Ellen McHenry:  The Brain:  An introduction to neurology for grades 4-8Very self-explanatory and fun.  Topics covered in student text:  History of brain research, basic anatomy of the brain, blood-brain barrier, roles of left and right hemispheres, savant syndrome, neurons, other types of brain cells (the unsung heroes!), how nerve impulses travel, neuron networks, learning and memory, the peripheral nervous system, reflexes, sleep, brain doctors, basic brain problems. Great activities too! Really fun. I copied pages I wanted the kids to write on for their notebooks. If you want the brain song, it costs .99 to download on her site. $10


The Beginner’s Guide to Astronomy by Brian Jones 113pp hardback oversized book. We used this book in 7th grade. The book pages are a bit wavy for some reason, but very clean and in excellent shape. $2.50

Usborne Complete Book of Astronomy & Space 96pp. like new $4

Time for Learning: Stars & Planets – includes solar system poster 96 pp. spiral bound hardback, like new $5

101 Things You Need To Know About Space by Tim O’Shei and Andrea D’Angelo 48 pages very good condition $2

The Night Sky Book: An Everyday Guide to Every Night by Jamie Jobb 127pp. -excellent condition $3

Exploring the Sky by Day by Terrence Dickinson 72pp. like new $3

Janice VanCleave’ Constellations for Every Kid – 247pp. like new $6

A Pocket Guide to Stars & Planets by Duncan John 255pp. like new hardback $5

The Sun's Family Teacher's Guide by Milliken 12 transparencies and 16 reproducible pages, 15 pages of information for teachers. Says grades 7-12, no way IMO- I used with my 4th grader. $2

1001 Facts About Space – DK Backpack books – 192pp. like new $5

Peterson’s First Guide: Astronomy by Jay Pasachoff 128pp – maps show positions of the stars throughout the year, clear descriptions and photographs to help the beginning astronomer. Excellent condition. $2.50

Miscellaneous Science Books

Kingfisher Questions and Answers Transportation 40pp like new $3

Make It Work! Ships by Andrew Haslem 48 pp Like new $4

Make It Work Time The Hands On Approach to Science by Andrew Haslam 48pp. like new $3

The Random House Book of 1001 Wonders of Science by Brian and Brenda Williams 160pp. very good condition $4

Everything You Need to Know About Science Homework: A Desk Reference for Students and Parents by Anne Zeman and Kate Kelly for Fourth to Sixth Grades, 136pp., excellent condition. Very helpful pictures to illustrate main concepts.  We had two of these – the other is falling apart because I used it all the time. $4

Young Scientist: Atoms & Molecules, Gases by World Book 127pp. Very good condition, hardback $3

Usborne Essentials Guides to Physics, Biology & Chemistry (3 books in one) 198pp excellent condition $5

Dk Pocket Science Encyclopedia 512pp. huge thick mini book stuffed with facts – great for traveling – it’s like having a library of DK books that fits in the palm of your hand, has some creases in cover, $3

Out of Sight Pictures of Hidden Worlds by Seymour Simon 45 pages excellent condition $2.50

The Usborne Science Encyclopedia Internet Linked Very good condition, very minor shelf wear $8

Science Scope by Kathryn Stout Teaching Science K-12 From Cathy Duffy Reviews: Even if you are willing to abandon the textbook approach, many homeschoolers feel insecure determining at what level their child should be working on a science topic. Does making a model of the body systems equally satisfy learning needs of both a seven-year-old and a fifteen-year-old? Probably not. Kathryn Stout's Science Scope helps you identify appropriate activities for different age groups within each science area. This is an extremely useful resource. Divided into four main areas—general science, life science, earth science, and physical science—it takes specific topics under each heading, then suggests methods to use with students at primary, intermediate, junior, and senior high levels. It offers more detail than does Teaching Science and Having Fun!. Science Scope also makes it easy to select appropriate resources for whatever topic is chosen for study. one crease in cover (I dropped a stack of books!) otherwise new $7

Bright Ideas Press: The Scientist’s Apprentice by Hilary Welliver, New except for back cover crease when I dropped it to list it: This exciting, complete one-year science curriculum is presented in an easily understandable manner and is just as easy to use. Introductory information for the teacher provides guidance. Experiments, games, crafts, recipes, writing, songs and more are used to reach different learning styles. Orderly thinking skills (based on the scientific method) are reinforced throughout. Use the recommended student notebook approach as you spend eight weeks on each of four topics: Astronomy, Anatomy, Earth Science, Oceanography. Reproducible pages and a pleasing layout make this a practical choice for busy homeschooling moms. Teach multi-grade levels at the same time. More interesting than a text and easier than creating your own study, the work’s been done for you! Pbk. 200 pages. One year. K-4th $12

Beautiful Feet Books: A History of Science Primary/Intermediate by Rebecca Berg $4

Pasteur’s Fight Against Microbes by Beverly Birch $2 Very minor shelf wear, good to very good condition.$2

Marie Curie’s Search for Radium by Beverly Birch – very good condition. $2

Ellen McHenry: The Elements: An introduction Target audience: ages 8-13 . Very self-explanatory and fun.  Description: A basic introduction to the fundamental concepts of chemistry (see “Topics covered” below) but with the interest level of the text and activities geared to students who still like to play while they learn. The student text combines very “meaty” content with whimsical humor, and the teacher’s section has lots of activities, games, songs, crafts, etc. All of these activities provide high-quality learning– they are not “fluff.” The overall theme of the curriculum is cooking and recipes, using cooking to explain chemistry concepts. The curriculum is intended to prepare students for high school chemistry. Topics covered: The definition of an element, the structure of an atom, the invention of the Periodic Table by Mendeleyev, chemical formulas, electron orbitals and shells, the octet rule, arrangement of elements on the Periodic Table, atomic bonding (covalent, ionic and metallic), plus an up-close look at the families on the table: alkali metals, alkali earth metals, transition metals, true metals, non-metals, halogens, noble gases, and lanthanides and actinides. Great activities too! Really fun. I copied pages I wanted the kids to write on for their notebooks. If you want the brain song, it costs .99 to download on her site. $10



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