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Science Library Clean-Out List 2

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Science Library Clean-Out List 2

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Science Library Clean-out 2

I am cleaning out my science library (wow, this is hard!) Below is a list of prices, condition, etc. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Prices on pictures also. Shipping is not included. Look for lots of of my other listings to combine shipping.


Reptiles and Amphibians

Teacher Created Materials Intermediate Amphibians and Reptiles 80pp Like new $3

Eyes on Nature Lizards 30pp like new paperback $2

Eyes on Nature Snakes 30pp Like new hardback $2.50

Reptiles by John Burton 58pp small hardback excellent condition $2

Trees and Plants

Investigations in Science: Plants by Creative Teaching Press 64pp, very good condition, a few very minor corner cover bends $3

Eyewitness Visual Dictionary: The Visual Dictionary of Plants by Dorling Kindersley, Inc, 64pp., hardback, oversized, like new $5

Eyewitness Books: Tree by David Burnie 63pp, hardback, excellent condition (one small red pen mark on front cover) $3.50

DK Inside Guides: Incredible Plants by Barbara Taylor, 44pp. hardback, excellent condition $4

All About Saguaros by Carle Hodge 64pp, very detailed with wonderful pictures, excellent condition $3

The Plant File Sprout from the Discovery Channel School 32pp, excellent condition $2.50

Trees and Leaves by Althea Braithwaite 31pp hardback, excellent condition, $3


The Birds Around Us: A Full-Color Guide to attracting, observing, identifying and photographing birds by Ortho books, 352pp, very good condition, some shelf wear and a cover bend in the back $4

Real Kids, Real Science: Ornithology by Ellen Doris 64pp, hardback, like new, $5

Birds: Over 100 Questions and Answers to Things You Want to Know by Malcolm Penny, hardback, like new, $4

Eyewitness Books: Bird by David Burnie 63pp hardback, like new to excellent condition $4

Bird Calls: Play the Sounds, Pull the Tabs – 8 different birds and their sounds.  Excellent condition, hardback. $4

Window Into An Egg: Seeing Life Begin by Geraldine Lux Flanagan, 72pp. ex-library hardback, $2.50

Eyewitness Books: Eagle and Birds of Prey by Jemima Parry-Jones 60pp hardback, excellent condition $4

The Bluebird Book: The Complete Guide to Attracting Bluebirds by Donald and Lillian Stokes 96 pp, excellent condition $3

The Book of North American Owls by Helen Roney Satler, 64pp, new paperback, $4

Owls: Whoo Are They? By Kila Jarvis and Denver Holt, paperback excellent condition $2.50

Light, Sound, Electricity, Magnets

Teacher Created Materials Electricity Thematic Unit (Intermediate) 80pp. excellent condition $3

Kids Discover: Electricity – Great magazine packed with tons of interesting information – excellent condition $2.50

Electrical Energy Mcgraw Hill 80pp excellent condition $2.50

Sound and Light by Macmillan/McGraw Hill 80pp. Like new, $3

Investigations in Science:  Energy:  Hands-on experiments Grades 4-8 64pp new $3

Waves, Sound and Light by Glencoe Science 174pp. Great textbook for middle grades (6,7,8) -easy to understand, complete with experiments and activities.  This was our extra copy. New condition $5

The Electricity Files : Shock by Discovery Channel School 32pp. like new $2.50

Mirrors: Finding Out About the Properties of Light by Bernie Zubrowski 96pp. Excellent condition, $3


Mark Twain Publishing Science Tutor: Physical Science Activity Book, Grades 6+, 46pp. $3

Teacher Created Materials Hands-On Minds-On Science: Matter 96pp. Intermediate Level, activities,  good condition, minor cover bends $4

Frank Schaffer’s Physical Science for Everyday for Middle School, 79pp., like new, activities, $4

Measuring Up: Length by Peter Pailla 32pp Hardback, Like new $4

Air on the Move by Peter Mellett – using cooking to understand air flow hardback, like new $4

Properties of Matter by Macmillan/McGraw-Hill 80pp.Like new, $3

Measuring Up: Weight by Peter Patilla 32pp Hardback, Like new $4

Make It Work! Flight by Andrew Haslem 48 pp Hardback, Like new $4


Earth Science

The Usborne Book of the Earth 194pp – large book containing full text of 4 books – Planet Earth, Ecology, Energy & Power and Weather & Climate, excellent condition $8

Make It Work Earth The Hands On Approach to Science by Andrew Haslam 48pp.like new hardback $4

Earth Science Frank Schaeffer Earth Resource for Middle and Upper Grades 108 pages $5 Excellent condition (2 Copies)

Learning Resources Quick Earth Science Labs Grades 3-4 by Deborah Gutman Excellent condition  33pp $3

Adventures in Earth Science Process-oriented Activities for Grades 4-6 by Margy Kuntz 43pp. excellent condition $4

Questions and Answers Planet Earth:  100 Questions and Answers by Ian James 32 pp $3

Knowledge Masters The Earth by Rodger Coote 32 pp like new hardback $3

Teacher Created Materials Hands-On Minds-On Science:  Geology (Intermediate) 96pp. very good condition $4

Kingfisher Questions and Answers Planet Earth by Sarah Reed 40 pp $3 Excellent condition

Hands on Science Experiments Landforms , Games, Art and Writing Activities Grades 2-6 Like new condition 48pp. $3

Discovery Channel School Mapping the Earth CHART Files 32pp like new $2.50

Make It Work!  Rivers A Hands On Approach to Geography by Andrew Haslam Like new $4

Caves:  Facts, Stories and Activities by Jenny Wood 32pp $2 Like new

Land Shapes:  Cave 38pp. Ex-library hardback very good condition $2

Icebergs and Glaciers by Seymour Simon 45pp. ex-library hardcover good condition $1.50

Rocks and Minerals: A Golden Guide 160pp. mini book very good condition $2

Caves by Larry Dane Brimner 48 pp. $2 Like new

Volcano:  The Eruption and Healing of Mount St. Helens by Patricia Lauber (Newbery Honor Book) 60pp $3 Excellent condition paperback

Volcano:  The Eruption and Healing of Mount St. Helens by Patricia Lauber (Newbery Honor Book) 60pp $4 hardback, tear in dust jacket. Inside like new

Mt. St. Helens The Volcano by the Oregonian Publishing Company 48 pp. Very good condition $2

Mount St. Helens: The Big Blast by Rita Golden Gelmen 80 pages, black and white, $1

Kids Discover: Volcanoes 19pp. Excellent condition, $1.50

Volcanoes by Seymour Simon 32pp excellent condition $2

Volcanoes and Earthquakes by Juli Barbato 39 pp. $3 hardback like new

Eyewitness Readers Level 4 Volcanoes and Other Natural Disasters by Harriet Griffey 48 pp excellent condition $2

DK Eyewitness Pocket Book Volcanoes 128pp small book with all information of the big book, excellent condition $3

The Earth Atlas by Susanna van Rose 64pp. Giant oversized hardback book with many illustrations about the forces that make and shape our planet. Like new. $5

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- United States

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