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History ~ Fiction And Non-Fiction

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Set of six books: Cleopatra of Egypt by Leonora Hornblow


Landmark World Books, c. 1961, stamped with school name otherwise in good to very good condition. Used copies frequently sell for well over $15.00.


plus Universal History of the World, Vol. 1, Early Civilizations by John Bowman


Hardback (out of print) from Golden Press, c. 1966, good condition (slight separation of pages from spine).


plus Pyramid by David Macaulay


Paperback from Houghton Mifflin in very good condition; this now sells new for $9.95.


plus The Ancient Egyptians by Jackie Gaff


Hardback from the History Makers series in very good condition.


plus Classical Rome by John Clare


Hardback from the History Makers series in very good condition


plus Wheels: A Pictorial History by Edwin Tunis


"Traces man's development and use of the wheel from the Elamite chariot of 2,500 B.C. to the transcontinental buses of today." Hardback with dust jacket in mylar, ex-library in good condition. Asking for $32.00ppd for this set of six books.
Of Numbers and Stars: The Story of Hypatia


Hardback with dust jacket in mylar, ex-library in very good condition. Price when new was $16.95; asking for $8.00ppd.
Set of two books -- Story of the World, Vol. 2: The Middle Ages by Susan Wise Bauer


Paperback shows wear but interior pages are in good condition with no writing, number written on top edge, original cost was $16.95.


plus William the Conqueror by Thomas Costain


Landmark book in hardback, c. 1959, some stains on the cover but overall in good condition. Asking for $15.00ppd for the two books.
The World in 1492 by Jean Fritz, Katherine Paterson, and others


"Six prominent authors tell the story of what was happening all over the world during the time of Columbus. To the majority of the earth's inhabitants of 500 years ago, Renaissance Europe was not the center of the world--everywhere were societies on the rise or in decline, and now this book reveals their accomplishments." Covers Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia/Oceania, and the Americas.


Hardback with dust jacket in mylar, ex-library in good/very good condition; asking for $8.00ppd.
1492: The Year of the New World by Piero Ventura


From Publishers Weekly: "Ventura ... brings history into crystal clear focus in this intriguing look at what the world was like at the time of Columbus's celebrated voyage. Written in the present tense, the lucid, information-packed prose introduces fictitious characters who provide insights into the lifestyle, trade alliances and political structures of various European countries. Offered are a wide range of engrossing perspectives--from that of an aging soldier in the army of the Ottoman Empire to a 13-year-old maid of honor to the daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella. The journey to the Indies is skillfully documented, as are the devastating effects of this and subsequent explorations on the native tribes of the New World. Ventura's finely detailed pictures reveal the architectural styles and dress of the era, and numerous maps contrast the configurations of countries in 1492 with their boundaries 500 years later." Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc.


Hardback with dust jacket in mylar, ex-library in good condition; asking for $8.00ppd.
Christopher Columbus: His World, His Faith, His Adventures by Elaine Murray Stone


Hardback from Tyndale Publishers, slight cover damage but interior pages are in good condition, name inside. Original price was $12.99; asking for $6.00ppd.
John Alden: Steadfast Pilgrim by Cecil Pepin Edwards


"PIPER BOOKS have been planned and written especially for boys and girls from nine to twelve.... Piper Books are about the men and women who have made history in North America, emphasizing the childhood traits of character that led to their adult achievements. Every volume contains many drawings, most of them in two colors, by well-known illustrators. The large type and well-designed page are an invitation to reading." Illustrations in black, white and teal by Forrest Orr, includes pronunciation key of native American names. Paperback covered in contact paper, name inside, in good/very good condition. Asking for $8.00ppd. NOW $7.00ppd. NOW $6.00ppd.
Set of four books: The Story of General Custer by Margaret Leighton


Hardback, Signature Books, c. 1954. Slight cover wear but overall in very good condition.


plus Ethan Allen: Green Mountain Rebel
and Alexander Hamilton: Founding Father and Statesman


These two books are hardbacks in the Signature Lives series with dust jacket in mylar, ex-library, c. 2005, library binding, in very good condition.


Plus Traitor: The Case of Benedict Arnold by Jean Fritz, paperback with name on top edge, in very good condition. Asking for $18.00ppd for the set of four books.
These United States and How They Came to Be by Gertrude Hartman


Hardback with dust jacket in mylar, ex-school library, illustrated with over 200 photos. Copyright 1932, 1966 printing, in good/very good condition. For ages 11 to 15; asking for $9.00ppd.
Klondike Gold by Alice Provensen


Set in 1896 at the time of the Yukon gold rush. Hardback with dust jacket in mylar, ex-library, some small stains but overall in good condition. Cost when new was $17.95; asking for $8.00ppd.
Masterpieces of American Art: A Fact-filled Coloring Book


"Here are 60 ready-to-color masterpieces of American art, including works by Mary Cassatt, Andy Warhol, Edward Hopper, and Alexander Calder, from the National Museum of American Art Smithsonian Institution. Each piece of art is accompanied by descriptive text written especially for children, providing an understanding of each work and artist."


Paperback in new/unused condition; asking for $6.00ppd.
*** ***
The Story of Mankind by Hendrik Van Loon


This was the first Newbery winner back in 1922. Hardback with some cover wear but overall in good condition, c. 1926. Asking for $13.00ppd.
Van Loon's Lives by Hendrik Willem van Loon


This book is by the author of the award winning Story of Mankind; hardback with slight discoloration but it's in very good condition given that it is over 70 years old (copyright date is 1942). It has a book plate, but there is no other writing inside. The book covers Bach, Beethoven, Buddha, Cervantes, Confucius, Dante, Emerson, Jefferson, Leonardo, Napoleon, Plato, Shakespeare, Voltaire and more. Asking $14.00ppd
A Boy of the First Empire by Elbridge S. Brooks


Hardback, ex-library, c. 1894, 1908 printing, cover wear, some webbing can be seen in a couple of places, okay overall. The story is set in 1806 France. New reprints of this cost $23.99; asking for $10.00ppd.


The Roman Empire by Isaac Asimov


"World renowned author Isaac Asimov surveys the history of the Roman Empire from 30 BC to 476 AD, a 500 year period during which the heritage of Roman Law and Christianity developed."


Hardback in dust jacket with mylar, ex-school library, c. 1967, for ages 12 and up, in good or better condition. I see similar used copies selling for $60.00 and up; asking for $30.00ppd for this out of print book.
Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Egypt by Bill Manley


"An excellent atlas of ancient Egypt with more than 60 maps tracing the development of the state, relations with other civilisations, geographical features, palace sites, the growth of urbanisation, campaigns and invasions from the earliest farmers to Alexander of Macedon." Paperback in very good condition, now lists for $21.00; asking for $9.00ppd.
Historical Atlas of the Medieval World, AD 600-1492 by John Haywood


"The atlas divides the world into five areas: Americas; Europe; Middle East; Africa; and East & South Asia. The first series of maps and time lines gives an overview of the major events in all of these five areas at once as well as other pertinent details. Then the atlas focuses on each of the five major areas, in turn, and covers their major events in more detail." Hardback with dust jacket, jacket has some wear but the book is in very good condition. Asking for $7.00ppd.
The Story of Britain by R.J. Unstead


Illustrations by Victor Ambrus in color and black and white. Hardback in dust jacket; name on front cover. Jacket has wear but the book is in good/very good condition. Copyright 1969, 1972 edition. Asking for $9.00ppd. NOW $8.00ppd.
Hernando De Soto by Robert Carson


A biography of the Spanish explorer who became the first European to reach the Mississippi River.


From the World's Great Explorer series, hardback, ex-library, cover wear, front free endpaper damaged when library envelope was removed, overall the glossy interior pages are in good condition. Original price was $28.00; asking for $7.00ppd.
Life in Colonial America by Elizabeth George Speare


Covers from the founding of Jamestown to the Revolution. Landmark Giants book, hardback, ex-lib, c. 1963, some discoloration due to age and cover wear, but overall in good used condition. Asking for $8.00ppd.
Nathan Hale: Patriot and Martyr of the American Revolution by Krizner and Sita


Hardback, ex-lib, very good condition with no writing; asking for $8.00ppd.
George Washington and the Founding of a Nation by Albert Marrin


Hardback in dust jackets and mylar, ex-library, good condition; the price when new was $30.00. Asking for $9.00ppd. NOW $8.00ppd.
The Remarkable Voyages of Captain Cook by Rhoda Blumberg


"With her brilliant economy of style, Blumberg tells of the three major voyages of Captain Cook that brought our understanding of the globe into focus and introduced Europeans to the cultures of such exotic places as Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand, and Australia."


Hardback, with dust jacket in mylar, ex-library in good condition; asking for $8.00ppd.
Alexander Hamilton: The Outsider by Jean Fritz


"Jean Fritz writes the remarkable story of Alexander Hamilton, one of America's most influential and fascinating founding fathers, and his untimely death in a duel with Aaron Burr.


Born in the British West Indies, Hamilton arrived in New York as an "outsider." He fought in the Revolution and became Washington's most valuable aide de camp. He was there with Washington, Madison, and the others writing the Constitution. He was the first Secretary of the Treasury as the country struggled to become unified and independent.


Fritz's talent for bringing historical figures to life is at its best as she shares her fascination with this man of action who was honorable, ambitious, and fiercely loyal to his adopted country."


This sells new for $16.99. Hardback, with dust jacket in mylar, ex-library in very good condition; asking for $8.00ppd.
Set of two books: Brave Companions: Portraits in History by David McCullough


Paperback in good condition with no writing. This sold new for $15.00.


plus History Decoded: The 10 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time by Brad Meltzer


Hardback includes 30 removable facsimile documents, in like new condition; sold new for $24.95. Asking for $15.00ppd for the pair of books.
AP Comparative Government and Politics: A Study Guide, 3rd ed., by Ethel Wood


Large paperback includes answer key. About 25% of the pages have some highlighting, no other marks. Very usable overall in good condition. New this sold for $17.95; asking for $7.00ppd. NOW $6.00ppd.
Set of two: American Government: A Complete Coursebook by Wood and Sansone


Hardback (c. 2002), ex-school, in good/very good condition with no writing. Originally sold for $38.90.


plus How to Read the Federalist Papers by Anthony Peacock


Out of print paperback in very good condition. Asking for $15.00ppd for the two books.


*** ***


Prices include postage within the US only. These come from a non-smoking and no pet home. I would prefer to be paid by a money order (in which case I will ship immediately) but will also accept a personal check (in which case I will ship once your check clears). Sorry, but I do not take PayPal (though we can discuss PayPal paid gift cards if this is your only option). If you would like insurance, add an additional $2.05.


Feel free to email with questions. If you are serious about purchasing, please give your name and address in confirmation. Email me at kareni29@ yahoo.com (take out the space).


Thank you for looking.

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