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    • Heidi

      After 9 years of homeschooling, I'm throwing in my hat (for now) and enrolling my 5 school-age kids into a really good charter school next year.  At this point I feel like they will get a better education there than what I am able to give them.  We'll see!  I'm sad and excited.
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    • OtherJohn

      Emoji's should work now! 
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    • Jean in Newcastle

      The Chronic Illness Moms and Bible Believing Christians have a new topic up for the month. 
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    • LAR  »  Kathy in Richmond

      Hello!  I've been reading your posts from several years ago and thought I'd reach out to see if you could help. 
      I'm struggling to determine the right AP Calc class for our daughter.  For background, our girl is 15 and in 9th grade. She's planning to pursue a career in the medical field - at this point, trauma surgery.  She's strong in math and science and pushes aside the rest!   She's wrapping up pre-calc/trig with Mr D Math and wants an AP class for 10th grade.  We are considering FLVS (Florida Virtual) because it's free to Florida residents. However, free hasn't worked so well for us in the past!  So I'm exploring options.  Mr. D Math offers a live online class component which our daughter strongly prefers.  I'm finding it touch to locate such a class...whether AB or BC.    The other component that our daughter looks for in a class is a textbook.  
      I'm looking at PAH, Cty, Derek Owens..... I can't find anything that meets our girl's wants.  
      And once I find her two wishes (live online class and textbook), I then need to determine AB or BC!  This girl of ours works as slow as a sloth!  Yet she's diligent.  Strives for perfection. 
      I'm reaching out in hopes that you may have an idea or two up your sleeve! 
      Thanks for any advice you can offer!  
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