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  2. soror

    July frugalistas

    I'm sorry 😞 Good job Heartlikealion! If you're in budget that's great! good finds at the store! Samantha- Awesome you guys got the bike back! ______________________________ WEnt to Aldi's- they had beef organic uncured hotdogs for $1 a package, marked down from $4, I got 15 packages and put 14 packs in the freezer. I also got Italian Chicken Sausage and Drumsticks on markdown too. I'm at $98 for the week with the GIANT bag of cheese dh bought but I got a couple of things I didn't pick up yet b/c I think I can get them cheaper at 10Box.
  3. Tanaqui

    Shoes and clothes for NYC weekend

    Mostly just manners, most of which are really self-evident. Walk on the right, don't block traffic to take your selfie or tie your shoe (move to the side instead), don't stand in front of stairways or doorways, take off your backpack when you're on a crowded bus or train, let people off before you get on, that sort of thing.
  4. For our reporting authorities, my daughter needs to submit two comparative work samples for a writing genre. Our genre is narrative non-fiction. I picked this because we love to read the genre, and it incorporates creative writing skills, which my daughter enjoys. The problem is that I'm finding it hard to find potential suitable topics. It needs to be something that has a significant amount of factual information available about a very narrow topic. And, it needs to have some element of intrigue or interest, to warrant even writing it in narrative form. I'm starting to regret this genre choice, but it's too late to go back now. Her first sample is done. We were lucky enough to come across a book in our local library that was all about da Vinci's The Last Supper. My daughter's piece gets inside Leonardo's head, as he's deciding what to include as food and drink on the table. There's a bit of poetic license used, but at least we had some decent reference material to base it on. Now we're at the point of needing to work on the second sample. We've had ideas of topics, but we haven't been able to source enough facts. Some ideas have been: - Mona Lisa - the theft? - Amelia Earhart - her disappearance/last flight? In desperation, I've considered maybe a science topic. At least there would be plenty of facts to draw on. Please dazzle me with your great ideas.
  5. Thank you for posting that! I love this quote: "When administrators can trade on the cachet of their school’s reputation to help get their students into college, it’s really not that bold nor courageous to abandon a metric that can contribute to leveling the playing field.” Right from the start, the cynic in me wondered whether their AP scores were not stellar enough to satisfy the parents who are shelling out $$$$ in tuition.
  6. Fascinating post! Thanks for all the links you share with us Kareni. In regards to falling asleep to audiobooks ..... wondering if others can fall asleep listening to a new-to-them audiobook? I have to be really familiar with the story to do that, otherwise I'm trying to stay awake to find out what happens. Latest night time listen, even though Sian Philips doesn't have the most mellifluent voice; Sprig Muslin ~ Georgette Heyer (audio) Cambridgeshire/ Bedfordshire/ London. Hope Amy is doing well this week! Books I've managed to complete in the last few days: Rocket Men: The Daring Odyssey of Apollo 8 and the Astronauts Who Made Man's First Journey to the Moon ~ Robert Kurson, narrated by Ray Porter & Robert Kurson (4+) N/F science memoir. So informative and very enjoyable! (Extra: Contains some swearing.) The Dog Who Was There ~ Ron Marasco (epukpuka audio) (3+ ) Christian based historical fict. Marasco penned this, seemingly, simple-toned story from the dog’s point of view. Would make a good Easter time family read aloud. (Not recommending for young children or sensitive listeners. Barley’s litter and his mother are drowned – later in the story, he is injured - he witnesses and describes executions by the sword and hanging; and, Barley recounts the things he sees at the Crucifixion.) I'm finding it hard to settle with all the books I've got on the go and so decided to start a few teen (?) audiobooks: To Destroy You is No Loss ~ Joan Criddle, gritty and heart-wrenching, and, Scourge ~ Jennifer Nielsen, which is an interesting listen so far.
  7. LauraBeth475

    Ignore this thread!

    My six year old needs to just live in the naughty chair for a few weeks, I think. If we do two foreign languages next year, do I *have* to do composition? I don’t wanna....
  8. The leader/coach type that I find difficult is the type who is the leader/coach bc she wants her own kids involved/on the team and/or she is a control freak. but then this same person moans about how much work it is and no one appreciates it, etc... And I want to say...cut the garbage. Your kid wouldnt even have made the team of you weren't the coach. He definitely wouldn't be a starter or start at XYZ position.'re the leader bc you're on a power trip and you want things your way but you want to tell other parents how to do it.
  9. We used this book last year and we did art 2 times a week.
  10. Garga

    Prayers appreciated (loss)

    Such a horrible thing to witness. My condolences to the entire family.
  11. Crimson Wife

    Prayers appreciated (loss)

    My deepest condolences. Sending lots of prayers/healing thoughts to you and your family.
  12. snickerplum

    July photo prompts 7/15-7/21

    Pucker Up Our second daughter, age 3 at the state fair. I know it looks like she’s crying, but really she’s laughing so hard she’s not stopping to breathe. 😊
  13. FuzzyCatz

    Prayers appreciated (loss)

    Wow - how sad and shocking. I'm so very sorry for your loss. ❤️
  14. beckyjo

    July photo prompts 7/15-7/21

    Pucker Up: This prompt was hard. Our old cat, Mister, used to shovel in his medicine.
  15. Today
  16. Most of our activities are paid and run by paid helpers. There's one that is all volunteer but there's still only three volunteers involved really. The other is mostly paid but has one volunteer. I guess now I think about it one other is volunteer run but dh helps out. i want to say this is a two income family thing but then I am a stay at home mum and don't volunteer much. Most of what I have done was when we were both working but kid free. Somehow I seem to have got lazy or this homeschool thing is just hard.
  17. Pen

    Boys & Ballet: Advice? BTDT?

    My son did figure skating for which ballet was sometimes recommended. He did not actually do ballet, but I looked into it. We are in a rural area of Oregon where the big important sport is football, but there did not seem to be any negative at least about figure skating which I was worried about. There are more comments about the luck of being one boy amongst many cute girls in an envious seeming way There was a time when the management of the club ordered team jackets only in a girls/women’s feminine style and fit so ds did not participate in that I thought it was a little thoughtless— but not that big of a deal We had an issue skating at one point with someone wanting my son to wear an embarrassing costume, it was really upsetting, unlike the jacket issue. More a difficult busybody parent than anything, but bad feelings there are related to other things that happened that led to my ds pretty much giving up the skating. Ultimately I did not comply with the pressure to put my ds in a ridiculous and demeaning (and possible dangerous to skate in) outfit. Instead my ds wore his traditional men’s black skates, slacks, and shirt, with or without a gold vest for most performances One time he wore a red shirt to match his girl partner’s dress. And no makeup ever, but he has dark eyes, lashes, and brows which helps make those visible for an audience without makeup In the city we have to go to for sports other than offered at local school, there is more than one ballet school. One of them — the one I would have started ds at if he had taken ballet— has a boys only class, which, to get boys to participate in ballet more , is free! And the boys wear white t shirts, black or dark shorts, and clean socks until they are far enough advanced for gear and clothes beyond that. Actually I think another may have had a boys only class, but not for my son’s age and level The one that would have worked had all its boys of all ages and levels go to one class together to start, and then add on other specific area classes as they advanced So the boys only had everything from 3 year olds to 18 or so year olds and the most beginner to the most advanced level They helped each other out I was told The ballet boys I saw here didn’t appear to have ballet bags per se. Or anything that said “ballet” in an obvious way until nearing performance level. They could have been going to a gym, or tennis class, or PE... One boy we knew who did do ballet had absolutely beautiful carriage and posture and was a very excellent dancer —best in the room in a very noticeable way—when our homeschool coop had a dance. He was not doing ballet then, but had excellent sense of movement and timing to the music. ...
  18. Lecka

    Wwyd? Car repair

    We got a new transmission in my vehicle for $2,000 and I continue to drive it three years later. (Or maybe it was rebuilt — I’m not sure.) Honestly we have looked at other vehicles, and we look at the payments, and ———— my husband has a truck picked out and we are saving for it, as it is obvious our vehicles don’t have a lot of life left in them, but at the time we weren’t ready to take on a payment, and we didn’t have money saved. So we just looked at it as ———— putting things off until we could afford another vehicle. It would be really good for us to pay cash for a used truck whenever one of our vehicles goes out, and if my vehicle goes out, I will drive my husband’s current car and he will get a used truck. We have spent money on my vehicle two times since transmission, one time a few hundred, and one time almost $1,000. But we have also saved up to try to buy a used truck with no loan. That would not be possible if we had a car loan to pay in right now. Anyway — in one way I don’t think it’s a good deal because we are putting money in my vehicle and it’s kind-of not worth it. But on the other hand the cost-per-year has been much lower than a car payment and we are saving to buy cash for a used truck. That will hopefully be better for us in the long run. As far as rust ——— we are living now in a place where road salts cause a lot of undercarriage rust in the winter. It makes us not want to purchase a vehicle here that would get salt damage. We plan to move back to a place where cars really don’t get any rust. The first time I took my vehicle to a mechanic here, he really commented on our undercarriage looking really good for the age of the vehicle, and it made a big impression on us, and since we know we won’t be here longer than 2 years we would rather not drive a new-to-us vehicle on the salty roads. So really we are hoping to keep driving both vehicles two years while saving for my husband’s truck. Edit: we have been able to pay cash for car repairs and we have never had a car loan, so we would rather have the flexibility in our budget to save for a vehicle every month but be able to miss a month, than have a car payment we can’t miss.
  19. Junie

    Ignore this thread!

    Now I want pizza.
  20. prairiewindmomma

    Ignore this thread!

    I like the way you think, Jean. All right, back to planning math for next year.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Jean in Newcastle

    Ignore this thread!

    I guess he might have to go out to get pizza if he arrives home without it. . .
  23. prairiewindmomma

    Ignore this thread!

    I texted dh asking him to bring home pizza. He is ignoring my text. I don't want to make dinner.
  24. prairiewindmomma

    Ignore this thread!

    Well, if she does, at least the police will take it away.
  25. Jean in Newcastle

    Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

    grocery shopped made dinner
  26. cintinative

    Must read Sherlock Holmes stories?

    I ordered the "complete stories" and it turns out the Penguin classics version I had been reading has stories from several different collections and they are not all from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes so I am really glad I ordered the complete stories. Unfortunately DS13 is not digging the stories so far, and I gave him the ones Lori D. recommended. <<sad>>
  27. Stacia

    July photo prompts 7/15-7/21

    This is probably the best I can get for today's prompt, lol... (My friend's dog while I was watching her kids [and dog] today.)
  28. Arctic Mama

    Dual fuel range or cooktop and wall oven?

    Let us know what you decide and what sold you! I always love appliance talk 🙂
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