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Kindergarten planning thread for 2017-2018

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#1 3 ladybugs

3 ladybugs

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Posted 30 January 2018 - 05:12 PM

Anyone else not using a complete program for Kindergarten?


My son turns 5 in July. I am slowly rolling out Kindergarten for him. 


Reading - AAR 1 (currently about 2/3 through AAR pre-reading)


Math - MUS Alpha (currently about 1/2 through MUS Primer)


Science - Elemental Science Intro to Science (currently doing Evan Moor Everyday Literacy Science)


Handwriting/spelling - Spelling You See (will start this next week)


Not sure if I will add to this or not. Might want to add a history overview if I can find one or he might just join older brother in modern history. 

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#2 Mommyof1


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Posted 30 January 2018 - 06:47 PM


Mine turned 5 in late fall 2017.

We do a lot of read aloud's on a variety of subjects. Audio books also.

She loves science so other then reading about it she also watches "Scishow Kids & Dr. Binocs" on Youtube. Nature walks and Science City, plus visit to the Zoo. Daddy occasionally does science experiments with her.

Math is currently Horizon Math K along with Ray's Arithmetic. Math facts videos. Count, Add & Subtract songs via a CD we borrow from the library. Not on the same day though it depends on the day and where her interest lie. She also loves math.

Going to be doing Rhythm of Handwriting from Logic of English "Cursive" she said she wants to write fancy. Start that in few weeks.

Redoing Alphabet Fluency and Blend Phonics PrePrimer Drills (cvc words). Then restarting Reading Made Easy with Blend Phonics. Use Phonics Pathways to change it up (she enjoys variety). Bob Books and other easy readers.

Teach her our towns history and then the history of our state. She is also learning the names of the states via games, videos and puzzles.

Anything else that catches her fancy.
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#3 wendyroo


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Posted 30 January 2018 - 07:01 PM

The year we are planning for is '18-'19, so you might want to edit your thread title.


Kiddo #3 will be in K next year.  The plan is:

Math Mammoth

Finish up OPGTR and do Explode the Code books 3 and 4

Lots of readers

Joy of Handwriting + copywork

Maybe The Sentence Family with his next oldest brother

Steve Spangler Science + some of the Mr. Q experiments with his brothers

Selected chapters from SOTW 3 and The Complete Book of United States History with his brothers.

Spanish class

Art class

Gym + swimming

Speech Therapy

#4 jrhodes


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Posted 31 January 2018 - 06:53 AM

Oldest will be 5 in Aug so we'll start sometime after labor day. 


Math: Singapore (or MEP? depends on how singapore goes)

Reading: AAR - 2/3 of done with pre, so depends on where we get this year

Handwriting: HWOT

Science: Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding

History: Adventures in America along with American Story


Also possible preschool if he gets an IEP for his anxiety (due to his late bday I wouldn't put him in K until he was 6 for public school). 

#5 3 ladybugs

3 ladybugs

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Posted 31 January 2018 - 07:33 AM

Reading - AAR 1 (currently about 2/3 through AAR pre-reading)


Math - MUS Alpha (currently about 1/2 through MUS Primer)


Science - Elemental Science Intro to Science (currently doing Evan Moor Everyday Literacy Science)


Handwriting/spelling - Spelling You See (will start this next week)


Forgot to add: German - Outside the home "Saturday School". He will be in the Kindergarten class next year. He is in the Preschool class this year. He will not get a book till 2nd grade.


Sport - Swim class every week as well

#6 Melissa in Australia

Melissa in Australia

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Posted 01 February 2018 - 04:50 AM

I think what we call Prep or Foundation  is what you call K. it is the first full time year of school before grade 1. Kindergarten  here means preschool - 14 hours a week for 4 year olds.

  this is my plan for the twins starting Foundation this year ( school year form Jan to Dec)

Twins boys  nearly 7- these guys have only been living with us for 3 years ( Permanent care from Foster). they have significant  fine, gross motor and cognitive delays and many learning problems.We have already started this school this year for them :-)




Reading Eggs


Readers - AAR, Bob Books, Fitzroy Readers, Reading Eggs phonics books


Grammar- First Langauge LEssons


Penmanship- Progressive Phonics Writing ( just the penmanship part)http://www.progressi...com/handwriting


Writing - Copywork from History and Science - We will be using NotebookingPages and making a book with Arnos fasterners, also level A form Writing workshop. Also narration form fairytales


Math- Saxon 1


History - SOTW book 2 


Science - plant and animal kingdom using a range of Lapbooking Units - they are very visual and love lapbooking 


 Music- Music Maestro 


Art - Will be craft for SOTW


They will also continue to have Speach Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Play Therapy etc. 


#7 hollyhock


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Posted 03 February 2018 - 06:29 PM

I do bare minimum for K, but we'll see what she's interested in doing once fall comes. So far I have planned:

Progressive phonics
ETC 1 and maybe 2 if she's up to that
Math made easy plus maybe some math games, and maybe starting MM 1 by the end of the year if she's ready
Lots of art projects, Bible memory, listening in to history if she wants
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#8 ailysh


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Posted 05 February 2018 - 11:31 AM

My k-er will be 6 in October, so on the older side.
Math: 180 Days of Math, k with Addition and Subtraction Facts That Stick, moving into MM 1 when she's ready

Reading: finish First Start Reading full program from MP, moving into Elson primer

Handwriting, homemade

Tagging along with older sis for history (SOTW3) and science (Apologia Astronomy).

1x/week Charlotte Mason drop off program

ETA: she'll also start piano lessons when she turns 6.

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#9 Syllieann


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Posted 05 February 2018 - 04:20 PM

My youngest will be kindy. 😢 I’m thinking this:

AAR-finish 2 and start 3
MM-just started 1 so we will finish that and start 2 unless things head south
Sound Beginnings for handwriting/spelling or maybe Spelling You See
Mystery Science for sure
Tag along with olders for the lighter/fun portions of Story of Civilization and Story of the Bible
Home Art Studio - 2nd grade level to combine with big sis
Gymnastics-lots of it
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#10 AimeeM


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Posted 05 February 2018 - 07:48 PM

I think we're going to wait to do formal Kindergarten with The Marvelous Flying Marco, until this upcoming year. He'll be 6, but not until the summer. He's technically "doing" kindergarten now, but with his special needs, this year has been spent almost entirely on finishing short tasks, finding a reward system that works for more than a minute, and moving from whatever he is rigidly focused on and into a mom-directed activity for even a very short period of time.


We are making progress there, but almost no actual academics have taken place. I'm not super concerned, because he's known his letters (and their sounds), recognizes his numbers through I-don't-even-know (numbers are his "thing"), shows an understanding of the concept of addition/subtraction in play, and enjoys read alouds.


So, we'll take another stab at formal K this upcoming year. 


PAL Reading

Memoria Press copybooks

CLE Math 1 *or* Miquon (not sure yet about this -- older kiddo uses Miquon, but when I think about the time spent on it, and the time I have available, the idea doing it with another kid, since DS8 is still using it, makes me want to cry)


He can tag along with DS8 for literature and enrichment subjects (we use Memoria Press for literature/enrichment and crafts; TAN's Story of Civ 2 for classical studies).


All of the kids do "Morning Meeting" together, which is comprised of individual recitations (age appropriate for each kid); picture study, religion, great words studies, and Latin. 

#11 vaquitita


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Posted 06 February 2018 - 07:44 PM

My youngest will be in kindy, but since he doesn't turn 5 till the end of November I'll be spreading kindergarten over 2 years.

AAR pre reading
ETC get set for the code series.
Possibly reading eggs as a supplement

Math... I want to use Gattengo and Miquon, but it may be too open-ended for me to actually get done. Lol. In which case, I will try right start with him.
He's been enjoying a free trial of math seeds the past few weeks, I may let him do that on the side.

He will also tag along with Layers of Learning year 3.

#12 kokotg


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Posted 14 February 2018 - 10:23 PM

My youngest just turned 5 last month. Next year we're planning:


Math: Singapore 

Reading: Progressive Phonics + readers

Handwriting without Tears

Science: Probably Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding? I have the book from when I did (some) of it with my older kids. Hoping to do a better job of sticking with it this time!

History/literature/other: Build Your Library 1. We're in a co-op group that's doing this--doing the reading at home and then getting together for group projects once a week

Spanish class

#13 Mona


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Posted 18 February 2018 - 02:36 PM

I'm still trying to adjust to adding my youngest to our home school.

Here's what were going to use for K(5) starting now and finish up next school year.


My Father's World 1st grade

Math: I wanted to use CLE since I used it with my older two, but he just doesn't like it and that makes for a long day. We started Singapore Math recently, and he looks forward to it. It's all new to me though.

Lots of Bob Books (We love reading these together and laugh a lot.)

Magic School bus science kits

Home Art Studio K

Swimming 2-3x/week

#14 UnlikelyHomeschoolingMama


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Posted 19 February 2018 - 06:49 AM

My little man turned 5 in Dec and here is what we've started:

Abeka L+S and phonics lessons (child led.....he really loves this)
Bob books and other readers
Mathematical Reasoning A
SL P4/5 for lit and science

I have no idea what to do next year. He is so mathy. We have ABEKA and Right Start in the house. But Kinder for each would be too boring. We will just keep moving in phonics and read lots of books together. Throw in A Reason For Handwriting.

#15 Tawlas


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Posted 20 February 2018 - 09:42 AM

Fairly relaxed about K in our house.  My youngest is nearly five, but really wants to "do school" like her older brothers, so we've done quite a bit already.  She's done pre-1 in AAR, but not ready for level 1.  We're doing the two-letter blending out of Phonics Pathways right now and it's going well.  We're almost done HWOT preK but we have the little kindergarten connection book to do (she'll be stoked!).  We've finished BFIAR but I'm not sold on FIAR 1 for her.  She's just not needing that kind of depth, though I'm still using the reading lists.  For math, she mostly does iPad apps, though we did Calendar religiously until Christmas.  I think we may start Math Mammoth in K, if she likes.  That worked well for one brother, will see how it goes.  She's a fanatic about Kumon - done many, will probably continue. 


All that to say, here's what I think K will look like for her:




Math Mammoth 1 (to do over two years, probably)

Lots of reading aloud and audio books

More Kumon mazes, cut and paste, etc

She joins in all kinds of things with her older brothers, but sporadically.  Except Nature Walks.  Family-wide favourite :)



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#16 soror


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Posted 20 February 2018 - 09:56 AM

My youngest is going to be in K.  I'm trying to decide if I really want to try and do it big or do the basics as usual. As of now big brother is going to PS so I will have more time. 


My current plan-

LoE Foundations (however far she gets)



Content -

Fairy Tales, Beatrix Potter & Winnie the Pooh for lit

Nature Studies for Science (I'm making them journals based on ENWC)

Poetry time (she is going to be so excited when she can actually read poems- she always makes up her own, which are quite entertaining)

Tag along Brittish/Medieval History with her sisters- sisters are using Galore Park and read-alouds but I might buy the PDF for SoTW 2 for the coloring pages


(I do love the look of the new Torchlight curriculum but realistically that probably wouldn't happen)



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#17 Tumbatoo


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Posted Yesterday, 08:30 AM

My youngest will be 5 in October. The jury is still out on whether he'll be K or PreK.

But, so far we're planning:
Sonlight A - social studies/lit

Science - ? Looking at Easy Peasy L
Or Sonlight science A

Math: Singapore 1, MEP

LA: Good and Beautiful 1, Sonlight readers 1, ETC 2,3

Music - he wants to learn piano, but don't think he's ready