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What's with the ads?


She's going to Spain. I need ya'll to tell me this will be ok.

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What's with the ads?

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Posted Today, 09:09 AM

I am not quoting the entire thing, it's too lengthy. It looks to me that your frame of mind may have been already predisposed. An annual transportation strike, while inconvenient, is not unique to Spain. French strikes, for example, are notorious. I guess they also must like extending their vacations!
Anyway, I am sorry that some people were not as helpful as they could have. I am not dismissing any of your experiences. However none of them seem that particularly unique to me.


I don't think I had a negative frame of mind when I entered the country.   I was young and 'what do parents know?'   But, it contributed to my determination to never go back. 


It is like when I was a teenager, my parents told me I wasn't allowed to call a boy that I was interested in.  On the 'what do parents know?' philosophy I did it anyway.  Then the next day I saw the boy again and noticed that he had a hole through his front tooth.  A hole straight through the tooth where you stick a toothpick in and it would come out the other side.   What made it worse was that he was convinced I really liked him, since I'd called him, so he was really hard to get rid of.  My reaction was an internal scream, "MY PARENTS WERE RIGHT, AND I'M NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN!"    It wasn't just the hole on the tooth, when my eyes were opened I noticed things like he was the type of person that would spend significant money to get a status vehicle, when his tooth needed work.