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Another unexpected blood test thread

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What's with the ads?

#1 Pegasus


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Posted 21 October 2017 - 08:37 PM

I had some blood testing performed to determine if I could come off a medication. I THOUGHT that what we were running was some very basic tests. It turns out to have included some tests that were pretty specialized, expensive, and not covered by insurance.


So, I'm at fault for not asking specifically what exactly was being tested. I admit that.  But now I have in hand a large unexpected bill from the analytical laboratory.


I just wish everything could be more transparent to the patient BEFORE the big bill shows up in the mail.


Edited to add the kicker:  All test results were good. Doc still wants me on the medication. So why did we test?

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#2 Barb_


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Posted 21 October 2017 - 09:38 PM

Ouch. I have no answers, but I am frustrated with you. Doctors don't do their own billing so unfortunately when they are looking for clues out of pocket cost doesn't usually ping their radar.

#3 FaithManor


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Posted 21 October 2017 - 10:19 PM

I would like to see lab's produce an itemized bill of what x,y,z that the doctor order will cost, and then show what your insurance will pay. Like getting a quote before having your roof replaced.

This way people can choose whether or not they can afford what the doctor wants. Sad to say, medical practitioners need to accept the fact that for many of us, we have finite resources and must ration our health care. I think all non emergency hospitalizations and procedures should also begin with a quote and an explanation of coverage for what is being ordered. Not fun for everybody, but medical bills are drowning people and they have a right to know what the costs will be before consenting for treatment except for in instances where time is really of the essence.

Sorry OP. That stinks!
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#4 Arctic Mama

Arctic Mama

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Posted 21 October 2017 - 11:29 PM

Before tests, do ask exactly which ones need to be performed and call! I’ve gotten down to the penny estimates from both Labcorp and Quest labs this way :)
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#5 RootAnn


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Posted 21 October 2017 - 11:41 PM

I have had all sorts of trouble trying to find out from my insurance company how much insurance will pay for a specific procedure. The medical provider will almost always tell me what it will cost and the code (if I ask), but insurance won't give me any info.

It is like going in to buy a sweater at the store. You can see the price label, but you can't find out what you will pay at the register until you've already gotten it home and cut the tags off.

My sympathies, OP!!!
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#6 creekland


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Posted 22 October 2017 - 06:01 AM

No advice, but  :grouphug: .


Actually, I just had a thought.  Can the insurance denial be appealed?  I know folks at school do that successfully sometimes.


And another thought.  We'd self pay since we're with health share.  One place used locally will discount "self pay" customers 50% if they call and ask.  You don't even have to beg for it - just mention it isn't covered by insurance and you're self pay.  It'd be worth calling and asking.

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#7 Diana P.

Diana P.

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Posted 22 October 2017 - 06:14 AM

This stinks!

For future before every appointment make a reminder to your doctor that every text has to be insurance approved.

I know I never thought about this until I was at a specialist with my dc. The doctor told us to wait after the exam. He specifically said he was having billing contact my insurance to see if they would pay for a couple of tests. So we waited. Then we we're called back and gives the lab order after insurance said they'd pay.
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