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What's with the ads?

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AHG/scout parents. *update in OP

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What's with the ads?

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Posted 21 October 2017 - 04:08 PM

Our AHG troop had a special event last weekend where some girls wore their class b shirts, and some did not. Really not a big deal for this particular event. Anyway, one of the girls (age 12) showed up in a skin tight dress, leggings and high heeled boots. I didn't think much of it, only thought it was odd being that these girls knew they were going to be outside in the mud.

I was speaking with the coordinator this afternoon and she mentioned that she needed to address the manner in which this particular girl dressed for this event.

I'm having huge reservations about this. Yes, AHG is incredibly conservative and the idea is to model "modesty". That said...... I just don't feel it is the troop's place to dictate to girls how they dress. It just feels like a boundary stomper. The certainty with which my coordinator declared this upcoming "intervention" has left me wondering if I'm missing something. Am I just too "liberal" in this thinking? I mean, if I am, then I am. I would just like to see where I fall on the spectrum with this.

So....What are your thoughts? Just curious- not looking to start or even entertain a scout bashing over this.

Update- everyone was so helpful with their advice/suggestions that I figured I would give a brief update. The coordinator and I spoke and we were able to come to an agreement to handle this by simply requiring class b shirts to ALL outside events, regardless of where said events are located. We have an upcoming service project for MADD which will involve lots of mud and yard work so as a troop last night we discussed specific clothing items to wear (pants, rain gear, work gloves, closed toe shoes, etc). All the girls, especially the PiPas, were right there animatedly contributing to the discussion and helping the younger TH understand, etc. so it was a success. 😄 Thank you all-


GREAT way to handle it! Troop teamwork!

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