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Well Trained Bodies (Diet & exercise) - Oct. 2017

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Posted Yesterday, 09:25 PM

I walked about 7.5 miles today. I walked the 3 miles around the block this morning and then the kids and I met up with friends to do a Corn Maze this afternoon and got in the rest. I didn’t do too badly eating today either. All that walking and fresh air really works up an appetite though!
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Posted Yesterday, 09:36 PM

Did my 60+ min walk with 30 min embedded jogging intervals today. It was a luscious day. One of those cool fall days when it almost seems like you could drink the air. It would have been super nice except the squirrels are super active right now and hound dog was not on her best behavior. My knee started to hurt mildly and I think it was being jerked a time or two. Grrr. 


It was one of those days when I scratched and clawed to get myself to do a lower body and core workout. I have historically loved deadlifts, then Oct 3rd, could hardly do one of a weight I had been doing 3 sets of 6 for. It was really weird and was a big mental blow. So Saturday when we'd returned from vacation, I did 4 sets gradually increasing to the weight I failed at and did 4. Tonight I did 3 sets of 6. It was hard on the last lift on each set. Hopefully, I'll get up to 8 next time. (Probably Friday) Did core  No upper and no flexiblity. 

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Posted Yesterday, 09:49 PM

I wonder if we could talk about fall and winter adjustments to our routines. 


For those of you who like to exercise outside in the afternoon/early evening, how do you cope with daylight savings time going poof and the much earlier darkness? 



And then there is holiday season. What are your temptations in the upcoming fall/winter holiday season? What ideas do you have for getting around those?  How will you exercise if you're traveling for visits, extra busy, etc? I want to start thinking about it for myself now and get others' perspectives and ideas as well. 



For me, the earlier sunset is a real downer. I hate the dark and the cold. I hate the leaves gone from the trees. I like that I don't have to worry about copperheads and that I can see the sunset through the trees since there are no leaves. So I try to exercise the hour before sunset. I bought something called a turtle skin or turtle fur(? I think) last year that I liked. It's a cone of stretchy fabric that can cover from your chin to over your nose and it's breathable. So it helps with the cold air which I am careful of because I"m at the age when I need to pay attention to not stressing my heart. I hope to be able to get to the mountains this year for some cross-country skiing. But that won't be every day exercise. I guess I'll do more swimming than now. 


We live in a pretty isolated neighborhood, so no worries on Halloween. No kids come around so there is no candy hanging around the house. Thanksgiving is at my house and I cook healthy stuff. I just need not to eat too many servings of healthy stuff! And I need to plan dinner to happen at a time when we can take a walk afterward. 


My horrible time is Christmas. I get caught in a quandry when people gift me with homemade cookies, cakes, etc. I don't want to eat them but I feel guilty if I don't at least try them so I can say, "Oh, that gingerbread was so good!' The problem is if I try it, I am likely to keep eating it. I would feel really guilty just tossing it out. And then there is the food at parties, at relatives' houses etc. Does anyone successfully navigate that? I gain weight every year. Last year was 7 pounds from Oct-Dec and it took me until Sept. to lose it again. I don't want to do that this year. 


I am also prone to want seconds and thirds of soups and hearty meals that I cook in the winter. Anyone else prone to that? Have you found a way to stop? I get caught less by desserts and unhealthy snacks than I do from eating too much healthy food. 



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Posted Yesterday, 10:40 PM

Laurie4b - I've been living with my "summer weight" and "winter weight" for decades - it's usually 5 - 10 pound difference.  There is less time to exercise because of school work, shorter days, and it's much colder in the fall/winter, so I lose muscle and gain fat. I also crave soup, and one bowl is never enough. In the summer it's hot, so less soups and hearty meals, longer days and more time to exercise. 


I did notice a slight difference in this trend when I started cross-country skiing (especially skate skiing) for several days a week last winter from Jan - March. I burned off a ton of calories and gain significant muscle mass in my legs and arms. I felt great. Unfortunately, as soon as the snow melted, I didn't replace skiing with an equally effective work-out, so bye-bye skiing body.  :laugh:   


My plan this winter is to try really hard to keep up a variety of intense work-outs (running, weight training, swimming, tennis, skiing) mixed in with less strenuous stuff (dog walking). I'm aiming for a minimum of 30 minutes everyday. In the area of food, I know I'm going to over-dose on soup, but I'll try to do this mid-day instead of later in the day. I'm also sticking to low-sugar foods in general. I'll eat occasional desserts and homemade cookies over the holidays and on special events. I've really decreased the amount of cookies I bake or buy, which makes it a lot easier to avoid sugar.