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Flylady Baby step #31, Sunday October 1....

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What's with the ads?

#1 3 ladybugs

3 ladybugs

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Posted 01 October 2017 - 07:48 AM

Good morning Flyminds! 


Welcome to the Flylady support thread. To find out what Flylady is: http://www.flylady.net/ You can also find people on YouTube if you search for it.


Please join in on the fun!


Today is day 31 of our 31 baby steps! Yay!!                           :hurray:                            :hurray:                             :driving:

Please click on any of the days to find out more about the baby step. 


Day 1 - Shine your kitchen sink!!

Day 2 - Dress to shoes! 

Day 3 - Keeping up the good work!

Day 4 - Write things down!

Day 5 - Write down what you hear

Day 6 - Hot spots!

Day 7 - Pick out your clothes 

Day 8 - Get a ring binder and put paper in it!

Day 9 - Declutter a few minutes at a time

Day 10 - You can do anything in 15 minutes!!

Day 11 - Add an inspiration page to the control journal!

Day 12 - Delete emails

Day 13 - Find a mission and do it!

Day 14 - Use a calendar

Day 15 - Make your bed 

Day 17 - Set a bedtime and stick with it.

Day 18 - Learn the 11 commandments of Flying! 

Day 19 - Read testimonials 

Day 20 - Include laundry in your routines!

Day 21 - Check out Ask Flylady or adding to the control journal??

Day 22 - Where is your control journal?

Day 23 -  Set your afternoon routine

Day 24 - Swish and swipe

Day 25 - Learn how the routines developed

Day 26 - look at the bottom of any Flylady email

Day 27 - What’s for dinner?

Day 28 - Eat good food, drink your water and get your rest

Day 29 - Set time to enjoy the weekly pamper sessions

Day 30 - Check your calendar for next month’s events


Today is our last day. We are...

Day 31 - I am so proud of you! - http://www.flylady.net/d/getting-started/31-beginner-babysteps/day-30/

Well we have come a long ways. I hope these threads helped you in some way. I have saved copies of all of these threads so maybe we can do this again in January. I will be linking to these threads in the daily threads in case someone joins us later on. Keep up the good work!

Morning Routine

  • Get up and make your bed

  • get dressed to lace-up shoes, hair, face

  • Swish and Swipe your bathroom

  • Eat breakfast, drink water, and take meds and vitamins

  • Recognize negative voices and change them

  • Reboot your laundry

  • What’s for dinner?

  • Put out your Hot Spots for two minutes

  • Five-minute Room Rescue (pick a room). Set your timer and go!

  • Spend 15 Minutes decluttering each day. You can’t organize clutter!

  • Look at your Control Journal. Your Post-It Notes remind you

  • Read Your FlyLady Emails as a reward for doing your morning routine.


Afternoon Routine

  • Eat lunch and drink your water

  • Take a few minutes to relax

  • Start Dinner remember the side dishes

Before-Bed Routine

  • Keep your sink shining

  • Lay out your clothes for tomorrow

  • Put in a load of laundry

  • Check calendar for tomorrow’s dinner! Pull out of freezer.

  • Put out your Hot Spot.

  • Drink your water and take evening medications and supplements

  • Look at your Control Journal check list.

  • Time for bed; consider yourself tucked in!

Need more inspiration?

Reminder tomorrow  we are starting a “build your Control Journal” series.

If you are cleaning around your house and want to join us on the building a control journal series on tomorrow, be sure to set aside these items:

  • A notebook/binder

  • White or colored paper (you choose)

  • Blank dividers

  • “ABC” dividers for addresses and phone numbers

  • Monthly dividers for seasonal reminders, such as birthdays and when to change the furnace filter

  • Sheet protectors (not the matte finish unless you already have some; they are hard to erase)

  • Dry erase markers in your favorite color

  • Some kind of calendar for your schedule

  • A small note pad for making lists or post-it notes

  • A zippered pouch (for stamps, paper clips, pens, and other small items)

Now I don't have all of these. I have a home journal and a everyday, out of the house journal. I found that combining them was too much so separating them has helped me a bit.


I have a binder, dividers, a steno pad that is 8.5 by 11, and sheet protectors. That is it. I guess I also have pens and alcohol swabs but I don't really count those as I need them for my other journal too.

Remember you don’t have to be perfect. Just do the best you can everyday and it will all be good in the end!


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#2 Woodland Mist Academy

Woodland Mist Academy

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Posted 01 October 2017 - 09:08 AM

I'm going to attempt to use some decorative file folders instead of a binder. I have them ready to go in a pretty desktop file on my kitchen desk. I bought the file folders some time ago without any real need for them, so maybe now I can finally put them to good use and enjoy them every day. If the file folder setup doesn't work, I've got a binder at the ready.


(ETA: Another reason I'm using file folders is because I'm trying to do a Getting Things Done reboot at the same time I'm doing the Flylady reboot.)

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#3 3 ladybugs

3 ladybugs

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Posted 01 October 2017 - 09:29 AM

You can always punch holes in the file folders and use them as dividers too! LOTS better then what I currently have that are all yellow... or the white one that still have the markings on them for when I used them in my IVF folder. LOL

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