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HELP solving a 6th grade math pow.

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What's with the ads?

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Posted 07 May 2017 - 02:40 PM

Triangle Area

Above is a set of dots in a 5 by 5 array.  You can make a triangle by connecting any three of these dots.  How many triangles can you make that have an area equal to the triangle to the left? The distance vertically and horizontally is one unit (do not use inches or cm).  A triangle in a different location is considered a different triangle.



Organize by Triangle type:

1. the original triangle, just moved
2. triangles with a base of 1
3. triangles with a base of 3
4.  Cut the original triangle in half (cutting the smallest side in half).  Imagine a hinge on this half of the small side that can flip half of the triangle around so that it creates a very long skinny triangle.  Find all of these triangles.