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What's with the ads?

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Current movie thread

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What's with the ads?

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Posted 16 February 2018 - 10:57 PM

I broke my 70-odd week streak of Tightwad Tuesday movie watching this week. The person I usually go with couldn’t make it and I’d seen everything I was interested in.

I avoided the 3 Billboard movie (not up for the drama, violence, language, racism, etc), read that 15:17 was too slow, I’ve always hated every western I’ve seen, so Hostiles was out, and The Post was at the theater farthest from me and I wasn’t up for the drive. Otherwise I’d seen all the other movies (except 50 shades—totally not interested) or they were kid movies. I’m so done with kid movies.

We stayed home and watched Cloverfield. My youngest hadn’t seen it yet and it’s one of my favorite movies so we all had a blast watching it again.

Instead of going out on Tuesday, somehow or other on Thursday night I finally convinced my dh to see The Greatest Showman which was the first time for him and the fourth time for me. It was just as good the 4th time as the 1st. :)

Have you seen Cloverfield Paradox?

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Posted Yesterday, 12:12 AM

Have you seen Cloverfield Paradox?

Yes, but it was only so-so. I read that it was originally just an ordinary “something goes wrong on a space station” movie and somebody or other decided to turn it into a “Cloverfield” movie by adding a bit to the ending. It absolutely felt that way—like a regular not-in-theaters movie that someone tacked a Cloverfield reference to, but it wasn’t the intention to begin with.

It was an ok movie, but not nearly of the same caliber of the first two Cloverfields. My son enjoyed it a lot, but even he knew it wasn’t quite the same. It felt very “made for DVD” to me.

DS is going to have a Cloverfield Day with his friends and they’re going to watch all three back to back.
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Posted Yesterday, 12:35 AM

I'm also looking forward to Black Panther! Trying to figure out when to go. I don't like crowds so might pass on this weekend.


Did you hear? Two theaters were bought out for showings of Black Panther in Mississippi. Octavia Spencer bought out a screening (including a small drink and popcorn) at one theater and director Tate Taylor purchased tickets for another screening at another theater here. Her intention was to help people of color get to see a super hero of color in underserved communities. She did something similar in LA before buying out screenings in low-income areas.

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