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What's with the ads?

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Well Trained Bodies - 3/19/17

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What's with the ads?

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Posted Yesterday, 08:45 PM


When you think of the food you just ate as "indulgent", the hunger hormone (ghrelin)  goes down after eating it. When you think of it as "healthy" it rises again!  Study: (summary by Yale where it was done; http://news.yale.edu...u-think-you-eat


Suggested solutions; Focus on what was indulgent about your meal, make choices with indulgent textures http://www.health.co...-eat-healthy--0


"Exercising" triggers your desire for a reward and influences your food choiceshttps://link.springe...1002-014-9301-6


What are your thoughts? Have you observed these phenomena in yourself? What are your ideas about how to change the mind-body connection in a way that works for your goals? 

Very interesting. I don't know how that relates to me. I like healthy food, sometimes I want more of it, sometimes I can't stop eating carbs, an sometmes my boy just doesn't work right. I can see that if you think of healthy food as torture you won't be able to keep with the "diet". 


With exercise, it seems to depend on the duration level for me more than anything, shorter and more intense my appetite decreases, long sessions(2hrs+) even if really low intensity and I'm starving

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Posted Yesterday, 09:59 PM

Tennis was really fun tonight. My partner and I rocked our ladies doubles match, and dh and I rocked our mixed doubles even more. My serving was still good, but my other shots had improved also from Thursday, thank goodness.  :p



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