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What's with the ads?


Considering trying PS

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What's with the ads?

#1 La Condessa

La Condessa

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Posted Today, 02:46 AM

We recently moved to a new town, and I found out that the local elementary school here is moving to a level-based model next year, instead of grades. The kids will move between teachers for different subjects and be grouped according to their level in each subject. This sounds like it could potentially be a great situation for an asynchronous kid. However, the school is only K through 2nd, and I don't know how they will handle kids who are beyond 2nd grade level. Also, the 1st grade teacher who was telling me about it was very negative. She was saying that a new superintendent is forcing these changes on the school, and the teachers are against it--that they think it will be more stressful and harder for the kids to adjust, that the transitions will eat into teaching time, that having kids several years apart grouped together will cause social problems

So, I'm considering sending dd next year, but I have some concerns. I'd like to talk to someone from the school about it, but I'm not sure who to talk to (I'm assuming the superintendent doesn't talk with individual families, but it sounded like the teachers, at least, don't yet know the details of the plan).

#2 Arcadia


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Posted Today, 03:01 AM

Talk to your local school district asst. supt. Just call the district admin office and ask who is in charge of this scheme. Then talk to the school principal.

Some teachers don't like mixed grades kids (kids of different ages) and some don't like to teach kindergarten age kids. My older's 1st grade teacher isn't comfortable with young kids so she doesn't teach kindergarteners.

Transitions do eat into teaching time and that depends on the school culture. Some schools allow kids to slowly stroll from class to class so kids are really late going from library back to classroom. Some expect kids to brisk walk between classrooms and little time is wasted.

#3 kiwik


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Posted Today, 03:15 AM

It sounds great but not if the teachers are trying to sabotage it or engage in games of one upmanship with the boss.

What's with the ads?