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Post your middle school schedule please

logic stage schedules middle school schedules

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#1 MSNative


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Posted 21 November 2010 - 02:22 PM

Can't have a new board without some sort of schedule question! Pls. post yours here.

Our weekly schedule:

One MUS unit, 1 Life of Fred unit (from 1 bridge to the next), MUS test
TOG weekly unit - incl. narration, geography and literature
Apologia module, narration, experiment, experiment write up and test (spread out over 3 days)
Building thinking skills
R&S grammar - 2X per week
Spelling Power - 1 list per week
Italics handwriting, copywork and memorization
Writing - IEW - one book report every other week, one article summary on the off weeks. Daily key word outline work.
Music and art appreciation - 2X per week

Total this takes us about 3-5 hours per day.

I'm looking for more ways to include critical thinking, independent study and organizational skills. Feeling like we're still in Grammar stage with me leading most subjects and limited in depth discussion. Open to any ideas y'all want to share.

#2 zookeeperof3


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Posted 21 November 2010 - 02:32 PM

We are getting ready to start Trisms History Makers, here's what I have planned for my 6th grader.

Faith & Life 1 lesson per week
Math Facts Now 10 min daily
Math U See 1 Lesson per week
ILL daily
Easy Grammar daily
Simply Spelling 1 lesson per week
Latina Christiana 1 lesson per week
Apologia Zoology at co-op, 1 day of "homework"
Art Study 1 lesson per week, fill out artist study guide
Classical Music 1 lesson per week, fill out study guide

Trims 1st week do all work as written, 2nd week read book from Trisms list,write book report , read section from The Old World and America, and answer questions at the end of chapter.

ETA We are switching to Trisms so my son will start being more independent and organized. Hopefully, it will also improve his logical reasoning skills as well.


#3 TechWife


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Posted 21 November 2010 - 02:56 PM

This is for 8th grade.

Fall Semester
Bible: Currently Wise Up! Wisdom in Proverbs and Practical Happiness (Mon-Wed, Fri)
Math: Algebra I Math U See (Mon-Fri)
History: History Odyssey, Modern Era, Level 2 (Mon, Wed); Civics Class at Co-Op (Thurs)
Language Arts: Analytical Grammar (Season 3); Lightening Literature 8th Grade; National Novel Writers Month (Mon-Wed, Fri)
Science: PHSE Physical Science (Tues, Fri)
Art: Atilier Art at co-op (Thurs); free drawing (daily)
Speech & Debate: Lincoln Douglas Value Debate, Introduction to the World of Competitive Speech (class 2 hours on Wed, homework 2 hours/week)

Spring Semester
Bible: Wise Up! Wisdom in Proverbs and various books, biographies (Mon-Wed, Fri)
Math: Algebra I Math U See (Mon-Fri)
History: History Odyssey, Modern Era, Level 2 (Mon, Wed)
Language Arts: Vocabulary from the Classical Roots; The Elegant Essay; Lightening Literature 8th Grade (Mon-Wed, Fri)
Science: PHSE Physical Science (Tues, Fri)
Speech & Debate: Tournament season
Art: Artistic Pursuits, Color and Composition, Junior High Book 2 (Thurs); free drawing (daily)
Middle School Essentials: Home School High School and Beyond
Co-op: electives tbd @ registration

DS spends about 4 hours on school daily, although that should increase next semester.

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#4 Melanie


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Posted 21 November 2010 - 03:14 PM

This is my 6th grader's schedule:

Math: 5 days/week

Saxon Algebra 1

Languages: 5 days/week

Henle Latin 1
Elementary Greek 1

Logic: 3 days/week

Traditional Logic 1

English: 5 days/week

Rod & Staff English 8

Reading List

- "A Voyage to Lilliput" and "A Voyage to Brobdingnag"; Jonathan Swift
- Treasure Island; Robert Louis Stevenson
- "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and "Rip Van Winkle"; Washington Irving
- "The Way to Wealth"; Benjamin Franklin
- Emma; Jane Austin
- The Adventures of Tom Sawyer; Mark Twain
- A Christmas Carol; Charles Dickens
- Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave; Frederick Douglass
- poems by Wordsworth, Coleridge, Browning, Rossetti, Tennyson
- KJV Bible
- Luther's Small Catechism

History: 2 days/week

DK's History: The Definitive Visual Guide
Famous Men of Modern Times; John H. Haaren and A. B. Poland

Science: 2 days/week

Nature Study
Popular science books

Fine Arts

Ballet (4 days/week)
Piano (6 days/week)

ETA: She spends about 5 hours a day on academics, plus an hour of piano practice.

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#5 Jen the RD

Jen the RD

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Posted 21 November 2010 - 03:34 PM

How in the world do you all get all that work done in 3-5 hours? I'll post my dd's 7th grade schedule. We do school from 8-4 M-F with some weekend work.

Bible: R&S daily (30 min)
Violin/Piano/Theory: Practice daily for ~ 1 hr
Pre-algebra: BJU DVD (1.5 hrs daily)
Spelling: WRTR (30 min 4 x wk)
Grammar/Writing: R&S English 6 (30-45 min 4 x wk)
History: BJU DVD World Studies (1.5 hr daily)
Science: BJU DVD Life Science (1.5 hr daily)
Latin: LFC (30 min daily)
Reading: covers history, science, lit, free reading (1 hr daily)
PE: We break each day from 12:30-1:30 for lunch and then some form of exercise. Plus dd swims on swim team 3-4 d/wk for 45 min.

DD also helps with many responsibilites around the house including laundry & cooking.

I would love to have logic and Spanish in the schedule, but we just can't do them right now. I know some of our time is sucked up by the BJU DVD's. They are sooooooo long. I have mixed feelings about them and will probably not use them next year.


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#6 *~Tina~*


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Posted 21 November 2010 - 04:09 PM

8th grader:


Poetry Memorization (IEW)

Warm-Ups* (very short calisthenics for the brain :)

Building Thinking Skills - Bk 2 (finishing up, then will move into Critical Thinking Bk. 1)

Starting Points Worldview Curriculum with Starting Points Theme-Based Writing Lessons (IEW)


Saxon Grammar

Six Way Paragraphs/McCall Crabbs* (alternate days)

Saxon Algebra 1/2

Mystery of History

Geography (haphazard)

Apologia General Science

Mavis Beacon Typing

Music/Art (alternate days)


Misc. (Shakespeare, Composer Study, Story Starters)

*dd has dyslexia, as well as significant memory challenges because of a seizure disorder and related meds, so we continue to purposely exercise and evaluate spelling and reading more than we would otherwise)

#7 Melissa B

Melissa B

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Posted 21 November 2010 - 04:35 PM

7th/8th grader

Singapore math
online math class
Put That in Writing
online writing class
online Latin/Greek

Paths of Exploration w/ Teaching Company DVDs and additional literature
TRISMS Discovering Ancient Worlds w/ Teaching Company DVDs and additional literature
Iliad/Odyssey study
Signs and Seasons Astronomy w/Teaching Company DVDs
online Geography class

online religion class

5th/6th grader

Singapore math
Key to Fractions (considering Life of Fred Fractions)
MCT Grammar Town
online writing class
online Latin class

guitar practice
Paths of Exploration w/ Teaching Company DVDs and additional reading
TRISMS History Makers
Iliad/Odyssey study
Keepers of the Night w/ Teaching Company DVDs
online geography class


online religion class

I would really like to add French, but we just can't seem to fit it in this year. :glare:

#8 Mama Lynx

Mama Lynx

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Posted 21 November 2010 - 04:36 PM

My middle schooler (7th) doesn't really have a schedule. He works on his assignments when he wants to, pretty much.

Once a week he has classes in Latin, Greek, science and humanities. He has assignments for those that must be completed by class time.

He works on math for 30-60 minutes a day, and I have to pin him down and sit on him if I want him to do any writing or grammar :lol:

(Humanities is covering his literature and history, this year - late middle ages through Renaissance.)

#9 kewb


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Posted 21 November 2010 - 05:53 PM

Our schedule looks something like this:

2-3x per week:
Logic/Critical Thinking
Lightning Lit

Swimming- 3x per week
Homeschool gym class-1x per week

Alternating weeks:
Discussion Group
Philosophy Class

#10 mcconnellboys


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Posted 21 November 2010 - 06:03 PM

Daily: Bible - using various things this year (about 20-30 minutes per day)

Daily: Math - algebra class on M; homework for class T,W; Russian Math drill R,F (about an hour a day)

Language Arts:

M-R (most weeks) - Vocab for the College Bound
M-R a workpage in Easy Grammar (most days this also includes going over the rules that will be applied for the day, too)
M-R - work on writing assignments for outside Lit class and attend the class on R
(there's also some writing done at home on lit, history, geography, or science topics)

I'd say this encompasses about an hour per day.

Then he also has about another 30 minutes of reading time for books associated with our studies at home.

Geography - he always has about 10 minutes a day of practice and this may extend to more time on days when we're doing the map work associated with history studies.

M,W,F - he completes a lesson in Latin, or a Quiz or test (or studying for those); and he completes a couple of lessons in Greek. He has an hour allotted for this work, but I don't think it's been taking him that long.

We take about an hour for lunch (or 90 minutes)....

We're supposed to be doing 30 minutes of Logic daily. I generally cover one lesson. Lately, I've been studiously ignoring it, however....

Then on M,W we have a couple of hours for history (if we're not out of the house for something else) and T,R we have the same thing for science (again, if we're home).... To try to make up for the fact that we run around so much and do other things, I tend to put books on tape so he can listen to history or science when we're in the car. Then, when we do have a day at home, I will sometimes do marathon experiment sessions.... He does have a science workbook that he does something in every day, which generally only takes about 15 minutes.

Because I have scheduled less work for him on Fridays, if we don't have a field trip then we can sometimes get our reading and experiments caught up then....

#11 Heather in WI

Heather in WI

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Posted 21 November 2010 - 06:12 PM

Our 5th grader:


History - 5 days

Science - 5 days

Spelling - 4 days

Math - 5 days

Logic/Typing - 3 days logic, 2 days typing

French - 5 days

1-2 hour lunch break (or longer ... he often wakes up around 6 am and completes all the school work he can do alone early)


Grammar - 5 days

Latin - 5 days

Fun reading - 5 days

#12 redsquirrel


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Posted 21 November 2010 - 07:05 PM

I have a 5th grader in the logic stage so we are just begining this part of the journey. Our schedule for this year:

Singapore year 5 every day
Singapore challegning word problems year 3 (for confidence)
Helping little brother with his Miquon
Various pattern block workbooks, geoboards etc etc.

Language arts:
Spelling workout: chapter a week
Growing with Grammar 3X week
WWE year 4 (hoping SO MUCH year 5 is ready next year) 4X week

Latin 3X week:
Big Book of Lively Latin. We are 3/4 of the way through the book

Logic 3X week:
Logic liftoff
Orbiting with Logic

Ancient History 3X week:
Kingfisher book of the Ancient World
Usborne internet linked
Human Odyssey
and Story of Science: Aristotle at the Center, where it fits.
Other assigned readings

Mythology 3X week: My son is a mythology NUT. He was so looking forward to returning to this year because he adores all the mythologies of the ancient world. So, I created a sort of reading list of and about mythology, along with discussion, that parallels our history cycle. It allows him to 'wallow' in mythology but we get our history done.

So it is 8 weeks each:
Egyptian mythology/religion
Christian mythology/religion
Greek mythology/religion
Roman mythology/religion

Life Science 3X week:
Science Daybook
Darwin for Kids
DK book of evolution
Blood and Guts
The body book
Lyrical Life science
TOPS unit on radish growing
Butterfly kit, ladybug kit
various disections, videos and readings

Reading 5X a week:
various historical fictions, biographies, etc.

Music 6X week:

Other activities:
Ballet 3X week
Tae Kwon Do 2X week
Drama, various

#13 Melissa in Australia

Melissa in Australia

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Posted 21 November 2010 - 07:08 PM

My 9 th grader
math Saxon algebra 1
grammar and composition 3 Abeka
WWE 3 ( he has done writing strands up to level 5, but was still a poor writer)
vocab from classical roots A
Rosetta stone German

3 times a week apologia biology
2 times a week history combination of HOTMA and spielvogel western civ. logic

reads literature assigned to him from WTM reading list in the evenings.

#14 Melissa in Australia

Melissa in Australia

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Posted 21 November 2010 - 07:13 PM

7th grader
math Saxon 76
grammar and composition 1 Abeka
WWE book2
spelling workout book D
Rosetta stone German

three times a week science Apologia Biology
two times a week SOTW with younger siblings, plus extra work from history encyclopedias al la WTM, fallacy detective

reads assigned books from WTM reading list in the evenings

#15 Melissa in Australia

Melissa in Australia

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Posted 21 November 2010 - 07:18 PM

dd 10 somewhere between 5th and 6th grade

Saxon math 76
grammar and composition 1 Abeka
spelling workout book D
assigned reader from WTM reading list
Rosetta stone German

three times a week science Apologia Biology
two times a week SOTW with younger siblings, plus extra work from history encyclopedias al la WTM, fallacy detective

#16 prairiegirl


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Posted 21 November 2010 - 07:33 PM

This is my dd's schedule for 6th grade.

CW--Homer B
Bartons Spelling
copywork & dictation (we alternate these two)
literature--we use Yr. 6 AO lit suggestions, read and discuss

Block scheduling--we use this for the content subjects. We alternate between history and science for 3--4 wk. blocks. Dd usually spends about 2 hrs. daily for content subjects.
History--WTM style, TQ
Science-- earth science and astronomy

#17 Stacy in NJ

Stacy in NJ

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Posted 21 November 2010 - 08:12 PM

8th grade:

Between 9-12 - 5 Days per week
  • Algebra I w/Foerster
  • Science w/Apologia Physical Science
  • Literature (reading WTM list)

After lunch on M/W/F 1-3pm
  • Spanish w/Getting Started with Spanish & Flash Forward
  • Grammar w/AG - 3rd season
  • ASK8 test prep

After lunch on T/Th
  • Composition w/Laurel Tree Tutorial
  • History w/ HO Middle Ages

DS also frequently spends some time over the weekend working on anything uncompleted during the work.

For DS 6th grade:

Between 9-12 - 5 Days per week
  • Math w/TT and supplements
  • Lit (reading WTM list)
  • Free Reading (his choice)

4 Days per week (rotating):
  • History - Middle Ages w/SOTW and Usborne
  • Spelling w/Spelling Workout

3 Days per week (rotating):
  • Geography /our own program
  • Bible w/ Kingfisher Bible
  • Grammar w/ Gum Drops

2 Days per week (rotating):
  • Memory Work
  • Science - Anatomy - our own thing
  • Composition (mostly dictation)

Once per week he does Draw Squad.

Both boys have several extra-curricula activites.

#18 Leila


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Posted 22 November 2010 - 12:34 AM

This is Jhoshua's schedule (6th grader)


Math (4x/week)
Grammar (3x/week)
Spelling/Dictation (2x week)
Writing (daily)
Latin (daily)
Logic (2x week)

History (3x week)
Science (2x week)
Art/Music (2x week)
Assigned reading (daily) with discussion or written assignment
Independent reading (how much time he wants to spend)

P.E. every Wednesday morning
AWANA every Wednesday night
Nature Walking every other Friday morning with other homeschoolers

#19 AngieW in Texas

AngieW in Texas

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Posted 22 November 2010 - 12:52 AM

My 7th grader's current schedule:

9-10 free reading, guitar practice
10-11 fifteen minutes of MUS prealgebra, spelling, OM6 history
11-12 science, twenty minutes of MUS prealgebra
12-1 take care of a neighbor's dogs, lunch
1-2 English, readaloud

She has her guitar lessons on Wednesday afternoons at 4.

9-11:30 fashion design and sewing class (actually just 1.5 hours, but includes transportation time)
11:30-12 fifteen minutes MUS prealgebra, spelling
12-1 take care of neighbor's dogs, lunch
1-2 twenty minutes of MUS prealgebra, readaloud or history or English

9-10 free reading, guitar practice
10-11 writing project, history project
11-12 fifteen minutes MUS prealgebra, spelling, history or English
12-1 take care of neighbor's dogs, lunch
1-2 twenty minutes MUS prealgebra, readaloud

#20 LunaLee


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Posted 22 November 2010 - 12:55 AM

DS 6th Grade-

Saxon 4x
LOF Fractions 1x
Singapore 70 Word Problems to Know Daily

Language Arts
SWO H 3x
Reading Comprehension X2
WWE x2 (sometimes)
Saxon Grammar x3

HO EM Level 2x 2-3

Science Explorer Focus on Earth Science 2-3x (just starting this)

Watercolor Class 1st Term
Artistic Pursuits 2nd Term

LfC A Class 1x

Mindstorms Class 1x

Typing this up has made me realize that I've dropped the ball a little bit. It certainly doesn't reflect the COS & schedule I had planned at the beginning of the year. I'll have to work on that.:D Our days have worked out to where we do school from 8am-12 and then 6:30ish to 8ish pm.

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#21 anneofalamo


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Posted 22 November 2010 - 01:34 AM

Golly, I love reading your lists and how they are compiled! Wow

I have a 5th/6th grade combo (twins and brother 11 months older) but we are the accelerated plan...to bring them to "grade" level

5-10 minutes Easy Grams (independant)
30 minutes Easy Grammar (3-4 pages a day) we grade together
45 min to an hour MUS-Episolon, to master, but some we have done two pages and kicked it to a test the same day

break (chores and giggles)

1 hour-Science-Christian kids love Biology (M and Tues) w/ Mr. Q's mixed in
1 hour History-Story of the World 1 (with Evan-Moor Ancients) (Thurs and Friday)
30 min Spanish-Easy Glide
30 min Alex for Math
15 min -Word Wise
15 min-Spelling AAS for 6th grader and the girls are finishing theirs and are done with that. MCP?


up to an hour-writing NaNoWriMo at the moment, but go back to writing strands in January I did get Write Reflections, so I need to look at it over the break
Read and reading logs and research for any history or science reports done
Computer class (it's a reward for the day)

We are done by 2pm and only school Mon thur Thurs, often we do Art or a catch up on Friday, but we try and keep that for outings or just fun

#22 5LittleMonkeys


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Posted 22 November 2010 - 02:05 AM

We are on our 6 week winter break right now but when we start back in Jan. this will be our schedule.

For my 7th:

Math - MUS/ Pre-Algebra (4.5 hrs/wk)
Grammar - R&S/ Level 5 (3 hrs/wk)
Writing - Classical Writing/ Homer A (5hrs/wk)
Latin - Latina Christiana I (3 hrs/wk)
Literature - Ambleside Online/ Pre-7 (4hrs/wk)
Logic - The Fallacy Detective (1.5hrs/wk)

History - Interest led study/ She is studying the history of mythology geographically\culturally throughout the world.
Science - Interest led study/ She is going to study Astronomy with a tie in to her history study.
Art - She wants to create a collage showing how artists throughout history have depicted the mythology of different cultures.
(The history, science and art will take about 6hrs/wk)
Music - Informal piano. She can play by ear and likes to listen to various pieces and then work them out. We talk about different composers and their styles. She is working on Pachelbel's Canon right now. (varies from 2 to 10 hrs/wk.)
PE - Riding lessons (2hrs/wk)
Extra(Not sure what to count this as?) - She has started working at the stables grooming horses, tacking and un-tacking horses, cleaning tack, bringing in horses for farrier and vet services, etc. (4hrs/wk)

I won't list my 6th's schedule as it will be almost identical in content and time to my 7th. (Math and literature will be different levels) Instead of piano she spends about the same amount of time working on art projects using Discovering Great Artists and other art books from the library. Her history and science projects will be different...I believe she is going to do a study about the ecology of the worlds coastlines for science and for history she is undecided between Queen Elizabeth or a broader study of the kings and queens of England from the beginning to present time.

#23 jenn&charles


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Posted 22 November 2010 - 02:25 AM

Here's my 6th grader's schedule:

various things

My custom literature based history using MOH and SOTW as spines- Right now we are studying the middle ages
I'm also reading The American Story out loud to him at night every once and awhile

Lively Latin Big Book 2, next semester we will add Cambridge and Lingua Latina

MEP and/or Life of Fred Fractions during the first part of the day
Teaching Textbooks 6 (finishing up) during the 2nd part of the day
Occasional supplements: Singapore and RightStart geometry

Language Arts
MCT Grammar town program (with poetry and Caesar's English used occasionally)
Worldly Wise
Writing with Ease level 3 (not every day)
Imitation in Writing: Aesop's Fables and Writing Trails
Jump In to Writing (we mix up the writing programs for variety)
Reading Detective (not every day)
Free and assigned daily reading
All About Spelling (currently in level 3)
Penmanship - occasionally, if we have time - just to reinforce good letter formation, etc.

Apologia general science
Custom, interest-led science (astronomy, chemistry, etc.)

Piano lessons
and also composer studies integrated into history

Integrated into history and also on an "as we have the time/interest basis"

Logic Liftoff workbook

#24 Jilly


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Posted 22 November 2010 - 03:22 AM

We don't have a set schedule. :blushing: Here is what my sixth graders are working on.

Math - LOF (finishing decimals and starting pre-algebra in January)

Language Arts - MCT, K12 Literature, Megawords

Science - Singapore and a weekly science class

History - The Human Odyssey, World History from The Teaching Company

Fine Arts - both have piano, my daughter also has voice, choir, and two drama classes. My mom is working through K12 art with them.

Philosophy - Philosophy for Kids

Extras - Time4Learning, BrainPop, and my son attends a Lego Engineering class

#25 Laura Corin

Laura Corin

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Posted 22 November 2010 - 03:42 AM

Calvin's from last year is in my siggy. We worked 9-5 including an hour of exercise.


#26 rootsnwings


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Posted 22 November 2010 - 03:51 AM

OK, my ds is in 4th but for is pretty much doing 5th grade work so I'll go!! :)

Fall Semester:

Singapore 4A: 4x/wk (he'll finish this week but not start on 4B until after Christmas Break)
Singapore Mental Math: 2x/wk
LOF: Fractions: 3x/wk (until next week, and then it will be 5x/wk until Christmas Break
Division Drills: 2x/wk
MEP Online Worksheets: 2x/wk

Story of the World 2 - Middle Ages: 4-5x/wk (reads each section & writes a narration for each, uses a reading guide while reading to answer the discussion questions, completes a study guide and takes the test. Reads any Lit & History suggestions from the AG and works on the projects as he likes)

K12 Language Skills & Mechanics: 4x/wk
K12 Grammar: 4x/wk
K12 Lit: 5x/wk
K12 Vocab: 1x/wk
K12 Spelling: 5x/wk
Cursive: 3x/wk

Singapore MPH: 3x/wk

Homeschool PE Co-Op: 1x/wk
Soccer: 3x/wk

Spring Semester:

Singapore 4B: 4x/wk
Singapore IP: 3x/wk
Singapore Mental Math: 3x/wk
LOF - Decimals & Percents: 3x/wk
MEP Online Interactive Worksheets: 2x/wk

Either History Odyssey or K12's Human Odyssey. Still debating but don't have to decide until we finish SOTW 2, around March! ;)

K12 Language Skills & Mechanics: 4x/wk
K12 Grammar: 4x/wk
K12 Lit: 5x/wk
Literature Pockets - Caldecott Winners
K12 Vocab: 1x/wk
K12 Spelling: 5x/wk
K12 Comp: 4x/wk -- thinking about NOT doing this, depending on how writing intensive our History program turns out to be. ;)
Cursive: 2x/wk

Cambridge Latin: 4x/wk

Singapore MPH: 3x/wk
Exploration Education: 2x/wk
Science Co-Op Class: 1x/wk

Homeschool PE Co-Op: 1x/wk
Baseball: 4-5x/wk

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#27 Lady Florida.

Lady Florida.

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Posted 22 November 2010 - 08:45 AM

We don't follow a schedule, but try to get a bit of everything in each week.

Math - just finished LOF Fractions. He's now reading The Number Devil and doing some of these activities. When he finishes, he'll take a break from math for the rest of the (calendar) year. He'll start LOF Decimals and Percents in January.

Science - NOEO Chemistry III It's done on a 4 day schedule, but some weeks he does 5 days, some weeks less than 4.

Language Arts - We follow Bravewriter, though he doesn't take any of her online classes (too expensive!). Right now he's working through a bookstore book called Grammar in 15 Minutes a Day, because he needed a refresher. Read alouds and some independent reading are related to our history program. Other reading comes from Braverwriter, or from a list I put together for him.

American History - Winter Promise American Crossing. We'll start WP American Cultures as soon as we finish AC. He also does a U.S. state study that's part of this curriculum. I've done a fair amount of tweaking this program.

Spanish - I gave him a foreign language choice, and he chose Spanish. We're using Instant Immersion Spanish, but neither of us is thrilled with it. Our library system now offers free foreign language programs online and I plan to look into that.

Fine Arts - takes weekly guitar lessons at a local music store; monthly art lessons from a local artist

Nature Study - I consider this an important aspect of his education, and though a type of science, we keep it separate from his science curriculum. Sometimes we do study on our own (I use the Handbook of Nature Study blog), but we also belong to a local CM Homeschool group that tries to meet monthly for nature studies.

Career Education - He'll start a virtual school class in January

He spends 2-3 hours a day on academics (not counting independent reading), unless he's working on a project or doing a science experiment. He has guitar lessons on Mondays, and practices 20-30 minutes a day the other days.

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Posted 22 November 2010 - 09:01 AM

We do a block schedule for ds. 7th/8th grade year,

Mon & Wed
Latin Alive I
LOF algebra
Asian Studies/2nd semester Earth science
Logic/2nd semester New Testament
Quiet reading (30 minutes)

Tues & Thurs
Read aloud
English (WWE, Megawords)
LOF Algebra
Irasshai Japanese
Quiet reading

Read aloud
English (Writing, Megawords)
Asian Studies
Quiet reading

#29 8FillTheHeart


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Posted 22 November 2010 - 10:13 AM

6th grader (advanced for her age) everything is daily except grammar

MUS alg/geo
Further Up Further In
MCT Essay Voyage, CE2, poetry and 1 essay/week
science (30 mins reading/day)
history (my plans)
French 2
Latin 1
Analytical Grammar (3x/wk)

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Posted 22 November 2010 - 10:56 AM

For my fifth grader, not including independant reading time:

Math (30-60 min daily)
filling in pre-algebra holes before starting AoPS algebra (we had afterschooled previously) 3 times each week
Patty Paper Geometry once a week
competition math, either MOEMS, Math Counts resources or Challenge Math (Zaccaro) once a week

Science (30-90 min daily)
CPO Earth Science, either reading/discussing/writing or a lab, with the odd Bill Nye video thrown in

History (30-60 min daily)
K12's Human Odyssey text (not the course) plus readings from Oxford Press The World in Ancient Times and The Medieval and Early Modern World series, plus library resources. We read, discuss, do an activity, build or bake something, watch a National Geographic dvd, write something etc.

English/Language Arts (about 60 min daily)
Right now she's writing a NaNoWriMo story :)

Once December begins, we'll go back to grammar from Voyages in English 6 (2006 edition), vocab from Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop A, spelling from ??? (had been relying on misspelled words but she needs something more systematic) and regular writing from history and science. We're beta-testing the Writing with Skill curriculum, so she'll do the next chunk when it is sent out. Literature fits with history. She reads independently all.the.time.

French (20-40 min daily)
We're learning together with Galore Park's So You Really Want to Learn French (aka French Prep 1).

The arts
Nothing is scheduled. She enjoys doing arts and crafts on her own. Dh (studio art minor in college) shows her techniques when appropriate. She is exposed to music of various types---classical, rock, pop, jazz, world---with what other family members play. She plays the flute but this year we haven't found an affordable ensemble, so dd15 is giving her lessons on-and-off.

Physical Education
classical ballet 3 times a week, with rehearsals on Saturdays (Nutcracker in the fall, a different full-length ballet in the late winter/spring)

Earth Explorers classes, 90 min sessions each
She attends science/local history "classes" (mainly activities) through the local state park. She's signed up for about 15 spread through the academic year.

Math Competition, an hour a month

Science Olympiad
The events for February's competition were just assigned last week. We read over the rules for her four events and she's starting to formulate a studying/prep plan. I expect that she'll work on average a half hour each day (with some days spending hours and other days spending no time), based on what she did for last year's competition.

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Posted 22 November 2010 - 02:51 PM

DD, 7th grade:

Jacob's Algebra
history ala WTM using Oxford University Press The World in Ancient Times
PHSE Life Science with labs
Laurel Tree Tutorials Intro to Composition
Literary Lessons from the Lord of the Rings(no essays with this)
Rod & Staff Grammar 7(no writing assignments)
Vocabulary from Classical Roots B
Spanish I through OSU (she's had Spanish in the past and she has worked all the way through the Latin for Children series, so she is well-prepared for this)

art lessons 2 hrs/week
violin and recorder lessons
youth orchestra

DS, 6th grade:

Saxon Math 7/6
history ala WTM using Oxford University Press The World in Ancient Times
PHSE Life Science with labs
WriteShop I
Lightning Literature 7
Hake Grammar 6
Spelling Workout G
Word Roots A1
Handwriting practice with Write Now!
Logic Lift-Off
dabbling in French

art lessons 2 hrs/week
classical guitar and trumpet lessons

With the exception of art, we pretty much do everything every day, including at least a half an hour practice on each instrument. Sometimes I allow them to skip a math lesson on art days, and I alternate handwriting and vocab for ds. We also find that we don't need to do a grammar lesson every day, so when we have an extra appointment on our schedule, we will skip this. Our days our very full.

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Posted 22 November 2010 - 04:34 PM

8th grader:

R&S Math 8-daily

L'Art de Lire French-4x a week, weekly copywork, supposed to have bi-monthly French teas, movies in French, etc. (Need to get back to this)

First Form Latin-daily

English-CW core books, CM style narrations, dictation, grammar, weekly commonplace book entry-usually 2 of these daily

Physical Science-4x week

Nature Study/Botany-1x week

Art-1x week

History-4x week


She has an assignment sheet with daily assignments also. This includes work she does independently. She reads her geography and other books from this sheet as well as written assignments, history assignments, etc.

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Posted 23 November 2010 - 08:31 AM

I have a new way of scheduling this year and so far, it is the only thing that has ever worked for me.

I looked at the year and broke up all my curr. up by months, including a catch-up month here and there on a page with the months written down. Then I broke those down on their respective monthly calendars by weeks. I then took all that info and made a weekly calendar. That is what I work from. I only think about what I need to accomplish each week. What day it happens on, or if I do it all at once, doesn't matter. This might seem comical to those of you who have been good schedulers the whole time, but I am very challenged in this department. :tongue_smilie:

Usually every day:
Life of Fred and a Singapore lesson
Reading lesson with Daddy (he schedules tests, has reviews, spelling, CW etc)

MCT: depending on which book we are doing, 2-4X a week, for each component

History at our House: almost every day

Spelling:3X a week

Science: When I get to it, usually 2X a week

Everything else is sort of spazzy. This includes Logic (we were doing this everyday, but the book has disappeared), Typing, Italian and other stuff.

We have science and archeology classes on Saturdays (2hours each), boys writing club and boys chef club 1X a month.

I feel like I am missing something important, but oh well. :D

My kids are technically 5th and 6th, but I have had them doing almost everything together so they are each sort of a smoosh between 5th-7th.

#34 Elizabeth in MN

Elizabeth in MN

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Posted 23 November 2010 - 05:29 PM

We are transitioning from Grammar to Logic stage. When asked I say that my ten year old daughter is somewhere between fourth and fifth grade. Here is what we do in an ideal week -

*Assigned Reading (she can choose a book from a short list)
*Cursive/Grammar (MWF is Grammar, TTH are for cursive)
*AWANA (this is a combo of religion and memory work IMO)
*Chores (yes, I have to have it on my list of daily subjects to make sure it gets done *grin*)

*History (SOTW, MWF, Monday is the chapter, Wednesday reading from the Kingfisher, and Friday is map work)
*Art/Music (TTH class, Tuesday is Art be it creation or reading a biography and Thursday is listening to music)
*Latin (MWF with Grandma)
*Touch Typing
*World Religions (we're doing a drawn out study of Islam right now)

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Posted 23 November 2010 - 09:58 PM

Schedule for my 5th grade DS (who is ADHD and kind of borders on grammar/logic stage):

Teaching Textbooks 5 (5 days per week)
Life of Fred Fractions (2 Days per week)
Math Drills/Practice (Superspeed Math, online math games) (3 days)
Big Book of Lively Latin (3 days)
Story of the World 3 (3 days)
WTM Literature Reading List (5 days)
Growing w/ Grammar 5 (3 days)
Wordsmith Apprentice (2 days)
Building Thinking Skills Level 2 (2 days)
Mind Benders A3 (1 day)
Master World Geography in 7 Months (3 days)
Public school Art Class (1 day)

My 7th Grade DD:

Teaching Textbooks 7 (5 days)
Life of Fred Decimals (moving into LofF Beginning Algebra soon) (5 days)
Math Drills/Practice (Superspeed Math, online math games) (3 days)
Big Book of Lively Latin (3 days)
The Human Odyssey (3 Days)
WTM Literature Reading List (5 Days)
Growing w/ Grammar 7 (3 days)
Wordsmith (2 days)
Building Thinking Skills Level 3 (2 days)
The Art of Argument (2 days)
Mind Benders A3 (1 day)
Master World Geography in 7 Months (3 days)
Public School Art Class (5 days)

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Posted 24 November 2010 - 11:09 AM

I love these kinds of threads!


Mon - Fri

Math - Combination of Teaching Textbooks and Strayer-Upton Practical Arithmetics

Latin - LfC

Grammar - a variety of resources

Logic - Mindbenders

Writing - remediating with WWE and TOG Writing Aids

Spelling and Vocab - Megawords

TOG - this covers history/lit/bible

Religion - Baltimore Catechism/Seton Religion

Handwriting - various copywork in cursive

2 days a week

Art - Meet the Masters or TOG project
Science - RS4K/WTM 2nd edition recs
American Studies - variety of resources