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Parabola → elegantlion

Its not that I'm wise, I hate to disabuse you of that notion, but its just that this is my field of interest. Ask me about microbiology and I'm lost. :) But sure, park your RV in my backyard, I'm all for that!!
Sep 27 2008 12:06 PM

elegantlion → Parabola

You may speak of fermions, bosons or anything that will help my ds understand physics. We are going to park the RV at your house when he is ready and you can teach us both, oh wise one.
Sep 27 2008 12:03 PM

Parabola → Lolly

Do you still think it's weird? :)
Sep 27 2008 11:55 AM

Parabola → elegantlion

I need to clarify what I said about fermions earlier. I said that all the particles we've come across so far are fermions...well I should have been more clear...all the MATTER particles are fermions. The force particles are not fermions, they are bosons. Ok, I'm sorry, I had to clarify, I'm just like that. I will not speak of fermions again. Maybe. :) Love ya!
Sep 27 2008 11:54 AM

Deidre in GA → Pam "SFSOM" in TN

i love it. we now have an affinity alliance between the Unitarian Jihad and the Quaker Conspiracy.
Sep 27 2008 11:33 AM

Kathy in MD → Jean in Newcastle

Thanks! I'd like to be you friend. But I'll warn you, I haven't the foggiest about about the friend feature yet :) Kathy in MD
Sep 27 2008 11:24 AM


We are friends. This is just my official 'now I can pick Janice's brain at the click of a button'. I need to get prepped on Dante. No more friends for me, I guess!
Sep 27 2008 11:22 AM

sleepy → runningirl71

Thank you! I'm the (newbie/amateur) photographer - Dh gave me a sweet digital SLR camera last Xmas. I'm in love with it (and him :001_wub:, of course!).
Sep 27 2008 11:12 AM

Janice in NJ → gardenschooler

Oh my. I'm behind the 8-ball as usual. You left me a note and asked if I wanted to be "friends" (huh? I thought we all WERE friends. :D Oh. My! MORE to learn!), so I wandered over here. Yikes! There's a lot going on over here in your WTM "world." Sheesh! I haven't even figured out/taken the time to load a picture or anything. I'm still just a big grey "?" mark - ALL too appropriate, I guess, eh? THAT'S Me a Big Colorless ? Mark!!!!! Can I be you? You have so many friends! :001_smile: P.S. My ds just wandered into the basement to see what I was up to. His thoughts? "When people ask you what hsing is like, mom, you can just tell them, 'It's easy. You just point your kids in the right direction, and then spend your time trying to figure out how to play around on TWTM boards.'" Maybe I'm not cut out for this, eh? I'm WAY behind in my studying/prep for next week. I have SO much work to do. I have NO time to figure out how to make friends. YIKES! It's come to this. I don't have the tech chops to MAKE friends. I have to STUDY in order to make friends. :confused: :confused::confused::glare: Kidding. Giggling. Slinking off to do BORING things - like read about the War of the Roses and bob-n-wheel-n-gawain-n-english-nationalism.... How MUNDANE!!!!! How incredibly non-friendly. :001_smile:
Sep 27 2008 11:05 AM

Amy in NY → Tammyla

Thanks for asking me to join your friends list! I am quite honored!
Sep 27 2008 10:56 AM

swellmomma → Chris in CA

I'll be your mercy friend if you'll be mine :D
Sep 27 2008 10:46 AM

Lovedtodeath → beansprouts

I thought of you right off as a "friend"! I still don't know how to request one. :lol:
Sep 27 2008 10:44 AM

Osmosis Mom → gardenschooler

Hi back to you!
Sep 27 2008 10:43 AM

Janice in NJ

You are so funny! Dh offered to pick up a hammer and smash a hole in the sheet-rock for me. Tee Hee! I love him so much for trying to be my hero in all things. His patient devotion coupled with good friends in flesh and cyberspace are life savers! True, true help and support. Thanks for the giggles! Janice
Sep 27 2008 10:26 AM

gardenschooler → Janice in NJ

Janice, I [I]need[/I] to know what was behind the wall. Can't pick your brain if it's all locked away in a dream, now can I? Post some more crazy lady musings, please!
Sep 27 2008 10:19 AM