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      17 Mar

    The chooks murdered a sparrow!

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      16 Mar

    Yay! The college schedule is out, so I can plan DD's other classes around it for next fall!

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      12 Mar

    Facing the mid-year slump! How do you keep your motivation going when you're ready to be done for the school year??

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      11 Mar
    Chelle in MO

    Interpersonal relationships can be so challenging!

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curly hair and swimming

The Chat Board Today, 04:44 PM
It is almost pool season here in TX.  What do you do for curly hair to survive the summer swim season?
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Broken antique vase - who to go to for repair?

The Chat Board Today, 04:44 PM
Yep, on my dresser was my Grandmother's vase proudly displayed. UNTIL -   my hand reached to dust the mirror and knocked in to it by accident.    OF COURSE, it fell and OF COURSE it's shattered in to 4 - 5 pieces.  Not "dust" particles.   I'm hoping because the remnants a...
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How do you improve your teaching?

General Education Discussion Board Today, 04:29 PM
Specifically, when you were just beginning, what measures did you put in place to keep improving as a teacher? So far I'm beginning a review of arithmetic on Khan Academy and reading ahead in the HIG for Singapore, to improve my th skills and to gain inspiration and ideas in teaching math. (This...
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Can this day get any worse for me? Help me choose what to...

The Chat Board Today, 03:50 PM
Maybe some of you have seen my earlier post about Sadness today with my ties to Belgium and London.  Even more now, in the last hour, my dog who had been doing so well with metastasized cancer was doing so very well since it was discovered mid-December.  Acting as normally, having fun,...
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Public School GT Program -- One kid in, one not

Accelerated Learner Board Today, 03:42 PM
So we just found out that my second child didn't get into the local gifted program; his brother got into it last year. They are two years apart in age, but only one grade in school. Anyone have ideas on how to explain this to him? I know that cut-offs are arbitrary, but he was totally looking for...
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