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      24 Jun

    An evening of listening to Circe podcasts at home by myself, while sitting in a comfy chair while sipping hot tea and eating chocolate chips

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      23 Jun

    Been taking long walks uphill and across mountain trails every morning this past week. Shouldn't I be thinner now?

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      23 Jun

    I didn't think what would happen if I burned my finger when I started using my fingerprint for various apps on my phone...

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      13 Jun

    I now know why I chose to pay the dog groomer the big bucks. One butchered dog, a shop vac full of hair and I.AM.DONE.

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endoscopy for refux

The Chat Board Today, 05:25 AM
Has anyone's child had an endoscopy done for reflux?  Did it help determine the cause of the reflux?  My 4 YO's GI doctor wants to do an endoscopy for his reflux and I'm wondering what to expect and if there's really a point in doing it.  I feel like it's just the latest in the lis...
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Hive: What's the title of this kids' novel?

The Chat Board Today, 05:10 AM
I read it in the early 1980s but I don't know when it was published. It is about a boy and a girl who open a small restaurant in their garden, I think. One is the chef the other the waiter. It is in a small town and people in the town come and like it. I remember they pick berries to serve on...
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W&R Fable scheduling

K-8 Curriculum Board Today, 04:49 AM
We are planning to switch to this after completing WWE4. Just wondering how folks schedule it? How many sessions a week, and for how long? Thanks.
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Oh dear!

The Chat Board Today, 03:41 AM
I made a beautiful venison casserole for tea with leftover venison roast. Was cooking in the oven beautifully in my great big airtight pottery casserole dish Has cooked for 3 hours Took it out carefully and checked if it was ready Thought it needed 20 minutes more Put it back in the oven and THE...
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Writing an email in "principal" language

The Chat Board Today, 02:04 AM
The language I'm looking for has utterly escaped me. Can you please help? I want to convey that I hate being "that mom" contacting him about my special snowflake. But... Today they all went to next year's class. DS was very excited. It was the non-split he was hoping for, with the boys he knows....
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