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The Literary Hub


Owner: Stacia

Founded: 08-November 17

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A place for wide-ranging readers who want to discuss reading in a (mostly) uncensored environment. As a social group, the guidelines are freer than on the general boards. Please remember & respect the fact that members bring varying perspectives & ideas, some of which may not mesh with your own.


Current rules include:

-- Follow the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would wish to be treated. Extend grace. Interact civilly.
-- No ad hominem attacks. No gossip.

-- Respect confidentiality. As this is (currently) a semi-private group, please do not share posts, quotes, or information from members without getting prior approval from that person.

-- You don't have to read posts that offend or bother you. Do feel free to post your own thoughts & points of view. This is not meant to be an echo chamber & not everyone has to agree.

-- Posters who do not engender thoughtful discussion may be removed from the group.

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