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69 Elem Science Books Let's Read And Find Out, $40 Ppd For Sale

Price - 35.00

Time Left - 9 Days, 3 Hours

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Elementary Science Book Lot - $40 ppd, media mail shipping included. Smoke free home, Paypal only please.
I have a huge lot of 69 elementary science books for sale. All of the books are in good, used condition, some are still like new.
Please note Archeologist Dig for Clues, Mission to Mars, MSB Lost in The Solar System, duplicate copy of MSB Shows and Tells and MSB and the Electric Field Trip have been sold.


Earth and Space Science
What’s So Bad About Gassoline
Rock Collecting
Fossils Tell of Long Ago
How Mountains Are Made
Tornado Alert
Earthquakes and Volcanos
Follow the Water from Brook to Ocean
Feel the Wind
Where Does the Garbage Go?
Down Comes the Rain
The Sun Our Nearest Star
What Makes Day and Night
Sunshine Makes the Seasons
Day Light Night Light
The Sky is Full of Stars
Floating in Space
You’re Aboard Spaceship Earth
The Moon Seems to Change
What the Moon is Like
The International Space Station
Is There Life in Outerspace?
The Planets in Our Solar System
In the Time of the Dinosaurs (Magic Schoolbus)
At the Waterworks (Magic Schoolbus)
See Stars (Magic Schoolbus)
Out of This World (Magic Schoolbus)
Blows It’s Top (Magic Schoolbus)
Kicks Up a Storm (Magic Schoolbus)
Inside the Earth (Magic Schoolbus)


Who Eats What
What’s It Like to Be a Fish
Baby Whales Drink Milk
Sponges are Skeletons
An Octopus is Amazing
How Do Apples Grow
Why Do the Leaves Change Color
What Happened to the Dinosaurs
Did the Dinosaurs Have Feathers
Dinosaur Tracks
Where Do Polar Bears Live
What Lives in a Alligator Hole?
Ant Cities
Zipping Zapping Zooming Bats
Why Frogs are Wet
Look Out For Turtles
Spinning Spiders
Snakes are Hunters
Wiggling Worms at Work
Germs Make Me Sick
What Happens to a Hamburger
Inside the Human Body (Magic Schoolbus)
Explores the Senses (Magic Schoolbus)
Plants Seeds (Magic Schoolbus)
Meets the Rot Squad (Magic Schoolbus)
Gets Eaten (Magic Schoolbus)
Inside Ralphie (Magic Schoolbus)
Gets Ants in Its Pants (Magic Schoolbus)
Gets Planted (Magic Schoolbus)
Gets Baked in a Cake (Magic Schoolbus)
Butterfly and the Bog Beast (Magic Schoolbus)
In the Arctic (Magic Schoolbus)
Takes a Dive (Magic Schoolbus)
On the Ocean Floor (Magic Schoolbus)
In the Rainforest (Magic Schoolbus)


Sound is All Around (Let’s Read and Find Out)
Shows and Tells (Magic Schoolbus)
Ups and Downs (Magic Schoolbus)
In the Haunted Museum (Magic Schoolbus)



SOLD Michael Clay Thomas Island Level Set of 8 books. $35 ppd, Media mail shipping included, Paypal only please. From a smoke free home.
There are some condition issues with some of the books, priced accordingly. Please see below for details.

• Sentence Island Teachers Manual and Student book set

• The Music of the Hemispheres Teachers Manual

• Grammar Island Teachers Manual and Student Guide

• Building Language Teachers Manual

• Practice Island Teachers Manual and Student Workbook (pencil marks on sentences 1-4


There are some condition issues. I bought this used from the WTM forums.

• The glue in the binding of Building Language is starting to deteriorate and there are loose pages inside the book. Some of the pages were repaired with tape so they did not fall out. Outside binding has a small tear at the base.

• Practice Island Student workbook had the first four sentences completed in pencil. The pencil has been erased, but you can still see the marks. The remainder of the sentences are free from marks.

• The glue in the binding of Grammar Island Student Manual is starting to deteriorate and there are loose pages inside the book. Some of the pages were repaired with tape so they did not fall out. Outside binding has a small tear at the base. Small stain on the top of the outside of the pages. It does not affect the text.

• The remainder of the books remain in good, used condition

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