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Tree Houses, Animals, Ocean, Eco-Art


The following are in very good condition unless otherwise noted. Price is per item, PM or e-mail me [email protected] Please cut & paste the items you are interested in & I will weigh & e-mail you back the shipping cost (I only charge actual shipping cost.). I accept paypal, money orders & checks (w/appropriate time held to clear). Insurance recommended, I pay for delivery confirmation.


Hope you can help me clean off my shelves of some books we enjoyed. Please check my other posts to consolidate purchases & save on shipping. Thanks for looking. Barbara


One-Hour Nature Crafts. Easy step-by-step instructions. Most kids will be able to make the projects with little help, but there will be times when assistance is needed. Has patterns and explanations in easy to follow but clever and cute activities. Projects like—Fun-Loving Forest Elves, Beachy-Keen Picture Frame, Rockin’Rock Pets, Terrific Twig Trivet, Cornelia the Cornhusk Bookmark, Dried Fruit Ornaments, Twig Roof Bird Feeder, Flittering Butterflies, Native American Feather T-Shirt, Stunning Sunflower Wreath & many others.hdbk. $4.00, $3.25 w/other purchase.


Children's Special Places Exploring -- $6. Nice. the Role of Forts, Dens & Bush Houses in Middle Childhood. From the ages of 5 to 12, kids explore their surroundings & find or construct private spaces. Children's Special Places enters these hidden worlds, reveals their importance to children's development & emotional health, & shows how they can foster a bond between kids & nature that is important to maturation. David Sobel, former lib. Copy $5.00 w/other purchase


The Kids’ Nature Book. 365 Indoor/Outdoor Activities & Experiences, Susan Milord. Kids Can Book. Shore to desert, country to city, exciting nature activities await discovery from beneath the smallest rock to the vast sky above. With a full year of "nature-nurturing" activities, Milord launches kids on a lifelong love affair with the natural world. Orig. $12.95, $5.00, $4.00 w/other purchase.


Basic Nature Projects 101 Fun -- $5. Nice. Explorations. Promotes that--Learning should be Fun! Designed to help you & your children explore the natural world through a variety of indoor & outdoor projects, games & crafts. Together you will learn amazing facts about plants, animals, weather, rocks, oceans & the solar system. You will uncover the mysteries behind tides, sponges & bubbles. Fascinating peek into the worlds of the ant, the bluebird & the crab. orig. $16.95, $4.00 w/other pur


Backyards & Parks, Nature Explorers -- $4. Good. Smithsonian. You'll love that this hands-on book contains step-by-step projects, allowing you to help your children discover the natural world. They are ideal supplements to school science projects & the perfect activities for weekends & vacations. What’s living in your backyard? How to measure the amount of rainfall? How to attract new wildlife? How to create a nesting box? How to record the texture of tree bark? $3.00 w/other purchase.


The Vermont Outdoor Adventure Guide -- $3. Nice. Many gems to find in this single reference source to Vermont. Unique flip chart which rates each activity on 6 different factors--cost, thrills, immersion in nature, fitness level, crowds & family suitability. If you travel or live in VT this is the book that can help you to find the events and activities that are perfect for your family. Make great memories together! $2.00 w/other


Yankee Magazine Guidebook Set -- $3. Nice. Favorite Daytrips and Coastal Daytrips in New England Great ideas for field trips, staycations, fun family adventures, vacations and more. $2.00 w/other purchase


Tree Houses You Can Actually Build -- $6. Nice. Capturing the imagination of the child in all of us. This inspirational yet thoroughly practical guide shows even the most inexperienced weekend carpenter how to design and build a lifetime of memories for the entire family., 5 basic designs that can be adapted to virtually any set of conditions,& throughout the book, they emphasize safety for both adults & children. A Weekend project book. orig. $18.95, $5.50 w/other purchase


Better Homes & Gardens Nature's -- $2. Nice. Gardens--Create a Haven for Birds, Buterflies--& Yourself! A host of ideas & projects for the do-it-yourself gardener is accompanied by numerous full-color illustrations & photographs, plant tips, & regional information to help gardeners create an Earth-friendly landscape to appeal to a variety of birds and other wildlife, Make your yard a haven for entertaining ?& relaxation. Orig. $24.99, hdbk w/dj. $1.00 w/other purchase.


The Garden Keeper -- $3. Nice. Keep all your garden information in one place, quick reference. Includes: Climate & Light, Flower Gardening, Soil & Nutrition, Planting & Maintenance, Weed, Disease, & Pest Control, Gardening Glossary, Internet Resources for Gardeners, Resources by state, plant lists--including plants for shade, sun-loving & long-blooming plants, plants w/colored foliage, bulbs, pest-resistant & more. Wonderful go to book to keep & find your garden info. $2.00 w/other


Hands Around the World -- $5. Nice. This bestselling author invites children to experience, taste & embrace the daily lives of children from the far corners of the earth--as they plant & grow, write & tell stories, draw & craft, cook & eat, sing & dance, & learn to live in an atmosphere of global respect & cultural awareness. Great for a geography study too! orig. $12.95, $4.00 w/other purchase.


Let's Read & Find Out Science--various -- $2. Nice. titles. Where do chicks Come From? From Caterpillar to Butterfly; Bugs are Insects (Previous three--Stage 1) Spinning Spiders


Look, Find & Learn Animals of the -- $3. Good. World. Packed w/loads of hidden creatures to challenge even the sharpest sleuth. Each colorfully illustrated scene includes fascinating facts about all kinds of amazing animals. $2.00 w/other purchase.


Usborne Young Puzzles-Puzzle Journey -- $3. Nice. Around the World. $2.00 w/other purchase


**Do Animals Take Baths? Questions Kids -- $2. Nice. Ask About Animals, Reader's Digest Kids, hdbk. $1.00 w/other pu


The Classroom Teacher's World Animal -- $3. Nice. Encyclopedia. Contains exciting facts & research information about eighty animals from around the world. Each chapter features the animals of a different continent with two special sections on reptiles and insects. Includes cross-curricula activities, maps, geography facts, beautiful illustrations, cultural studies and activities. Perfect for unit study or geography! $2.50 w/other purchase


Draw Insects -- $2. Nice. step-by-step drawing lessons for over 80 insects & other creepy crawlies such as millipedes, ticks, & spiders are featured in this carefully constructed drawing book A discussion of materials needed is included in the preface. Readers are invited to observe the drawings before starting & are given specific written instructions. Basic information such as the order & family of each creature & where it may be found is provided. $1.50 w/other purchase.


All New Square Foot Gardening -- $5. Nice. Grow More in Less Space! Rapidly increasing in popularity, square foot gardening is the most practical, foolproof way to grow a home garden. Essential guide to vertical gardening. He also explains how you can make gardening fun for kids by teaching them the square foot method. Finally, an expanded section on pest control helps you protect your precious produce. Has crease on back cover. $4.00 w/other purchase


Wild, Wild World, A Question & Answer Book. Curious Young readers can find the answers to these their questions & answers in a DK style of presentation. Awesome! $1.00 each or .50 w/other purchase.
***Snakes & Other Reptiles
***Sharks & Other Dangerous Fish
***Dinosaurs & Other Prehistoric Reptiles


Discover Snakes. DK style book with wonderful and fascinating information. Lean more about the slithering marvels of nature. Take a closer look at their world through this amazing visual reference guide. Turn the pages to unravel the mysteries surrounding these much misunderstood wonders of Mother Nature! Explore the way they live, how they hunt & learn more abou those unusual characteristics that set them apart from other creatures. Hdbk. $2.00, $1.00 w/other purchase.


Natural World Polar Bear, Habitats*Life Cycles*Food Chains* Threats. Hdbk. This study follows a polar bear cub as it takes its first steps on a journey through life on the Arctic ice. It shows the mother bear teaching her cubs to stalk, kill and eat their prey. The cubs leave home to find their own territories.$2.00, $1.00 w/other purchase.


The Polar Bear Master of the Ice -- $2. Nice. Reader's Digest Animal Close-ups. Wonderful photos easy to understand text helps younger children explore the Polar Bear including environment, how they are suited & handle the cold, hunting, swimming champion, young (including dens), family life, water games, on the tundra (including other animals that share their environment), cubs grow up, polar bears & people, other bears, further reading & web sites. Hdbk, $1.00 w/other purchase


Diary of a Worm, hdbk w/dj -- $5. Nice. This hysterical book tells the daily doings of a small worm in a gigantic worm world.This is the diary of a worm. This worm lives with his parents, plays with his friends, & even goes to school. But unlike you or me, he never has to take a bath, he gets to eat his homework, & because he doesn't have legs, he just can't do the hokey pokey – no matter how hard he tries.orig. Ages 4-8, $16.99, $4.00 w/other


A Caribou Alphabet, hdbk -- $3. Nice. Depicting the characteristics & ways of caribou, $2.00 w/other


Copper, From the Earth. Peter Murray. Hdbk w/photos that tell the story of Copper, from alloys, mining, & copper today. Hands on ‘How to make a copper nail’. $1.00


Nature Hide & Seek Jungles. Good. Filled with full-color illustrations, this book features pages that fold-out in panoramic fashion to reveal some of natures strangest and most wonderful jungle creatures. A delight for children of all ages. Orig. $13.95, $3.00, $2.00 w/other purchase.
Frogs, Toads, Lizards, & Salamanders -- $3. Nice. Each spread features & amusing couplet paired w/a cartoon-like drawing. On the right, a detailed, clearly labeled illustration of each animal is accompanied by a concise, fact-filled paragraph w/simple rhyming text. Profiles of 16 creatures are covered carefully labeled scientific drawings, maps & more Also featured are a glossary of terms, range maps, a chart of the scientific classification for each animal & much more. Ages 5+, $2.50 w/other pur
Endangered Planet-Kingfisher Knowledge -- $3.00. vg condition. DK Style presentation, includes extra web sites, book lists, career opportunities & places to explore. Hdbk, $2.00 w/other purchase


Manatee Winter, Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld, Smithsonian Oceanic Collections. Beautifully illustrated hdbk w/dj tells the story of a mother & her calf as they travel along the Florida coast. Book in vg cond, dj has tear on front cover & slight shelf wear., orig $15.95, $3.00, $2.00 w/other


Psyched for Science Super Science -- $4. Nice. Projects About Oceans, hdbk. Presents science projects that demonstrate facts about oceans, including the water cycle, buoyancy, density, pressure, depth, waves, & tides. Totally fun & you learn at the same time! $3.50 w/other purchase.


DK Look Closer Coral Reef—See the natural world of a coral reef as never before! Look closer at crabs, fish, anemones, and other coral reef wildlife in their natural surroundings. Study a strawberry shrimp's antennae or the tentacles of an octopus. Find out how sea cucumbers walk and why a sea horse's eyes swivel.$2.00, $1.00 w/other purchase.


Ocean Soup Tide-Pool Poems. When the tide goes out, a briny soup is trapped among the rocks. Playful poems introduce readers to ten salty tide-pool creatures--from a self-satisfied anemone that brags about its home to barnacles that perform a rap about their feeding technique. The poems are brought to life by Mary Peterson's lighthearted illustrations. A secondary layer of factual text introduces children to the creatures that inhabit North American tide pools. $3.00, $2.00 w/other purchase.


Camping, hdbk w/dj -- $4. Nice. This will become a favorite!Who can forget their first camping trip? Outhouses, mosquito bites, burnt food & lots of work what kind of holiday is that? But from the moment their campsite is established, the family slowly begins to discover the magic of life in the wild. Nights so quiet & dark, it's like being wrapped in a blanket. Nancy Hundal's prose seems to dance off the pages in this valentine to camping! orig. $16.95, $3.00 w/other pur


Busy Bees--Fun for Two's & Three's, Pre-K -- $4. Nice. Designed to help young children discover the world around them through their senses. Contains a variety of hands-on projects and movement games appropriate to the spring season for two and three-year-olds. Simple songs, rhymes, snacks, and movement activities, plus beginning art & science projects. Attention-getting activities that add a spark to spring time learning. orig. $14.95, $3.00 w/other purchase


EcoArt! Earth-Friendly Art & Crafts -- $5. Nice. Bestselling author of Kids Create! combines her intuitive sense of each child's need for self-expression & interaction with nature with her wealth of imaginative experiences. All the projects use recyclable, reusable, household materials and/or items found in nature. for 3 to 9 year olds. Kid Can Book. Great addition to your nature or science study! orig. $12.95, $4.00 w/other purchase


Usborne Dictionary of Horses & Ponies -- $5. Nice. Complete Guide to Riding & Pony care. Essential & fully comprehensive guide to all aspects of the equestrian world. Includes information on horses, their anatomy & body language, different breeds, day-to-day care, clothing & riding equipment, training, & various kinds of riding, competitions & uses to which horses are put. Valuable guide for beginners & experienced riders. orig. Ages 9 & up, $14.95, $4.00 w/other purchase.


A Grass Green Gallop. Poems by Patricia Hubbell. A collection of poems celebrating the beauty, motion, and sounds of horses, from newborn foals, to thoroughbreds, to old cart horses. Orig. $14.95, hdbk w/dj, 2 corners have very slight wear. Vg cond. $4.00, $3.00 w/other purchase.


The Dangerous Book of Dogs, A Parody, Rex & Sparky. Written (with help) by dogs and for dogs, The Dangerous Book For Dogs provides insight on everything from the tastiest styles of shoes to chew to the proper method for terrorizing squirrels. It also contains portraits of noble dogs throughout history, the mysteries of cats and humans, and everything else your dog ever wanted to know but was afraid to ask–like how to make toys out of human's household items, or how to escape from a humiliating reindeer costume. Generously illustrated with drawings by cartoonist Emily Flake, this hilarious parody is for good dogs, bad dogs, and the millions of people who love them. Hdbk. $1.00, .50 w/other purchase.

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