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Archaeology, Atlas, Dinosaurs, Healing Tonics


The following are in very good condition unless otherwise noted. Price is per item, PM or e-mail me [email protected] Please cut & paste the items you are interested in & I will weigh & e-mail you back the shipping cost (I only charge actual shipping cost.). I accept paypal, money orders & checks (w/appropriate time held to clear). Insurance recommended, I pay for delivery confirmation.


Hope you can help me clean off my shelves of some books we enjoyed. Please check my other posts to consolidate purchases & save on shipping. Thanks for looking. Barbara


The Kingfisher Young People's Atlas of -- $4. Good. the world. Journey from continent to continent w/the help of state-of-the art maps that depict topography, cities, borders, & other features. Succinct text, 100's of photos & illustrations & easy-to-read charts of facts & figures help curious young geographers understand what life is like in faraway places, explore everything from customs & cultures to economic systems & climates, country flags a section on mapmaking & usage. $3.00 w/other


Hurricane! -- $4. Nice. There's no time to waste in this thrilling depiction of nature' fury! Young readers will enjoy the suspense of preparing for a hurricane. They will also sigh w/relief once it's over. Vivid watercolors reveal the intensity of the storm while capturing, in their quieter moments, the essence of Cape Cod landscapes & seascapes. hdbk w/dj (dj has tape & slight shelf wear. $3.00 w/other purchase


Usborne Young Scientist Archaeology -- $3. Nice. Well Done! $2.50 w/other purchase.
Wings, Horns, & Claws, A Dinosaur Book -- $6. Nice. of Epic Proportions, hdbk. Woodcut art is unique & striking. You'll love the large type, the pronunciations, & simple facts. The quality of this book is on a par with any gallery type of book, but will be a favorite with your dinosaur fan! orig. $18.95. $5.00 w/other purchase.


DK Smithsonian Handbooks Rocks & -- $5. Nice. Minerals. Visual recognition guide to more than 500 rocks & minerals, designed to make identification as simple and accurate as possible, with annotated photographs to pick out key distinguishing features. Designed for beginners & experienced collectors alike, explains what rocks & minerals are, how they are classified, & how to start a collection. orig. $20.00, $4.00 w/other purchase.


Look Inside the Earth, Poke & Look -- $4. Good. Learning Book. Clear & simple information about the earth's layers, important resources,& natural cycles is accompanied by fascinating, die-cut illustrations to peek through that make exploring the earth fun. This important book will help young children develop an awareness of current environmental issues & understand why people must protect the earth.. $3.50 w/other purchase


Earth Explained, hdbk w/dj -- $3. Nice. This is a detailed look at the Earth's place in the solar system, an investigation into the forces inside the Earth & an exploration of it as seen every day. The ''Your World Explained'' series presents diverse subjects in an interactive manner that explains to young minds the way things work in the world. Everyday analogies are used where possible to untangle complex ideas. $2.00 w/other


Starting w/Space Exploring Space -- $4. Nice. Ages 7 to 11, Kids Can Press. Discover how space probes, shuttles & space stations help us learn more about our galaxy. Find out how astronauts caught & repaired the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope. Read up on the latest discoveries about our solar system & beyond. You can even make your own balloon rocket & lean how to spot satellites as they cross the night sky. $3.00 w/other purchase


Let's Read & Find Out Science-- The Planets in Our Solar System -Stage 2 . (Planets book has wear to cover it is $1.00).


AmericanGirl A Smart girl's guide to -- $2. Nice. boys. surviving crushes, staying true to yourself & other stuff Ages 10+, orig. $9.95


AmericanGirl Library The Care & -- $3. Nice. Keeping of Friends, ages 8 & up, $2.00 w/other purchase.


AmericalGirl Library Oops! The Manners -- $3. Nice. Guide for Girls. Excellent! $2.50 w/other purchase. Fancy restaurants. Troublemaking party guests. Embarrassing accidents. Life's full of new experiences and sticky situations. Where can you find the help you need? Manners, of course. Advice, quizzes, and letters from girls like you - they're all here in Oops!, the manners guide that's fun!


KLUTZ It's all about Me! -- $4. Nice. The tween years can be bossy, brassy & brazenly expressed. Klutz takes that energy and channels it into self-reflection through humorous and fun-filled activities. A great buddy book for parallel play without adult supervision. All content treats the subjects and the reader in a respectful and sophisticated manner without being worldly and sarcastic.$3.00 w/other purchase.


AmericanGirl The Feelings Book, The -- $3. Nice. Feelings Book, The Care & Keeping of your Emotions. Help you understand your emotions, & deal with them in positive ways. You'll get tips on how to express your feelings & stay in control, plus get sensitive advice on handling fear, anxiety, jealousy, & grief. Learn how to stay in the driver's seat of your own emotions! $2.25 w/other purchase


Let's Read & Find Out Science-- Hear Your Heart, Stage 2, hdbk w/dj which is $3.00 or $2.00 w/other purchase.
You Asked? Over 300 Great Questions & -- $3. Nice. Astounding Answers. Divided into chapters about the ins & outs of the human body, the science & technology of everyday life, the mysteries of space, & the plants & animals of the natural world. Perfect for every kind who wonders about things like: Why do clocks run clockwise, Why does laughing make you feel good or Why do jumping beans jump and many others. $2.00 w/other purchase


Everything but the Kitchen Sink -- $3. Nice. Weird Stuff you didn't know about food. This book is sure to satisfy your appetite for wacky food facts, fascinating trivia, superstitions, records, traditions, inventions, & more. $2.00 w/other purchase


Protein, Food Power, Dr. Alvin Silverstein, Virginia Silverstein & Robert Silverstein. Explains the function of proteins in our body, how we can get protein, and what amino acids are. Hdbk. Former lib. Copy. $3.00, $2.50 w/other purchase.


Body Baddies, All about the mini-monsters living on you! John Woodward. Prepare to be disgusted, amazed, bemused & amused by the extraordinary animal which are our constant companions, wherever we go. This fascinating book is packed w/astonishing facts & grisly pictures, including superb electron microscope photos showing bugs in magnified & terrifying detail! $3.00, $2.00 w/other purchase.


Amazing Forces & Movement -- $2. New. Introduces children to the concepts of push & pull, friction, & gravity, & shows how our own muscles use force to push us along. Action-oriented photos show examples of a huge magnet that attracts or pulls iron, wind pushing a water wheel to make it turn, & a skydiver's parachute slowing down the pull of gravity toward the ground. orig. $7.95, $1.00 w/other purchase.


Children's Human Body Encyclopedia -- $5. Nice. Discover how our amazing bodies work. Goes into depth on the main aspects of human body & at the same time highlights important facts which should be fun for kids. Packed full of fun facts & amazing twists & turns, in DK style. This is a great resource & your kids will want to page through & read the interesting things that make this book awesome! Hdbk. $4.00 w/other purchase.


Reader's Digest Pathfinders The Human -- $4. Nice. Body, hdbk. Superb illustrations, spectacular photos, fascinating text. Hands On fun projects & experiments that demonstrate scientific principles interactively, word builders--fascinating history of words & phrases, extraordinary facts & figures. Excellent book for ages 7 to 14. Even adults will have a better understanding of how the body works by reading this well written & beautifully illustrated book. $3.00 w/othe


How It Works The Human Body -- $5. Nice. In all it's color & complexity, the human body is brought alive in the pages of this book. Large, cutaway illustrations provide an insight into the workings of the body. The text guides us through each system in the body, describing how it functions & how the systems work together. Both fun and informative, this book is ideal for the young reader. hdbk. $4.00 w/other purchase
What Is a Bellybutton? First Questions & Answers about the Human Body. A wonderful and educational book about the human body, this book uses fun pictures and interesting questions that young kids ask all the time to get them engaged in learning. When my son was 4 yrs old, we used this as one of our first science lessons, and just read a page or two a day and talked about the answers to the questions. His favorites were Why do I bleed when I cut myself and Why do I sneeze? A great book to get your young learner started in science. Hdbk. $4.00, $3.00 w/other purchase.


Snap Shot Treasure Hunt Board books -- $3. Nice. Set of 2. Titles: Things to Eat & Out & About. Playful riddles draw children into pages that burst w/colorful objects & lead them on an exciting treasure hunt. Search for the dinosaur on each double-page spread for extra fun! Include: Breakfast time, let's have a picnic, Mealtime, Sizzling fun, It's Part time, On the Beach, At School, Going Shopping, In the Garage & In the Garden. Hours of fun & learning. $2.50 w/other purchase.


Healing Tonics -- $4. Nice. 101 Herbal Concoctions to increase energy, boost immunity, enhance memory, ease digestion, & support daily Health & Wellness. orig. $14.95, $3.50 w/other purchase
Kingfisher Explore & Discover Human -- $3. Nice. Body, Question Time. Discover the answers to the mysteries of the human body, find out how your body works, and learn fascinating facts in an appealing question-and-answer format. The simple, colorful design & amusing cartoons will help curious children understand the human body from head to toe. $2.25 w/other purchase.

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